The symptoms of schizophrenia

symptoms of schizophrenia

symptoms of schizophrenia photo risk of developing schizophrenia, 1% of people of all mankind, and the disease itself meets one per 1,000 people per year.Himself risk of developing schizophrenia is increased by consanguineous marriages commission in cases loading for schizophrenia in families with relatives who are in the first degree of kinship (father, mother, sister, brother).The ratio between men and women equally, but men's degree of development of the disease above.With regard to fertility and mortality of patients, there is no any particular difference: all the mean population.Considered high risk for schizophrenia at the age of 14 to 35 years

Symptoms and signs of schizophrenia

patients with schizophrenia there is a combination of disorders in thinking, perception and emotional and volitional disorders.Duration of symptoms is observed for about a month, but more reliable diagnosis is possible to install up to 6 months of observations of patients.Often, the first stage is diagnosed tra

nsient psychotic disorder with symptoms shizofrenopodobonogo disorders and symptoms of schizophrenia.

stages of schizophrenia:

- initial (up to five years)

- manifest with polymorphic symptomatology

- remission (exit disease)

- re psychosis with profound personality disorder

- Deficits stage filled with negative symptoms andresulting disability

In 10% of cases may occur spontaneously came a long way out and ten-year remission.Schizophrenia Treatment is symptomatic with tranquilizers and provide psychological social assistance.The acute phase of the disease is treated only in a hospital

Schizophrenia symptoms and for

main symptoms of schizophrenia by E. Bleuler is thought disorder, including a logic-chopping (empty, barren verbiage), fragmentation, paralogous (wrong conclusion), autism, narrowingconcepts and mantizm (influx of thoughts contumacious will), symbolic thinking, perseveration (repeating thoughts, movements), poverty of thinking, emotional and volitional disorders (coldness, numbness affect, paratimiya - fails affective manifestations situation hypertrophy of emotions ambitendentnost, ambivalence, apathy,abulia - indecision).

M. Bleuler argued that the main symptoms of schizophrenia appear as manifestnye manifestations, which are characterized by the absence of exogenous syndromes such as: delirium (dizziness), dementia (acquired dementia), quantitative changes of consciousness, amnesia (memory loss), seizures, presenceincoherence of thought, as well as in the field splitting motor skills, emotions, facial expressions, psychic automatism, depersonalization, hallucinations and catatonia.

Early symptoms of schizophrenia B. Mayer-Gross encompass thought disorder, primary delusions with the prevailing ideas of relationships, sound thinking and emotional flattening, catatonic behavior (movement disorders).

first-rank symptoms of schizophrenia by K. Schneider include the sound of his own thoughts, mutually exclusive, somatic and auditory hallucinations commenting, impact on thoughts, feelings, motivations, actions, shperrung (symptom stop thinking) and delusional perceptions.

Under symptoms of the second rank gets abnormal expression of emotions, feelings, speech, and catatonia.Most of these symptoms recorded and taken into account the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and after the 10 th revision, the following symptoms of schizophrenia:

1. Hearing the true commenting pseudohallucinations and somatic hallucinations.

2. Echo thoughts when sound is his own thoughts, the taking or inserting thoughts and openness.

3. Brad exposure, delusional perception, motor, sensory, ideational (associative) automatism.

4. Delusions culturally inappropriate, absurd and grandiose in content.

Or rather the inclusion of two of the following signs:

1. More than a month hallucinations with delusions, but without passion.

2. Shperrungi (a sudden break in the thinking process).

3. catatonic behavior.

4. negativism, emotional inadequacy, abulia, apathy, depleted speech coldness.

5. Loss of interest, lack of focus, autism.

schizophrenia is well observed during the Manifesto, but more accurately after the third attack.When remissions attacks are usually polymorphic and include the affect of anxiety and fear.

Continuous schizophrenia include lack of remission lasting more than a year.

matches for Episodic symptoms adopted in domestic psychiatry paroxysmal flow.

Episodic remitting characterized by complete remission between episodes.

Onset of the disease (symptomatic period) is characterized by:

1. delusions of persecution, relationships, values, high birth, endowed with a special mission and ridiculous delusions of jealousy and delusions of control.

2. Hearing true and pseudohallucinations commented controversial condemnation.

3. Sexual, smell, taste, and somatic hallucinations.

paranoid schizophrenia symptoms

productivity combined with the negative short-term up to two weeks of symptoms.This is followed by spontaneous release in the treatment of neuroleptic drugs.Paranoid schizophrenia in adolescence occurs unfavorably with the step-up increase of negative disorders.This hearing pseudohallucinations, transmit thoughts at a distance, a sense of the voices coming from different parts of the body, delusional perception and delusions of mastering and effects

sluggish schizophrenia symptoms

absence of positive symptoms and the inherent indirect manifestations of the clinic, as well as slight personality changesasthenic origin (irritation with instability, excessive sensibility, fatigue and anxiety mistrust).Sluggish schizophrenia manifested in alienation, awareness of changes in the internal world, reduced vitality, activity and initiative, as well as mental impoverishment.There suspended perception of reality, visual intelligence, complication of prolonged depression, lack of emotional resonance and shades of feeling and loss of feeling pleasure

schizophrenia symptoms in children

delusional fantasy divorced from reality and is often associated with feelings of deception.The child lives stereotypes play, diametrically opposed to reality and realizes unrealistic aspirations, dreams of power and the opening of new countries and so on.Have Abul when a child becomes lethargic and apathetic, ceasing to be active.It attaches emotional stupidity, which manifests itself in the growth of the child and the extinction of the emotions of losing contact with others as a result of indifference.The appearance of incoherence of thought, characterized by thinking in isolation from reality and penchant for philosophizing and symbolism.Schizophrenia in children and the symptoms are quite pronounced only after 2 years, and up to 10 years prevail nuclear form

Teenage schizophrenia symptoms

Paranoid schizophrenia has been described with 9 years of age.The symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents are manifested in the form of regression of speech, behavior, emotional and volitional disorders and developmental delay.As the equivalent of delirium appear overvalued fears, and delusional fantasies are also characterized by silence, isolation, unusual, tension, anger, cooling relatives, loss of friends, passion favorite thing at the expense of learning, leisure, health, sleep, unproductive - no result, passivepresence in the classroom, illogical actions

symptoms of schizophrenia in women

presence of hallucinations and delirium, depression with severe emotional background, psychosis, avoidance of social contacts, coldness, carelessness, autism, loss of abstract thinking, the emergence of mutism, verbigeration, soul-searching,thought disorders and loss of control over the thoughts, the emergence of neologisms, blurring thought.Forecast of recovery is better at those women who have endomorph physique (round head, short stature, short limbs and neck, protruding belly, wide chest, leaving fat), high intelligence, have a full family life.Thus an initial period should be short of up to one month, and the symptomatic period of no more than 2 weeks, mandatory absence of abnormal premorbid background, as well as the absence of dysplasia (inflammatory joint disease), low resistance (resistance of the organism) to psychotropic drugs.Schizophrenia women difficult to diagnose the disease in terms of recognition by other mental illnesses

schizophrenia symptoms in men

great variety of symptoms in men, which is divided into positive and negative manifestations.Under the positive developments include bright, noticeable, reversible (hallucinations).Under the negative fall indifference, isolation, unsociable man with a loss of will, emotional qualities.Characteristically presence pseudohallucinations, psychic automatism, delusions, catatonia, ridiculous, foolish and unwarranted, mood disorders, obsessions, depersonalization.Negative symptoms, suffering from schizophrenia maloobratimy men.Under these displays get autism, emotional and volitional decline skhizis and splitting of mental activity.Schizophrenia is accompanied by a male drunkenness, joined by numerous traumatic brain injury, prevent treatment of the disease.

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