Paranoid schizophrenia

paranoid schizophrenia

paranoid schizophrenia photo paranoid schizophrenia is one of the types of schizophrenia, which is characterized by the dominance of hallucinations and delusions, affective flattening, fragmentation of speech, light catatonic symptoms.

What hallucinations?It is a violation of our perception of the world through mindless chatter, nonsense and impossible dreams.In the mind of a person there is an inappropriate way of external stimuli.Features of hallucinations is chronic fatigue, too much of psychotropic drugs, psychosis, neurosis.

What nonsense?Brad is a collection of ideas and concepts that do not correspond to reality, distort it, and not amenable to correction.Brad and delusions completely different master consciousness and violation of logical thinking.There are two types of delirium.For the primary characteristic of the impossibility of understanding the concept and history of the sick.In secondary delusion becomes psychologically understandable occurrence of this condition, as the symptoms o

f schizophrenia, psychosis and manic-depressive psychosis.

paranoid schizophrenia is the most frequent type among the population of both women and men.Great and many famous people have suffered from this disease.It is an American mathematician John Forbes Nash, American professional football player Lionel Aldridge, American singer James Chassa, Indian actress Parveen Babi and others.A distinctive feature of paranoid schizophrenia is the presence paraphrenic delusions or paranoid (paranoid) type of delirium

paranoid schizophrenia - the causes

disturbance of thought, resulting in a distorted perception of the world, and paranoid behavior leads to disease

paranoid schizophrenia - Symptoms

for diseases characterized by symptoms such as hearing and feeling pseudohallucinations transmission, as well as the suggestion ill thoughts from a distance.These hallucinatory voices commenting or discussing the behavior of the sick, as well as the patient feels a voice coming from different parts of the body.

symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia differ delusional perception, delusions of mastering and effects;have their own sense of the movements, thoughts, actions and feelings.

symptoms persist in their delusions and often culturally inadequate, impossible, absurd and fantastic in its content.Self diagnosis is made when the duration of symptoms more than a month and the obligatory presence of the two signs, of the following:

- obsessions, overvalued ideas and constant;persistent hallucinations with delusions, but without emotion (affect);

- the presence of neologisms, incoherence of speech, violation of the flow of thoughts;

- catatonic disorders, which tend to agitation, freezing and waxy flexibility;mutism, which manifests itself in a steady silence;stupor, negativism;

- changes in general behavior, manifested aimless existence, the loss of interest in their own care experience, social withdrawal;

- negative symptoms - Asperger syndrome manifests in social withdrawal, social unproductive;depression, apathy, poverty, and inadequate emotional reactions

Signs of paranoid schizophrenia

Domination delusional and gallyutsianatornyh phenomena, including all kinds of nonsense, taste, smell.Catatonic symptoms (movement disorders), synesthesia, inappropriate affect, mild dissociation speech.

paranoid schizophrenia may appear excessive religiosity.

Signs of paranoid schizophrenia and related types of delusion, which are divided into: delusions of jealousy, delusions of persecution, messianic delusions, delusions of high birth, delusions of control, values, attitudes;delusions of bodily changes.Such installations are delusional or acute occurrence, which found both inspiration and possible restructuring in the gradual emergence of personality.

By clinic emotional inadequacy, and catatonic symptoms must not dominate.

paranoid schizophrenia and released variants of: continuous flow;episodic, occurring with a stable defect;During episodic remitting;for a cumulative defect

paranoid schizophrenia - treatment

final diagnosis is a doctor after a full clinical examination, as well as confirmation of the symptoms (criterion).

treatment of paranoid schizophrenia appoints psychiatrist, which is directed to inhibition of dopaminergic activity in the brain.Widely used and are used in the treatment of psychotropic medications group neuroleptics such drug Karbidin other.Their main objective is aimed at the elimination of positive symptoms.Effective treatment and electroconvulsive therapy, as well as by the physician insulin.

huge role for the value of social adaptation for the patient.This assistance should actively offer friends, colleagues, and remember that this diagnosis no one is immune.According to statistics from schizophrenia suffers every hundredth person.

service physician recruitment is relevant only for the citizens of the Russian Federation

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