schizophrenia pictures Schizophrenia is a mental illness, which is characterized by the growth of psychic change: thinking, perception, emotions, speech, motivations.The following forms of schizophrenia: schizophrenia with the ongoing trend, with symptoms of flickering nature;circular periodic progression of schizophrenia and schizophrenia-paroxysmal.

These forms of schizophrenia reflect the diversity of clinical manifestations.

Schizophrenia with incessant flow (continuous schizophrenia) is divided into a progressive, malignant (cancerous Youth), a progressive (delusional, paranoid) and maloprogredientnuyu (sluggish schizophrenia).

1. Malignant continuous youth refers to early dementia.For this type of disease is characterized by early onset of puberty to 14 years, with a progressive coarse, very fast personal devastation, loss of activity, as well as the development of violent psychosis.The predominance of certain symptoms makes it possible to diagnose malignant schizophrenia following forms: sim

ple, disorganized, catatonic.

simple form of schizophrenia characterized by a predominance of negative disorders, symptoms of hair loss, which is characterized by a sharp restructuring of the individual in the absence of psychosis.Teens often before the disease are exemplary in behavior, smooth communication, diligent in study, obedient, binding, serious, budding, thoughtful, and suddenly changing.

They become rough, lose interest in cases not tolerate violence, become indifferent and cold, irritable to the closest.Sick no longer attend school, aimlessly walking the streets, long sleep, lie without a goal, immersed in his thoughts.Over time, there is isolation, walking the ramp-up and hurt silent.It appears inadequate response to events.Troubles do not touch them, and do not care about happy events.Relatives are indifferent, and sometimes anger.Change their facial expressions, as well as motor skills, indifferent face is expressionless, the voice becomes monotonous and repetitive.There is occasionally inappropriate laughter uncharacteristic previously inadequate grimaces, disinhibition of sexual instincts (masturbate in front of everyone), possession of bulimia patients.Patients cease to follow the garment and follow the simple rules of hygiene.Many have wanton aggression towards others, as well as unmotivated cruelty.In thinking there are infringements lead to sudden stops, the breaks, coming off his thoughts.Patients with schizophrenia invent neologisms, and the speech itself may be diseased snapped, before reaching its logical conclusion.Many patients are immersed in the problems of the universe, philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, linguistics, physics, what previously did not understand.Conversations do not carry academic connotations and appear empty chatter.

simple form of schizophrenia does not carry delusions and hallucinations, only occasional symptoms of delusions and hallucinatory disorders visit a sick simple form of schizophrenia.Without treatment within five years comes complete impoverishment of emotions, as well as reduced productivity, purposeful activity, loss of initiative.When a simple form rapidly developing schizophrenic defect, as well as the state of indifference.

Catatonic schizophrenia form also appears at a young age.Symptoms follows: stupor excitation alternated with preservation of consciousness.These phenomena are recurring.For the patient is characterized by hardening in one place (tetanus), staring at one point.Rigid stupor may last from hours to days, months.In this state, the patients refuse to eat and you have to connect the probe.Defecate and urinate it for themselves.Later, when the stupor retreats, patients tell us that happened around them.

catatonic excitement manifests itself in repetitive stereotyped purposeless actions that often occur with impulsive aggression.Schizophrenia resist and do the opposite, that they offer.Tear off his clothes, running around naked, causing damage to yourself, do not react to what is happening.Arousal in cases replaced mutism (dumb excitation) may verbigeration manifestation (the repetition of words, slogans, phrases) or echolalia (repeating another's phrases) and echopraxia (repeating another's facial expressions, movements).For patients with catatonic schizophrenia characterized by stereotypes when there is a symptom of the last words the old question, patients are silent, and the next question is answered monosyllabic answer the previous question.

disorganized schizophrenia continuous youthful characterized whipping conduct disorder.Patients grimace, grimaces, clowning around, let cynical and flat jokes.All this is reminiscent of childhood moodiness with grotesque and ironic laughter and howls burden others.All of these displays are added and catatonic symptoms.Patients gebefrenicheskoy schizophrenia are able to tumble, do the splits, be aggressive and impulsive, passing beat the other and climb with open arms, unabashedly naked in front of people and masturbating, trying to grab the other for intimate places.Patients with this form of schizophrenia untidy purposely urinate, unscrupulous, defecate in bed, voracious.A year later developing dementia mannered.

paranoid form of schizophrenia develops after 20 years.The disease develops slowly and gradually changing the structure of personality, there is a suspicion, distrust, secrecy, exclusion, isolation.For a person characterized by dressing up in new clothes.They feel that they are being watched, they are visited by delusions, mereschatsya sects and sorcerers.Over time, patients master hallucinations.

continuous sluggish schizophrenia characterized by slow onset with neurotic manifestations, of which often develop obsessions: philosophising, the phenomenon of mental rumination, absurd fears and invincibility make foolish act, striking shoes passer.

Such patients characterized by lethargy, fatigue, a narrow range of interests (autism), the loss of activity and appetite (anorexia), dipping into his own fantasy world, picking up the most absurd collections.

2. The circular form of schizophrenia characterized by periodic development of depressive mood and manic phases with delusions and hallucinatory psevdogallyutsinatornymi disorders.The clinic resembles an atypical affective psychosis.Patients complain of openness of mind and sound, anxiety, lethargy, anxiety, sleep disturbance.

3. paroxysmal-progression of schizophrenia is a mixed form that combines continuous, circular schizophrenia.The majority of these patients.

Patients are closed, taciturn, morose, alertness, mood seen subdepressive background.Next picture unfolds with sensual delirium combined with confusion or delirium special significance.The picture becomes very complex, evolving attack paranoid delusions.Ill such schizophrenia are restrained, less sociable.Over the years, he joins psychosis, symptoms of mania and depression.Over the years, the attacks become frequent, complex and personality varies.

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