Schizophrenia symptoms

Schizophrenia symptoms

symptoms of schizophrenia photo Clinical signs of schizophrenia are very diverse, but have their own distinctive features bright.It can be subtle personality changes that do not affect the social adaptation to the profound changes of personality rights, for which need hospitalization.

problem still remains open, and the causes of schizophrenia, as well as the mechanisms of development continue to be studied.The main role is played by hereditary factors.Impact and influence of nervous stress and traumatic brain disorders that result in feelings.

Typical symptoms of schizophrenia - a violation of the intellect and the emotions.At disturbances in thinking ill with schizophrenia complain of these symptoms: inability to concentrate his thoughts, uncontrollable stream of thoughts, stop thinking parallel thoughts, difficulty in mastering the material.At the same time it is inherent only to catch a special meaning in the words, in sentences, in works of art.He is subject to the creation of new words (neol

ogisms), the use in describing their thoughts, as well as in the works of their inherent symbolism and abstraction.These are difficult because of the perceptible ornate and logically inconsistent when applying thoughts.In patients with schizophrenia long celebrated its fragmentation and incoherence of speech, characterized by a set of words.

next sign of schizophrenia and obsessive thoughts are the conditions that occur in addition to the desire and the will of man, being alien to his personality.Independently, who suffers from schizophrenia, can not get rid of the state.These obsessions include accounts, play dates, names, terms, ideas, fears, reasoning.Schizophrenia for a long time absorbed in reflections on the meaning of life and death, arguments about the shape of the Earth, the infinity of the universe, etc.

But with his thoughts and condition of the patient is struggling intrusive actions (rituals), which at the time brought him relief.Patients with schizophrenia inherent erroneous judgments, delusions, as well as the conclusions that can not be correct and dissuasion.For delusions characteristic of primary occurrence that caused the event and the secondary, after the breach of perception and appearance of hallucinations.Delusions are a different nature: poisoning, persecution, witchcraft, the impact of jealousy.

characteristic feature of schizophrenia appears nonsense physical impact.They think that they are influenced by hypnosis, electromagnetic and X-rays, for example, from space.Patients with schizophrenia hear voices of people working on them and control their thoughts, movements, emotions.They are able to see a special image from imaginary people perceive odors, experience painful sensations in the body, as well as the drilling head.Sick schizophrenia burdened with fraudulent perception and hallucinations.

next sign of schizophrenia appears the loss of affection and compassion to the relatives, the disappearance of interest in school, work, the appearance of isolation, separated.Sick become spiteful, rude, the parents are treated like a stranger.Lose a sense of responsibility, duty.Patients are no longer a trace, wander, making the absurdity of things.

aggravation of schizophrenia manifested as depression or manic mood.In patients with schizophrenia, there are such signs: reduced volitional activity, which leads to the complete apathy (indifference) and lethargy.

Further characteristic features of schizophrenia are motor-volitional disorders.Ill is in a state capable of inhibition is not responding for a long time on the others, refusing to eat, not answering questions.

to one of the following symptoms of schizophrenia fall colored world of dreams.In most cases, people can see and are in black and white dreams or do not see them.It is considered the norm.But schizophrenics after the experiences in the period of night rest see colorful dreams.It is believed that dreams are a reflection of our reality, and a uniform and strong stimulus contributes to the permanent color of dreams.Scientists from Texas believe that it is part of the dream, which are accompanied by vivid episodes, characterized by patients of psychiatric institutions or people with borderline disorder.The research on a group of people united with the norm and deviations from 25 to 47 years showed that patients with schizophrenia 20 times more often in contrast to ordinary people watch colorful dreams and nightmares.Scientists believe that schizophrenia susceptibility to or the presence of the disease, changes achromatic equilibrium, which is a direct indicator of abnormalities of the psyche.

amazing discoveries have been made public, according to which people have dreams, limited in the number of subjects.In total there are 12 plots of dreams, and dreams of leading the pursuit.Next in popularity is the dream, where people get lost, or found themselves in a trap.The third position was taken by dreams of falling, as well as scenes in which a person feels uncomfortable from the look and dressed in public.One of the places occupied by the dream of wounding.

Scientists Finland and Canada have found that dreams are the intensive training the body.Their task is to prepare a person psychologically dangerous situations, and perhaps knowing it, people have seen a desire to interpret dreams, foresee events.

Finnish Professor Antti Revonsuo believes that dreams are possible rehearsal for a mortal threat.And suggests that modern man dreams are an echo of the ancient era.

dreams, schizophrenia, pure reflect the activities of unconscious mechanisms.For example, condensation of the images is related compound, but it is very diverse in nature images in the unit.

A man looks like A, dressed - like B, and produces actions that makes B, but this person has G. Montage present during all the dreams.Or, for example, a woman, previously unknown, features connects sisters, mothers, wives, girls first love.A middle-aged man has similarities with his father, the president, respected scholar.

offset is that the sign of a real person, as well as the subject vested sverhosobennym value.Forgotten, old facts intensively relive.But the traumatic events that have happened recently, do not fall into the dream.Patients with schizophrenia are able to re-experience the traumatic experiences in dreams, and the function of sleep is disturbed.If schizophrenia burdened neurosis, it is often repeated the same dream.

Color schizophrenic dream unfolds until grisly state.Protective resources fail to cope with the bright and terrible impression schizophrenic fear wakes up, continuing to experience all reality.

neurosis progresses, thus sweeping away the remaining defenses and suffering from schizophrenia is afraid of going to bed himself.In such cases, you need special treatment

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interesting Freudian interpretation of dreams, which refers them to the normal mental life.Sleep restores mental balance, and most clearly, fully and clearly represents the unconscious.

dream draws images of the implementation of personal desires and takes us into the future, it is very plausible recreating the conditions under which the desire would actually materialize.Interpretation of Dreams only because Freud drew attention that the majority of patients with schizophrenia, instead of memories required of them told their colorful dreams.But the discussion of bright colored dreams with the doctor, surprisingly, often gave Healthy Effect

history of schizophrenia

Cnovidenie acts as a link in the mental process of the individual and collective historical cultural creativity.Goethe, Pushkin, Helmholtz, Mendeleev and other highly gifted nature recognized that many of the ideas and images visited them in their sleep or in moments of inspiration in the finished form.What happens during sleep?Imagination dream carries the main and crucial step to create an image that is processed daytime mechanisms.So bright colored dreams has always derived from the past and draw our desires, taking us into the future is plausible.

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