Schizophrenia photo Schizophrenia serves classic form of mental illness, and the term of ignorance blinds people to their sound.Schizophrenia is considered one of the greatest myths of our time and referred to the devil of all mental illnesses.Patients with schizophrenia are in need of understanding and acceptance of the way they are, because without the help of loved ones they will not survive in this world

history of schizophrenia

In "Schizophrenia - a sacred symbol of psychiatry" psychiatry professor Thomas Szasz expressed thatthis disease does not exist.People who study the issue, are starting to realize that schizophrenia is not only a medical diagnosis, but also a moral verdict.Called schizophrenia appears not a true disease, and undetermined category that includes all the feelings, thoughts, actions, did not approve of other people.The very concept is very difficult to determine objectively, because the disease is one of the most misunderstood on the planet.It is characterized by impai

red thinking, mood or behavior.The difficulty lies in determining what latitude it is so great that all that is not like the other person is able to come under this definition.

psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey argues that schizophrenia - a brain disease.According to the theory of Dr. Torrey schizophrenia vary in personality types.It allocates:

• patients with paranoid schizophrenia, which are characterized by feelings of illusions of grandeur or hallucinations of persecution;

• disorganized schizophrenics who have no illusions;

• catatonic schizophrenics, which is positioned with posturing, stupor, rigidity and reticence, as well as being in non-reactive, stationary;

• simple schizophrenics (with no signs of affective expression of happiness or unhappiness, showing a loss of interest and initiative);

• schizo-affective nervous type, which is characterized by elevated happy mood;

• schizo-affective depressive, which is characterized by a stay in the disaster.

psychiatry professor Jonas Robitscher argues that people with alternating states of happiness and unhappiness are also schizophrenic.

Most cases diagnosed as schizophrenia in the United States, would be classified as manic-depressive disorder in England or Western Europe.

Expected signs and characteristics, which falls under the disease is very broad.People fall into this category, with or without the illusion of such, having hallucinations, and not having hallucinations, being mobile and immobile, happy and sad, without emotion or balanced, or when happiness is replaced by sadness.

Bruce Ennis defines schizophrenia as a broad term covering a huge range of behavior

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schizophrenia Schizophrenia - Causes

Professor Franklin points to the efforts to find biological causes of the disease.In the mid 50-ies of the last century, scientists were keen on testing the reactions of the body, as well as liquids schizophrenics.Scientists have examined the conductivity of the skin cells, saliva and sweat, blood and urine were analyzed schizophrenics.The discovery was made many, but none has withstood criticism.

Other efforts of scientists were sent to search for the biological causes of the disease through brain scans.The schizophrenic does have brain damage, but they can be caused by the adoption of brain-damaging neuroleptics.

causes of schizophrenia, many doctors were looking for a biological origin of man and given way of wishful thinking and did not want to agree to personal reasons of human behavior.Such attempts to find biological causes suggest that schizophrenia is and acts as a social or cultural unacceptable thinking.

Schizophrenia hides the reasons is considered by many in the neurobiological basis (memory, emotions, thinking, perception, motivation and language).Popularity received dopamine hypothesis, which states that schizophrenia arose because of hyperactivity of dopaminergic pathways in the brain.But so far no suitable theory to explain the causes of the disease.

risk of developing schizophrenia include a genetic predisposition to the disease, so the relatives of the patient are subject to a higher probability to be ill from this disease.The birth of the child and the pregnancy can provoke schizophrenia in women


Schizophrenia varies in the broad sense of the manifestation of the flow.In some cases, the appearance of the disease originates and develops gradually over long months, others for schizophrenia rapidly - from a few hours or days.Some people with schizophrenia experience periodic bouts of illness that last weeks or months, with remission of symptoms;others experience a fluctuating current, which is characterized by the presence of continuous symptoms, and symptoms from third parties does not change over the years and remains the same.With age comes the final recovery and retained only the most insignificant part of the lungs of residual defects.

schizophrenia runs in each patient individually and often a favorable outcome.Just say that the disease is able to take a severe form of age of the patient, as well as the later develops the disease, the easier it is for schizophrenia

Schizophrenia - Symptoms

In women the first symptoms of the disease appear later and milder than in men.

rarely manifest symptoms of schizophrenia in adolescents 14 years of age, but if it is diagnosed, the nature of the disease becomes severe.If the disease has arisen after 40 years, the nature of the flow usually takes place in an easy manner.Patients combine emotional and volitional disorders, disorder in thinking and perception.For the month of diagnosis is required, but a reliable diagnosis is possible after six months of observation of the patient.

Schizophrenia symptoms include the following: Hearing pseudohallucinations and somatic hallucinations;echo the thoughts, the taking, openness, inserting thoughts, delusions of control, motor automatism;delusional perception, inadequate cultural ideas that are absurd and grandiose in content

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Schizophrenia - signs

Signs, which is easy to install schizophrenia are: a month for the duration of hallucinations with delusions, but without highly excited state;inherent to the sudden interruption of the process of thinking, movement disorders (catatonia), negativism, abulia, poverty of speech, emotional inadequacy, apathy, coldness, loss of interest, lack of focus and autism.Attacks include the affect of anxiety and fear.

How to schizophrenia?This disease affects the brain systems that are responsible for cognitive (cognition) and emotional sphere.If there is a sick hallucinations, delusions, loss of will, emotional numbness, disturbed voices and visions, we can safely say that these are signs of schizophrenia.

fell ill with schizophrenia, a person can suffer from this disease for life, so the possibility of recurrence is maintained constantly at the most inopportune moment.

Symptoms and signs of schizophrenia are very diverse: from soft, flowing favorably to severe clinical.Conventionally distinguish positive and negative symptoms or signs of schizophrenia.The positive carry bright, noticeable, reversible manifestations.They rank symptoms of hallucinations and to the negative attitude of the transformation of man into a cheerful and sociable sluggish, withdrawn, unsociable, lost their volitional and emotional quality.

Positive signs and symptoms of schizophrenia attracted the attention of people who are beginning to notice that a person is something going wrong.This is nonsense, pseudohallucinations, catatonia, psychic automatism, silliness, mood swings, depersonalisation, obsessive-compulsive disorder.

negative symptoms and disorders are reversible little, being a great diagnostic value as act as specific to schizophrenia and other diseases do not occur.Under these symptoms get emotional, volitional decline (abulia), autism, spina mental activity (skhizis).Negative symptoms collectively were called schizophrenic defect.

Schizophrenia characterized by epileptic seizures and syndromes aberration in the minds


Schizophrenia has a variety of forms with different current.There are forms of schizophrenia is ongoing throughout, with signs of flickering nature, with a circular frequency and a progressive-paroxysmal.

Continuous schizophrenia, incessant during subdivided into malignant-like progressive (Youth schizophrenia), a progressive (paranoid schizophrenia) and maloprogredientnuyu (sluggish schizophrenia)

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World mentally ill man so rich thatfeels that he is experiencing, many times superior to ordinary people.It is a mistake to divide people on the sick and mentally healthy.Who is the judge, who is allowed to establish a framework of normality?Often, intellectual ability and creativity, suffering from schizophrenia, many times superior to ordinary people.

diagnosis of schizophrenia is often made to people with an extraordinary mind, a sensitive world and having a sensitive soul.

What sees and feels schizophrenic?For patients with schizophrenia there is a reality, but different, manifested in orders, letters, requests that they hear, and it's just their imagination.The following features of the disease of schizophrenia appears the ability to build complex logic for its impeccable design.

Schizophrenia occurs in women more gently than schizophrenia in men and in the early stages it is very difficult to diagnose.

diagnosis of schizophrenia from the resulting set of analyzes and monitoring of patients

treatment of schizophrenia

The human body is a complex organism in their design, where everything is interconnected: the soul-mind-body.And as if people did not believe that the head of the subject is dark, everything is subject to study and provide real medical and psychiatric care.Do not be afraid of the treatment.Often very scary diagnosis and relatives of the sick.If there is an infringement on one level: the soul-mind-body, it begins disorder in the system of the body and life begins to control intelligent design.

treatment of schizophrenia very complex process and it must be approached with caution, fulfilling all the requirements of a doctor.The human brain is the most sensitive part, which is sensitive to changes within the body.Particularly acute reaction to the level of toxic metabolites.And the first thing that will appoint treatment - removal of harmful substances from the body (detoxification).Further treatment of schizophrenia carried neuroleptics, but if the patient takes them a long time, it slowly turns it into a plant.Therefore, you should not get carried away by them, and you need to stay only two courses of treatment.The need arises to antipsychotics during the acute state, and further sufficiently supportive treatment.

schizophrenia treatment is symptomatic and social.Symptoms treated with tranquilizers and other drugs.Schizophrenic patients recommend the hospital to be treated, especially the acute phase of the disease.During this period of social schizophrenia is helpless, which results in the inability to care for themselves, as well as overly aggressive.If there is social support, the patients safely live independently and continue to work.It is important during treatment with timely medication.If there is a stop in the treatment, it will resume its symptoms.The final decision, where to be treated on an outpatient or inpatient, takes the doctor.Patients do not always agree voluntarily to be treated, and then the nature of the treatment turns into a forced, bypassing the will suffer from the disease.

treatment of schizophrenia made the following medications: nootropami, psychotropic drugs, vitamin C, vitamin B5, coenzyme q-10.Effective treatment and physiotherapy.

By nootropics include Ratsetam, Nootropil (Piracetam) Antiretsatam, oxiracetam.Nootropics can improve mental performance, clarity of mind back, remove depression, increase the amount of serotonin, while not having such side effects, such as stimulants.

Influence of psychotropic drugs on the body is manifested in the change of mood.Taking these drugs, there is a risk depending on physiological and psychological, and they overdose is extremely dangerous, so you should start treatment under supervision.By psychotropics include sleeping pills, tranquilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics.

Modern medicine offers a variety of effective treatments for schizophrenia.Up to 40% of schizophrenic patients are successfully treated and return to the normal rhythm of life.Outpatient care is provided at little aggravations as well as during remission.The dispensaries of existing health and employment workshops, where patients can work with the II-nd and III-rd group of disability.Through workshops created patients better adapted to life and continue to benefit society.The hospital will provide good patient care, and the treatment will be used by different (depending on the symptoms).Often, patients are assigned different antipsychotics (Stelazin, Triftazin, chlorpromazine, Tisercinum, Etaperazin, haloperidol, frenolona, ​​Sonapaks etc.).In case of refusal of the patient in the acute condition of the tablets are used by intravenous or intramuscular injection drugs.If disturbed depression (depression), it is prescribed antidepressants (Melipraminum, amitriptyline, teralen, Eglonil).

sluggish schizophrenia treated with tranquilizers (Phenazepam, Seduxen).Supportive therapy includes sustained release formulations (DITT-depot haloperidol decanoate), which introduces a one-time intramuscular injection for up to 4 weeks.In parallel with the antipsychotics prescribed correctors (Parkopan, Cyclodol, Akineton), to eliminate the side effects: restlessness, tremors, stiffness, jerking of muscles.If the doctor has appointed Azaleptin (leponeks), then in this case it does not require the use of offsets.

In case of failure of psychotropic therapy used insulinokomatoznuyu and electroconvulsive therapy.Insulin shock therapy is used with the first attack of the disease, provided that the patient has not been treated.In such cases, good results are obtained with long-term remission.ECT is sick, suffering from depression and obsessive states and hypochondriacal ideas when ineffective treatment with antidepressants and antipsychotics.

great importance given to the organization of free time of patients.This refers to occupational therapy, walking, meeting cultural needs.Recommended psychotherapeutic sessions expository character in the recovery period and during ambulatory monitoring.

is preferably carried out with family members sick with schizophrenia talks on the creation of a favorable climate at home.Relatives of the sick and not be afraid of the assigned maintenance therapy.When changes in the body of unknown origin should be promptly reported to your doctor.The warning signs are: sleep disorders, anxiety and fear, refusal to eat, suspicion, jumps in the mood.Women are subject to such phenomena before menstruation.Successful prognosis depends on the course of schizophrenia, as well as the timely respond adequately to treatment.Only if rehabilitation measures possible to improve the condition of the patient, while not subject to a risk of transfer of schizophrenia in chronic

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