Treatment of Schizophrenia

treatment of schizophrenia

treatment of schizophrenia photo Schizophrenia - mental personality disorder, which is directly linked to the collapse of the thought processes and emotional reactions.In the human body, everything is interconnected: the soul-mind-body.Violations at any level provokes a disorder of the entire system, and long-term treatment of schizophrenia medication (neuroleptics) turns a man into a plant.

Schizophrenia develops in violation of the connection between the soul and the intellect.Such a breach occurs when a difficult situation when a man vainly seeking a way out and thus relies only on the ability of intelligence, ignoring the spiritual aspects.As a result, his life is governed by intelligent design.

The human brain is very sensitive to the changes that occur within the environment of the body, and especially respond to the level of toxic metabolites in the blood.Therefore, the first step in the treatment of schizophrenia should focus on detoxification - elimination of harmful substances.

In the twentieth century, a good effect in the treatment of schizophrenia was obtained by hemosorption - cleanses the blood of toxins.At present, this technique is forgotten.The main drawback of the current system in the treatment of aggressive acts.Effective in the treatment of neuroleptic drugs, which cropped attack, but after two to three treatments in an institution - a psychiatric clinic, and a sick person can no longer be found and restored, as the contact is broken, "the soul - the intellect."Of course, all medications can not give up, but also a seat for life not worth it.Antipsychotics important to help a person get out of the acute condition, and further necessary rehabilitation, maintenance treatment of schizophrenia.

lack of laboratory test makes it possible to identify accurately schizophrenia.

diagnosis of schizophrenia is placed on the basis of these analyzes of medical history, as well as observations of behavior.A number of symptoms similar to schizophrenia, can occur with organic disorders - drug use, withdrawal syndrome;infectious diseases that affected the central nervous system.It should also exclusion of psychiatric disorders that mimic schizophrenia and require different treatment.

treatment of schizophrenia is currently symptomatic and social.Traditionally used in the treatment of a combination of strong tranquilizers and other drugs with various forms of psychological and social support.In most cases, treatment is carried out at the hospital, which is important in the acute phase of the disease, especially when the behavior of sick socially unacceptable and they can not be implemented at a care very aggressive and prone to the risk of suicide.Schizophrenia do not realize that they are ill and can not take care of themselves, so the forced hospitalization is necessary.Yet, most people with schizophrenia are able to live on their own, but only with good social support.Many people continue to work, but often due to illness is significantly reduced capacity for work, as well as intelligence, which leads to a change of profession.Timely use of tranquilizers significantly suppresses many of the symptoms of the disease.When stopping treatment, the symptoms can be resumed, or vice versa to remain at the same level.To the treatment of schizophrenia was not wasted, important social support, which includes monitoring and counseling from experts.It is necessary to ensure that such conditions the sick to have avoided the stress and hostility, as well as the critical attitude of the patient never touched.According to statistics, about 40% of the patients with schizophrenia have been treated, we recovered well and returned to work

Methods for treating schizophrenia

treated Where: at home, in hospital or in a mental hospital - the doctor decides.Mental hospital provides treatment for schizophrenia in remission.For patients with established employment workshops where they work.Suffering from schizophrenia is a real help to return to normal life.

If the condition is escalating, it is better to hospitalize a patient.Often suffering from schizophrenia, are placed on their own to the hospital because of understanding the need for treatment.But there are exceptions, when treatment is enforced.

It happens in times when the patient is visited by persecutory delusions, depression, severe disorganized or catatonic excitement, poisoning, commanding voice, inability to cater for themselves, the refusal to take food.The hospital will provide a good observation, as well as patient care.This treatment uses a variety and choice depends on psychopathology, as well as the severity of the condition and carried out prior therapy

Preparations for the treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia need for psychotropic drugs, nootropics, vitamins (coenzyme q-10, vitamin C,Choline is a vitamin B5), physiotherapy.

Psychotropic drugs have on the body potent effect, thus causing mood swings.There is a risk of side effects and severe psychological and physiological dependence.Overdosing is dangerous.Psychotropics are divided into four types:

- hypnotics intended to relieve sleep problems;

- tranquilizers or anxiolytics, removes anxiety,

- antidepressants, relieves depression and high depression;

- antipsychotic drugs treating psychosis.

What psychotropic drugs prescribed to patients with schizophrenia?Antipsychotics (Triftazin, haloperidol, chlorpromazine, Stelazin, Sonapaks, Tisercinum, haloperidol, Etaperazin, frenolona et al.).In acute condition, as well as the rejection of the tablets used intravenous and intramuscular injection preparations.If schizophrenia joined depressive disorder, the patient is connected to the treatment of antidepressant amitriptyline, Eglonil, Melipraminum, teralen.

If the patient sluggish schizophrenia, then use tranquilizers or Seduxen Phenazepam.To support the effect of discharge from the hospital should be used intramuscular sustained release formulations (long) action, which include DITT depot and haloperidol decanoate.

In parallel with antipsychotic drugs used in the treatment of correctors (Parkopan, Cyclodol, Akineton).Their aim is to remove the side effect of neuroleptics: restlessness, stiffness, jerking muscle tremor.It was only after the adoption of leponeks (Azaleptinum) does not require the use of offsets.

Nootropy have a wide range of positive effects: increase mental performance, wakefulness, clarity of mind, remove depression, some nootropics increase the amount of serotonin and have no side effects like psihotimulyatory.The most common Ratsetam, Antiretsatam, Nootropil (Piracetam) oxiracetam.

If the effectiveness of psychotropic or nootropic therapy is not enough, the resort to insulin shock therapy and ECT (electroconvulsive).Insulin shock therapy is used in first-episode schizophrenia, but the ECT is assigned to the prolonged sick depression and obsessive, and hypochondriacal ideas

Schizophrenia - Treatment communication

current treatment of schizophrenia involves communication.Which is understood as self-help groups, which include anonymous schizophrenic, schizophrenia forums, ancillary support materials - audio and video tapes.The healing process is first and foremost a personal matter and depends on the personal potential.The main goal of the anonymous society of schizophrenics is to assist the return of dignity and a sense of having purpose of existence;offer strong support, companionship for good mental health;improvement in relation to his life and illness;encouraging the faithful to take steps for recovery.

Reviews of the treatment of schizophrenia suggest positive changes after entry into the self-help groups.Following such communication, patients return to his former life, continue to work hard, enjoy life, and connect therapy has a positive effect on the entire organism, suffering from schizophrenia.

necessary to hold discussions with the family to create a favorable climate at home relaxing.Do not be afraid to relatives and ill prescribed therapy because most drugs has no adverse reaction, if any, it will warn you.

When changes in the status of the patient should immediately notify the attending physician for timely correction of the treatment of schizophrenia.What can alert family?Sleep disorders, anxiety and fear, refusal to eat, suspicion, jumps in the mood.Women fall into this category more often and usually before menstruation.It is necessary to be attentive to their loved ones, because it affects the efficiency of the treatment of schizophrenia.

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