psychosis photo Psychosis Greek means disturbed mental disorder, accompanied with a strong mental activity, and the psychic reactions are inconsistent with the actual situation, which significantly affects the perception of the real world, as well as disorganization of behavior

Psychosis - types

divided Psychosis Clinic at (their origin), as well as the reasons.To the cause of origin refer pathogenetic mechanisms of endogenous nature - schizophrenia, psychotic form of affective disorder, schizoaffective disorder, as well as organic, psychogenic (situational, jet), intoxication, and withdrawal postabstinentnom form.

Classification of origin examines the predominant symptoms of forms: manic, hypochondriac, paranoid, depressive, and the combination of depressive-ipohondicheskih and depressive-paranoid forms

Psycho Freud

In psychoanalysis, psychosis is seen as a possible violation of the structure of the psychic apparatus tothe same level as neurosis and perversion.Initially Sigmund Freud c

ontrasted neurosis with psychosis, believing that neurosis is the result of acts of internal conflict Ego and the Id, and psychotic disorders is the outcome of the external world and Ya Later Freud inclined to believe that psychosis and neurosis is a striking protest It is against the outside world whenIt is the loss of reality

psychosis and Jung

Carl Gustav Jung believed that psychosis serves the individual flooding of consciousness unconscious content.Symptoms of psychosis are not considered as an indicator of disease, as well as the messages of the unconscious need of solving individual problems.Often, the symptoms are the clue to indicate the nature of the problem and suggest the direction of solving the problem

reasons psychoses

reason can perform internal and external factors.By the manifestations of an internal nature include neurological disorders and endocrine disorders that lead to the development of endogenous disease.External causes of diseases rank infections (tuberculosis, syphilis, typhoid, influenza), drugs, alcohol, industrial poisons, stress, psychological trauma.

first place among the external causes takes alcohol, leading to alcoholic psychosis.

Endogenous psychoses develop age-related changes of human (prussic psychosis), and often act as a consequence of schizophrenia, hypertension, atherosclerosis of the brain.For endogenous psychosis characterized by durability and a tendency to relapse.

Psychosis is a complex condition with their difficulties in the diagnosis of internal and external causes.The beginning can serve as external factors, and then later joined by internal problems.

By the nature of the flow, as well as the emergence of isolated jet, as well as severe forms of the disease.To include reversible reactive mental disorders caused due to trauma.For acute illness characterized by sudden and rapid development.For example, the news of the sudden loss of a loved one or the loss of property

Psychosis - symptoms

sick person suffers from a number of different changes in behavior, thinking and emotions.Loss basis from the real perception of the world.A sick person does not realize what is happening, and are not able to assess the full extent of the changes his mind.Often, due to the depressed state of the patients are not willing to take care and refuse hospitalization.Symptoms of psychosis is also accompanied by delusions and hallucinations statements

Psychosis - Treatment

most important in the treatment of psychosis - is to remove the cause of the disease or psychogenic situation.By itself, the affective-shock reaction is often in need of medical care.And in other forms of disease require hospitalization to prevent the causing of unconscious harm themselves or others.Therapeutic patient care must be justified, and it must be properly diagnosed, identified psychiatric symptoms and severity of the condition is defined.

Drug treatment includes the use of psychotropic drugs, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, tonic medicines, antidepressants.

Currently, a great variety of drugs that help in certain types and forms of the disease.If overcome substance-induced psychosis, the drugs used to cleanse the body.

effective drugs for psychosis appointed doctor and strictly individually.

During acute excitation appoint seduksen (tranquilizers injection) and triftazin with chlorpromazine (neuroleptics).

Delusions are cleaned using stelazina, etaperazina, haloperidol (antipsychotics).

Pharmaceutical care is dynamic and depends on the nature of the disease and the condition of the patient.

psychiatric rehabilitation improves the efficiency of medical treatment.The main task of the psychiatrist is to establish contact with the patient, as well as the suggestion of the idea of ​​a speedy recovery with the help of medications.

rehabilitation courses complement the training sessions to overcome the disease.A patient is first necessary to learn to react calmly and relate to the world around them and to develop a method of training a different behavior for life.

Physiotherapy treatments include physiotherapy: electric, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, spa treatment.

effective in the treatment of psychosis electroconvulsive therapy.Treatment lies in causing seizures artificially under the influence of an alternating electric current.The method is directly affected and heals the subcortical centers of the brain and nerve metabolism.

Then, after rehabilitation, sick back to life, and feels equally in society.

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