addiction Photo Addiction - keenly felt by a person obsessive dependence or need a particular kind of activity.Often the term - addiction is used when a drug addiction or drug abuse and behavioral addictions.

long time addiction - dependence acted purely pharmacological term, which refers to the use of drugs.For example, the legal and illegal drugs in the necessary amount to avoid the unpleasant effects of withdrawal.

associated with such a state of dependence addictive, narkozavisyaschee behavior was evaluated as deviant and acts as a disease.

Currently changed opinion about addictive disorders and drug addiction is considered along with other behavioral addictive disorders.

Some experts in addiction include obsessive-compulsive disorder.

addiction conventionally divided into chemical (or the substantial physical) and behavioral (or psychological nesubstantsionalnuyu).

for behavioral addiction is characterized by attachment to a particular activity and their own inability to get rid of it.

studying addiction, came to the conclusion that the addictive behavior is caused by a desire to move from real life by changing your state of consciousness.This phenomenon is studying clinical psychology, and sociology.

There are acceptable to society forms of addiction: meditation, spiritual practices, creativity, love, workaholism, extreme sports.But there is a socially dangerous forms: bulimia (overeating), substance abuse, drug addiction.In some cases, addiction intentionally develops and changes in cognitive, such as gifted intellect adolescents (attention deficit disorder)

Types addiction

There are different kinds of addiction (dependence): drug addiction, chemical addiction, computer addiction, psychologicaladdiction, internet addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, video game addiction, religious addiction.We focus on love addiction

Love addiction

feeling of love or love - it's a wonderful feeling.It feels as if filled with joy with every fiber of your body, heart sings, and the person feels most holistically, there is a desire to live, create, communicate, enjoy around.But it also happens when a person feeling unexplained.Ill insists that mad, constantly speaks about the object of his love, requires the object of passion with him to spend the maximum amount of time constantly ringing defiantly annoyed without receiving communion;maliciously responds to new acquaintances beloved;totally monitors and enforces the rules of communication.People do not know how to be.They think that it is better to end the relationship, but after leaving them with renewed vigor drawn to each other, they meet again suffer.If you understand that you find it difficult to remain in such a relationship, and you have the feeling of suffering, frustration, then you just love addiction.This state psychologists are paying attention the last few decades.

Love addiction - a love relationship or a tendency, expressed in addiction to his object of love or affection.

Psychologists and psychiatrists attribute a love addiction addiction to this type of relationships that are fixed over the other person.For such a relationship is characterized by addiction to the object, which is expressed in love, affection and passion.From this passion as an admirer of suffering, and the object of adoration, and a much greater extent.

over who takes up a love addiction?Most people get into it with low self-esteem who are having difficulty with the correct perception of themselves as well as a positive attitude.Since childhood, these people face difficulties in setting personal boundaries of communication and it is very difficult to identify the scope of their own in the relationship.Such people begin to control others and their control and intrusive, disturbing and is associated with self-doubt.On the occurrence of a love addiction affect parents' words, excessive overprotection in childhood.For an adult human in the future, it will affect the fear of failure and leave the person with whom he is indeed psychologically very difficult emotionally.For this reason, parents must support their children and say only good things, give positive attitudes and give unconditional love.

from love addiction affects both men and women.You can not select more than one.It all depends on the individual.

Such relationships where love comes addict called soaddiktivnymi.These relationships are filled with strong emotions.Emotions are both positive and negative connotation.Soaddiktivnye relationships can arise between man and woman, between child and parent, and between man and really social person (attachment to the actor), or from the virtual world (chat, forum, internet), which had no personal contacts.

features of love addiction dependence are such moments:

• a large amount of time a love addict pays his passion and affection so strong that it is given a positive assessment of the object of passion

• becomes evident that the love addict upstaged work, family, hobbies

• a love addict stays in power unreal experiences, as well as positive expectations for his side from another person

• the plan unrealistic expectations often do not give a sick realistically assess the situation, it does not react to the comments of his chosen over unnecessaryidealizing his image, and that on the contrary even more is the desire to endow the object of passion fantastic quality

• a love addict forgets about himself, about his is a love relationship, responsibilities, health

• experience fear of abandonment - the strongest specific emotion for love addict

This behavior is associated with an increased fantasizing, representation of love scenes.Currently, love addiction occurs when communicating on the Internet, on dating sites.Feelings experienced in strength may exceed many times the real, but as a rule, after a while, there comes disappointment.

In such a relationship should be avoidance addict.This man, who seeks love addiction.Addicts trying to avoid prisech intense relationship and spends a lot of time as possible outside of these relationships - work, friends.The reason is simple: Protection love addict, the fear of losing freedom and obsessive control, bad previous experience in love.But we note that the addict avoid abandonment also worried about his person that makes him ahead of the curve in order to distance himself not to leave it first.Addicts avoid restraint and not allow such relationships to develop in a constructive direction.

At the time gain a love addiction is one of the partners becomes insistent demands it is always near, solve the problems of a loved one.If it does not, then it develops a sense of frustration, anger and resentment.And it provokes the other to break that relationship.When clarifies that gap, the love addict turns into a vicious and vindictive, there comes a state of despair and depression after a breakup.It happens that the relationship is not a good ending - blackmail, threat to life.

In any case, the relationship of love addiction - is codependency.And as a way out of such a relationship is a hobby of alcohol (hangover), obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, neurosis, psychosis and related diagnoses listed above long-term treatment.

If approached from the perspective of psychology, then ask yourself this question: Do you do these relations better or not?If yes, and you want to live productively, develop spiritually, to share the joy, to be kinder, then no doubt - this is love.But if you are poor, you suffer, you are trapped in a love addiction

Treatment love addiction (addiction)

Most women are turning for help.It so happens that some of the fair sex from love addiction affects all conscious life, getting out and getting in one another.Men are also susceptible to traps, but less frequently.It pained devastating condition is akin to drug addiction.It feels able to be reciprocal or not split, but it is nice to intoxicate like a drug.Often, this dope accept for true love.The sad experience of the "love" for many people does not pass without a trace, so experienced such, they are forever frustrated in love.Such men are strictly forbidden to love themselves, protecting themselves from further suffering, explaining itself by the fact that there is no love at all, it came up.Then consciously or unconsciously begin to take revenge on all women: specifically adoring and pulling him, and then suddenly throwing.Avoidance addict realizes that in the midst of relationship can not throw - woman becomes dependent.Then you can come back many times to go again, so to manipulate and use it as you wish.

most important in the treatment of addiction, love to pick a good therapist.His task is to understand the dynamics of your love addiction, to help correct the distorted misconceptions from your childhood.The therapist should help to understand what kind of installation you have taken with respect to itself and that from childhood you have controls.For example, "I can not", "I am ugly" "I am bad", "I'm a loser," "I will not work."Therefore, the main goal of the therapist is to raise your self-esteem, to return a positive view of yourself and give your identity determination.

Treatment love addiction (addiction) includes a method such as group therapy.The method is good that members of the group voiced their co-dependent relationship, then projecting the feelings onto the therapist and the group members.The whole range of feelings experienced by the group members, promotes awareness of one's own experiences is much wider, while getting feedback from the participants.It is important to remember that you can not miss treatment sessions, as addiction is overvalued, highly resistant and diffi- cult habit mandatory relapse

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