Schizophrenia in children

Schizophrenia in children

Schizophrenia in children photo Schizophrenia in children and adolescents is a mental illness that affects the brain of the system, affecting cognitive (cognition) and emotional sphere.As one of the most common mental illness, schizophrenia affects up to 1% of all people.

symptoms of schizophrenia in children and adolescents are numerous.These include hallucinations, delusions in thinking, loss of will, emotional numbness to the proper functioning of a variety of disorders of the brain.Children and adolescents are concerned voices, visions, do not take loved ones, as well as others.Earlier childhood schizophrenia fall under a variety of psychotic disorders, and children diagnosed with autism

signs of schizophrenia in children

How schizophrenia manifests itself in children?In the event of illness the children off from normal and collective life.Schizophrenia affects primarily the very personality, attitude to people, to all life around.At the forefront personality disorders.The children I'm i

nterested in the behavior and ideals.At the moment of attack the sick person loses unity and losing touch with the world.The tragedy of the majority of pupils suffering from schizophrenia manifested much earlier to manifest symptoms of the disease.

The first signs of schizophrenia expressed difficulties in teaching.If a child with schizophrenia begins to do poorly in school, and he having disturbing thoughts about the future, it is likely the first signs of the disease.The child becomes uncooperative, grim, it seems that it is worse than others, and therefore to his bad attitude.

A sick moves away from the team, confined to solitude, it seems nothing do not care and everything around unpleasant.Showing interest to what caused the pleasure earlier.

Children with schizophrenia seem no inner life, without a center, without aspirations.The loss of vital energy, the growing autism, detachment from the world, all the coldness - it leads to the gradual disintegration of the child's personality.

symptoms of schizophrenia in children is considered a violation of perception, is the inability to combine the sensitive elements into a single image.As one of the hallmarks of schizophrenia, there are difficulties in the allocation of the essential elements of objects.This is manifested in a jam on the details, it is impossible to cover the whole, not the ability to separate the essential from the nonessential.About their experiences, they say, life is like in a dream.Babies difficult to distinguish dreams from reality, they are visited by a very bright and bizarre thoughts and ideas.Children's behavior is peculiar and extreme sophistication, there are problems in creating a circle of friends.

Children's behavior changes over time, and schizophrenic psychosis increases gradually.Children begin to talk about bizarre ideas or fears cling to parents or say things that do not make sense.Accustomed to enjoy a relationship with a certain range, are shy with other, while living in his own world.

Children with schizophrenia in the acute phase have difficulties in understanding the meaning before the colorful paintings.They are unable to comprehend the emotional experiences of actors depicted in the painting.Hence, the perception of children of schizophrenic patients noted fragmented picture vosprinimaetsya one-sided subjectivity, often accidental.

When creeping schizophrenia marked understanding of what is happening in the pictures and in life.Children are able to give an adequate description of the pictures.

next sign of schizophrenia in children acts quickly replaced the activity of attention because of the rapid loss of interest in any activity.In the experiments, it was confirmed that the acute phase of schizophrenia attention operates briefly.As only enhanced the stimulation stops, so just going to stop performing the task, and gets the attention of the wandering character.

When immersed in painful experiences seriously ill children to focus on memorization of training material, as suffering from emotional, verbal logic, motion, shape memory.

Children with schizophrenia suffer from what is held in the memory of unpleasant facts.Obsessions often deliver a lot of trouble for children.They worry that they repeat all the time the same actions (rituals)

Schizophrenia in children - symptoms

How to recognize schizophrenia in the child?And what are the characteristics of schizophrenia in children?

Symptoms varied and diverse:

- the emergence of neologisms, word formation (eg cellar - burial kladovaya- cemetery);

- delayed speech, stuttering, hollow voice, sometimes it fast or jerky, laconic;

- thought disorder;

- the simultaneous occurrence of thoughts, with each series of thoughts can exist separately;

- the extinction of thought in conversation;

- inability to ward off thoughts, because of their abundance;

- ambivalent (contradictory) opinions;

- the absence of a single line of understanding approach to the problem from different perspectives;

- uncertainty as to what they say and do;

- difficulty in having to answer questions;

- difficulties in generalization;

- fragmentation and incoherence of thought;

- without the introduction of the meaning of words;

- learning difficulties, distractibility, feelings about failures at school;

- distraction when reading;

- irresolution, uncertainty;

- wordiness, striving for elegance formulations;

- temporary loss of understanding the words;

- incomplete thoughts;

- focus defect, gap associations;

- reduction of intellectual activity;

- emotional emptiness, lack of interest and inactivity;

- violation of the higher intellectual processes, impoverishment of the mind, weakening its flexibility;

- a repetition of ideas, automatism of thought;

- lack of emotional contact and loss of sympathy, indifference, lack of joy;

- mixing feelings of joy and sadness, feelings about failures at school;

- lack of emotional contact and loss of sympathy, indifference, lack of joy;

- the appearance of rudeness, tactless behavior;

- large self-centeredness, self-love, lack of attachment to the mother;

- mixing feelings of joy and sorrow,

- love for a distant and at the same time an aversion to a close;

- interest in general issues, but not to the present moment;

- a vision in your life just wrong, and only good in Western Europe;

- negativism, countering that require adults;

- the weakening of faith and unwillingness to live, to do anything;

- distrust of himself, sluggishness, lack of purpose;

- focus only on the short time interval.

if the patient appears eidetic ability to fix the location of the visual material.For example, seeing the deceased in memory for a long time will pop up the image of this man.Obsessive-compulsive disorder are so unpleasant to the child that his condition worsens.

big role notions at the time experiences the reality of the world.Children with schizophrenia appear to surround, as in a dream, and the surrounding life is a fairy tale.For children in the study of complex geometry, it is difficult to provide projections, but given the algebra easier.

creative imagination, the imagination takes the main place in the activities of preschool children.He is subject legkost transformation, creating illusory game participants.

School-age children are losing the tendency to fantasize, and the presence of this feature in older preschoolers says the delay at an early stage of development.Excessive pathological fantasy is peculiar to children with unstable mentality when animate inanimate objects.Children preschool pathologically fantasize and thus coexist with the characters of his dreams.They live a stereotyped life of the game, and she, in turn, is diametrically opposed to reality.Patients with schizophrenia children try to realize aspirations unrealizable in reality, dreams of power and the opening of new countries, very creative, interested in questions of a philosophical nature

form of schizophrenia in children

are the following forms: catatonic, disorganized or Youth, a simple form of grafted form.

Catatonic form is characterized by insularity, catatonic excitement passing into a stupor, hardening in attitudes, negativism, refusal of food, as well as verbal contact.Depression and detachment from the surrounding reality observed in sick children catatonic form.This form of schizophrenia characterized as long-term remission and full recovery.

disorganized (youth) form differs slow flow, characteristic of high school age.The disease begins abruptly: acute headache, confusion, and insomnia.The main feature of the disease appears unmotivated silliness, delusions, hallucinations.The outcome of the disease appears dementia

simple form of schizophrenia

Typical for all age groups, the distinguishing feature acts loss of interest, emotional indifference, increasing lethargy, isolation and reduced intelligence.

Occasional concerned hallucinations and paranoid state with a vicious aggression.Patients wander the streets.The disease progresses, leads to apathetic dementia, as well as the impoverishment of mentality

grafted form of schizophrenia

common in children who have had organic brain damage and as a result of the delay in mental development, mainly mental retardation.

capricious child, closed, irritable.The course and outcome of the disease may end in recovery, and long-term remission.

By clinic release forms such as a continuously flowing, attack-like progression of, the recurrent periodic.

But researchers adhere to the classification of VMBashina, which includes continuous, malignant, maloprogredientnaya, paroxysmal, maloprogredientnaya paroxysmal, recurrent paroxysmal and sluggish schizophrenia

diagnosis of schizophrenia in children

Today there is an open question at issue regarding the diagnosis of childhood schizophrenia.Schizophrenia in adolescents manifests five times more likely than children of preschool age.Interestingly, the number of children ill from childhood, but was not diagnosed in time.

diagnosis of schizophrenia in children coming into contact with a sick doctor.As a result of the conversation builds a picture of a doctor clinic disease, which is further confirmed by the analysis and tests.In the presence of a child's personality disorders, apathy and emotional impoverishment, plus scattered attention, poor memory and concentration - the doctor immediately diagnosed the disease.Then, studying to be a function of the brain and nervous system and recommend the little patient tested for the presence of other diseases.

tests, research, brain imaging, electroencephalography show a clear picture of the disease and the doctor prescribe treatment

Schizophrenia in Children - Treatment

Early diagnosis for the treatment of schizophrenia is very important.Psychiatric treatment is recommended in many symptoms and problems of schizophrenia and parents should insist that after visiting a therapist, not to miss the beginning of the disease.

Schizophrenia in children and adolescents treated successfully tailored to the individual and the involvement of other specialists.Important drug combination, as well as individual, family therapy and the introduction of specialized programs.

treatment of schizophrenia in children and adolescents include atypical antipsychotics.They are good because they have fewer side effects, unlike conventional drugs.

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