Frustration photo Frustration is a mental state, which is characterized by hopelessness, profound sadness, disappointment, frustration, anxiety, mental stupor, irritation, upset plans, despair.The very definition of frustration include the inability to meet in real life their needs. Up to a point, this situation is traumatic for the person.This condition is characterized by the continuation of a bitter struggle of people for getting the desired, even in the absence of knowledge and the correct action to achieve success.

In recent years the problem of frustration is the subject of experimental research in psychology.Status of frustration lays its mark on the whole mental life of man.There are certain difficulties in the meaning of this term.Status of frustration considered in terms of endurance to the difficulties of life and the response to these challenges

Frustration in psychology

IPPavlov repeatedly referred to the difficulties of life, which can cause adverse state in the cerebral cortex

of the brain.According to him the life of continuous challenge and when it occurs when the nervous system is not stable, then the person becomes susceptible to depression.All of life's problems fall into two categories: surmountable and insurmountable.

to avoidable problems require a huge effort.Often these problems are associated with the mastery of professional qualifications and when mention perseverance here is meant just to overcome the difficulties and the mastery of professional skills.

concept frustration to avoidable hardship not true, and if true, it is only when a person gives in and accepts them as insurmountable.

to life difficulties insurmountable obstacles related cancers;psychological barriers encountered on the way to this goal;needs, the solution of psychological problem.

But do not all the insurmountable difficulties of life to reduce the barriers that block the intended effect.Sometimes life injections or disappointments to deal with adversity requires strength of character.

Indeed, it happens that there are difficulties, which put a barrier or obstacle, but only conditionally, and that prevent, hinder the well-being and happiness.

frustration Rosenzweig characterized as a meeting of the body more or less insurmountable obstacles and obstructions on the way to meet the needs of life.

Brown and Farber explained state of frustration as a result of the conditions at the time of waiting braking reaction or warning.

Lawson opinion that frustration appears the conflict between trends: "the goal - a reaction" and the trend has arisen under the influence of interfering conditions.Thus, frustration - mental state, which is characterized by the experience;special behavior caused insurmountable difficulties that appear on the path to the desired goal, and the solution of the problem.

is believed that frustration is a completely natural phenomenon and a necessary in the life of a person or body.

Mayer believes that the very behavior of the human or animal depends on such potentials:

1) repertoire of behavior defined by the terms of development, heredity, experiences

2) includes the following potential selection or election processes, and mechanisms.They are divided into current caused by motivating activities and frustration arising from

Veliko impact of behaviorism to frustration. Behaviorism - direction of psychology of the behavior of animals and humans.That it refers to the inner world of man and the existence of consciousness and emotions denied behaviorism, so not worthy of scientific study.But the requirement of objectivity implies no denial of the psychology of the inner world of man, and his knowledge of the most objective methods: through experiments, observations, verbal account, introspection.Position behaviorism simplifies and distorts the study of frustration.

Frustration studies stimuli and situations that appear frustratorami - provocateurs.Bearing in mind the reactions of frustration, are taken into account made the motion and action.Often, strong and profound experience frustration poorly expressed externally, goes back, there is a calm exterior, but on the fact of feeling sorrow stronger than that of those who shed tears.

Psychologists say that mental states acquire temporary changes in emotion and imagination

Types frustration

mental state acts according to frustratora.Rosenzweig distinguishes three types, and depending on them appear the situation of frustration

1) Prison - no need to reach the goal, as well as meet the needs of (a person is hungry, but food is not possible to get; the attraction to women and awareness of their unattractiveness, which hinders the implementation of the dream)

2) The loss - the death of a loved one, the house burned down (external loss)

3) conflict, namely the internal conflict a man who loves and wants a married woman remains faithful to his wife.This desire is strongly blocked.

Retention by frustration able to manifest itself in different ways.In the first one continues to operate by inertia, but felt it useless, and in another frustrating factor completely absorbed his attention that promotes stereotyping, as well as thinking.

fixation should be regarded as chained to frustratoru.This need to absorb all the attention of the person causing the need for long-term experience, as well as analyze frustrator.In this case it is important not to stereotype movements, namely, perception and thinking.As a special form of fixation appears capricious behavior that occurs on the action frustratorov.

One of the active form of frustration advocates care distracting activities.With sthenic asthenic manifestations occur as reactions to frustratory and as a consequence there are depressions.

For example, the feeling of people in this state is very heavy, there is a dive into the deepest melancholy and having trouble sleeping, there are difficulties in mental activity.

Depression on the background of frustration is regarded as the opposite phenomenon of aggression.She latched not identify, as is typical for fixing the kind of manic.Depression manifests itself in sadness, impotence, awareness of uncertainty, hopelessness, temporary numbness, despair, stiffness and apathy.

Similarly, aggression, regression, it is understood as a movement back and it is not always the result of acts of frustration.The reasons it may make a deliberate intention to cause pity and thus achieve the desired.It should be noted that not every aggression caused by frustration and similarly not every frustration of looking for a way to aggression.

typical feature of this emotional frustration.Children are more emotional than adults because they have a small capacity devices and that's the reason why emotional reaction occurs.

Frustration varies, both psychological content and in duration.

Mental conditions can act as a brief flash of aggression and depressive reactions affective type, expressed in a negative mood.

to frustration and mental state, which is typical for a person, as well as the addition of new non-typical character traits, as well as possible occasional frustration.

example, aggression typical of unrestrained human and depression is peculiar to an uncertain identity.But aggression can develop and restrained man of peace, after undergoing frustration.

special place in the study of frustration needs to pay anxiety, stiffness, anxiety and the appearance of the barrier.So when fatigue people felt most acutely frustrated and have less committed to tolerance, than the waking state

Overcoming frustration

Overcoming state of frustration, a gradual transition from the state of rational analysis to the vigorous action to achieve the goal.To successfully overcome the frustration recommended suggestion, self-hypnosis and self-persuasion of confidence in their abilities.

samoubezhdenie - logically reasoned influence directed at himself, taking account of the laws of nature and society.

Autosuggestion - verbal or internal way of influencing a person, based on faith and trust in the power obtained in which the truth is taken for granted.Through the means of self-regulation can be controlled in the process of regulation of metabolism, and an example might be to achieve yogis.In sports such psychic self-regulation applies: psihoreguliruyuschaya and autogenous training, psihomyshechnaya or ideomotor training.

If a person is not able to cope with frustration, then we recommend re-evaluation of the situation and review of previous actions.After that, the person developed or new ways to achieve the goal, or adopts a new goal.This kind of frustration is considered constructive

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