Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue

chronic fatigue photo Chronic fatigue is a natural physiological reaction of the organism associated with neurological processes of excitation and inhibition in the subcortical brain, and then to the biochemical processes in the tissues themselves.For example, this looks like this: hard working muscles to cope with physical activity, need increased amounts of energy, as well as a significant supply of oxygen to the cells.This supplier of energy to the muscles themselves are the carbohydrates, and then in the process of use, they are converted into lactic acid.And it has its accumulation gradually leads to increasing fatigue that we experience in the muscles.And if you touch the issue of mental fatigue, in this case, the mechanism of its development would be even more complicated.Along with the human body as a self-healing system, can in a short period completely restore physical and mental performance.

But in parallel with physiological fatigue when the body can quickly recover, more often rises t

heme is pathological, but rather fatigue.That persist even in the breaks between shifts, and after a long weekend, and the body does not have enough time to recover

Causes of chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue came close to our life thirty years ago.Experts attribute its appearance to a spike in the scientific and technical progress, linked to mass computerization, as well as with the increase of professions, which involved mental labor.

plausibility of this version is proved by the fact that the first patients with a chronicle began to appear in the United States and Japan.That is exactly where the intensity of the work is the most rapidly.As for Japan, it has been recorded in this country, and deaths from excess employment surge.And this is not surprising, knowing that in Japan most days of employment during the year and the shortest holidays.Many people simply let themselves get into this situation, while working all day long.The motive may make a career, money, good attitude boss.Currently, a person is subject to a vicious circle that leaves no room for recreation and self-development.About chronic fatigue a lot of talk, but no one takes her seriously, the disease is considered laziness and whim when it comes to someone the other person.

A negative aspects of health in chronic fatigue lies a great many, and among them there are quite sad - it's oncology, which is able to develop on the basis of fatigue.

So the causes of chronic diseases is a significant physical and mental stress

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Under symptoms of chronic fatigue fall into weakness, the feeling of enduring fatigue, apathy, a feeling of lack of sleep, difficulty focusing on work, memory impairment,as well as attention, slowing of intellectual processes, problems with memory and attention.But resistance to the symptoms is different.For example, some people develop symptoms very quickly, while others have no such problems, a fairly long period of time.It is very individual, and therefore depends on the body, as well as the responsibility to perform the duties.It should be noted that if the work of people like, it will stimulate the subconscious to seek reserve forces as well as of the body.But the forces are not infinite and fatigue test still will be felt.

Therefore, at the first sign, let your body needed rest.If you ignore the first symptoms will appear insomnia, aggression, disturbed sleep, attention, fingers tremor, anxiety, depression, stress, causeless anxiety.How the outcome of psychopathic disorder.

To avoid this, immediately take a vacation and fully relax.Best holiday - a holiday in nature, where it is necessary to try not to think about the problems of the workers.But the best option would be a visit to the office for relaxation, improving gymnastics, massage, complete diet with vitamins and trace elements.Helps a class of spiritual direction: meditation, yoga.Aggravate chronic fatigue develops and becomes chronic fatigue syndrome, which is characterized by extreme fatigue, which can not be explained by a particular disease.

Chronic fatigue is significantly enhanced after physical and mental exertion.The main symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome is the presence of a constant state of fatigue, and feelings of weakness, which appears after a significant stress.The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is considered viral infections, as well as psychological stress.Currently there is no single method for examination and confirmation of the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.Presumably, you will need to make a variety of medical tests to rule out other problems related to health with similar symptoms.The very same treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with relief of symptoms Photo of chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue - symptoms

Distinguish the following symptoms of chronic fatigue: constant fatigue, deterioration of concentration, memory loss, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, muscle pain, jointpain, headache, no restorative sleep;exhaustion after physical and mental stress more than a day.

Factors that increase the development of the disease include: age people in fifty years, female gender, lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, stress.

disease dangerous complications such as depression, social isolation, restriction of lifestyle, a constant desire to be absent from work

diagnosis of chronic fatigue

very difficult to diagnose this disease because the clinic corresponds to a lot of diseases.The examination should exclude diseases that are similar in their manifestations.It gets anemia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus, systemic lupus erythematosus.Symptoms are accompanied by sleep disorders, insomnia and mental disorders and restless legs syndrome.

Chronic fatigue can act as a symptom of a chain of mental illness: it is depressive disorder, anxiety, bipolar depression, schizophrenia.

only to the exclusion of other diseases, the doctor diagnoses chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue - treatment

Treatment of tiredness and fatigue involves compliance with a strict regime of sleep, uniform stress, diet, taking vitamins from fatigue, as well as minerals and immunomodulators that improvethe immune system (belladonna or anaferon) and adaptogens (lemongrass, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, echinacea), increase the body's resistance to various viruses.

How to get rid of tiredness?The role in the treatment and enterosorbents that remove toxins from the body.Useful against fatigue water treatments, physiotherapy and massage.

well treatable chronic fatigue in the hospital.It is possible that the treatment offered in the neurology department or in a sanatorium and dispensary.Do not give

remedy for fatigue of traditional medicine

Use chamomile broth (400 ml boiling water brew chamomile blossoms 3 tbsp. Spoon), be sure to insist, then filter and take half a cup a day to 10 days.

Well helps to relieve fatigue natural grape juice after a meal (3st. Tablespoons to two times per day).We drink until it is relieved condition.

Effective bath with essential oils (geranium oil).Bath take up to 15 minutes, the duration of a month, but the next day, the water temperature to 37 degrees.

And remember that in general, chronic fatigue is a disease of a weakened immune system, which is very important to treat in time.

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