Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome - a disorder caused by constant fatigue, not even after the passing of rest.This condition is the result of a complex of human exposure to the environment and its active lifestyle.This is a new disease that is gaining growth in civilized countries.It is very bad not be diagnosed and effectively treated.The appearance of the disease is associated with the appearance of neurosis in the central regulatory centers of the autonomic nervous system.The risk group urban dwellers and people in high-ranking posts;businessmen, politicians, transport manager, teachers, doctors and others.But now chronic fatigue syndrome, and younger doctors are sounding the alarm because of the diagnosis of the disease in children.They attribute this to the toxicosis pregnant women.And, interestingly, the syndrome women are five times more often than men.And office workers sick ten times more people involved physical stress at work

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes

Aggravating factors are the following factors: unbalanced emotional and intellectual activity to the detriment of physical activity;dysfunctional sanitary and ecological background and chronic diseases;emotional burnout at work and loss of interest in current events in the team;excessive workload and not a permanent condition uspevaniya leading to nervousness;Food allergies and viral infections;increased abuse of cigarettes and alcohol;modern style of business etiquette and respect for chain of command;stressful situation and viruses of herpes group;deficiency of antioxidants and L-carnitine, magnesium and vitamins B

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

first signs talking about approaching syndrome are fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, lack of energy, and have serious symptomsto which you should pay particular attention are the following indicators: apathy, depression, aggression, with tantrums, partial amnesia, memory impairment with muscle weakness, headache, decreased performance, joint pain, sleep disturbances, fluctuations in weight, increased body temperature, sore throat, and photophobia, bowel dysfunction, upper respiratory tract infection, aggravation of chronic diseases.If you have symptoms of the disease it is important to immediately contact a doctor for help to avoid future nervous system diseases and disorders of immune system

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment

How to treat this syndrome, if you can not stop in the course of employment?One of the main principles of the treatment is an integrated approach: respect for the day, a good rest, specially designed balanced diet, massage and whirlpool, exercise therapy, auditory training, therapy, tranquilizers, chelators, fortified complex of preparations containing magnesium and B6, laser therapy and acupuncture,a walk in the fresh air, oxygen therapy and acupuncture.Recovery in this disease can last from several months to two - three years.Often there remission alternating with periods of exacerbation

Prevention of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For the prevention of chronic fatigue recommend: moderate diet and drinking regime;avoiding alcohol, smoking and sleeping pills;reduction of caffeine and increased physical exertion;simplify working arrangements and meditation;quality sleep and a healthy respect for the day;hydrotherapy and relaxation with a favorite hobby;alternation of mental and physical activity;proper distribution of time and favorite work.

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