Schizophrenia women

Schizophrenia women

schizophrenia in women photos Schizophrenia occurs in women as a severe mental illness, which acts as a sign of change in the personality of the schizophrenic type defect with polymorphic clinic.According to statistics, men are more likely to suffer from this disease than women

schizophrenia in women - causes

The earliest signs of schizophrenia in women appear to 25 years.The disease in women is growing more slowly and not as noticeable than men.Schizophrenia is often referred to as hereditary diseases and study the latest evidence of this.Previously, scientists have only resulted in statistics that say that sick children of parents in 40% of cases could potentially be in the future patients of psychiatric hospitals.Now, however, these data are confirmed by geneticists, since the scanning of the human genome proved that women variability Reelin gene increases the risk of schizophrenia.

Another reason advocates the creation of a specific situation of the schizophrenic type, and also noticed that

during the critical days of acute schizophrenia in women

The first signs of schizophrenia in women

Already for the first initial stages of schizophrenia is characterized by two main producing symptoms: hallucinations and delusions.But there are secondary symptoms in women, depression and severe emotional background.These symptoms may appear years before the disease is fully revealed.If this is the beginning of creeping schizophrenia, women are not aggressive, but very irritable and avoid social contacts, surly with others and are able to stand out sharply in its behavior.And can add such a feature as carelessness which immediately noticed by others.

next symptom of schizophrenia in women with autism is the loss of abstract thinking, and mutism, which manifests itself in the inability of the patient to verbally communicate with people.

worried woman as verbigeration - mechanical repetition of words and phrases, and the logic becomes inexplicable women for others.There are difficulties in the compilation, as well as in understanding the similarities and differences.Difficulties are amplified when dropping non-essential and important from the secondary division.Woman combines concepts, objects, phenomena of unessential, is engaged in soul-searching (ruminations).These signs of the disease in women is particularly noticeable around and loved ones.

Disputes scientists on how to get out of the favorable disease, as well as the final defeat schizophrenia lasts a long time.Practitioners noticed that the results of successful treatment depends on many factors.This includes the stage of schizophrenia, and the willingness of the patient to the long-term treatment, and the presence of confounding factors.Previously, patients had to undergo compulsory hospitalization for a long time.But it was noticed that a prolonged hospital stay entails negative consequences for patients.Therefore, the appearance of symptoms is not the reason for hospitalization, especially women, are experiencing particularly acute rupture with the family.But social support will make a positive step to improve the condition of women.

schizophrenia in women is a very serious disease, but how to recognize and distinguish it from other mental illnesses is becoming essential for families, before having cases

symptoms of schizophrenia in women

main symptom - a violation of thinking thatmanifested in the occlusion of thinking, loss of control over the thoughts, the emergence of neologisms - own language, fuzziness of thinking, and the lack of clear boundaries between the concepts.

initial symptoms in women, there are isolated very long period without being accompanied by productive.But if the joins psychosis, the question is on the expanded form of schizophrenia.Many common features with similar disease course as sluggish schizophrenia.Signs of sluggish for a long time are shown as restricted due to violations of the emotional sphere, but is dominated by neurosis-like disorders, and psychotic symptoms.In this course of the disease in women it takes a long time (10 years or more).

symptoms in adult women are not limited to changes in the emotional plane.At a certain stage of the disease symptoms is added in the form of hallucinations.Often it is the visual and auditory hallucinations, in which the sick sees flashes of light, and the other patients see movies or in the minds of the panorama.

Another important symptom of schizophrenia - delusions.The hallmark perform judgments that underlie, built under the influence of internal processes emanating from the consciousness of the patient.Thus, the major symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, disorder emotional sphere.

schizophrenia in women is incurable and, if it so happened that the woman fell ill one day, it stays with her for life.

Many are concerned about the issue: colored dreams are there signs of schizophrenia?The unequivocal answer is no.But the colorful dreams talk about the activity of the brain that are characteristic of borderline disorders, and schizophrenia has become the next step.According to statistics, people with schizophrenia in colored dreams are in 20 times more than ordinary people.

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