Zolotukha quite insidious disease

Zolotukha disease rather tricky

Zolotukha - a disease that belongs to a group of skin diseases and is caused by the presence in the body sticks bugorchatki, which is why it is related to tuberculosis, but it is much better to treat.
scrofula most frequently affects children between the ages of two to ten years (although sometimes the disease occurs in adults)


- Hereditary factors.These are the children of people ill with cancer, syphilis and tuberculosis, as well as children of older parents.
- do not comply with their living conditions.The apartment without the sun, constant malnutrition and so forth.
- Various metabolic disorders.
- Children are not fed breast milk.
- At the moment of conception of the child's parents were in a state of alcoholic intoxication


symptoms of scrofula in children are as severe itching and peeling of the skin.Initially, there are small pockets of this disease, but there fast enough so-called scrofulous crust that covers most of the

head.Simultaneously with head scrofula it may appear on the face and other parts of the body of the child.Distinguish scrofulous peeling from so like her for symptoms of head scab can be whitish - gray shade pockets of irregular shape and severe itching, as well as healthy hair.
also may occur, and other symptoms of the disease: abdominal swelling, inflammation of the eye, discharge from the nose and ears, tumor joints and convulsions


The first step is to create a child is optimally good living conditions, and only then proceed directly to the treatment itself:
- You must often bathe the baby in salt water (two hundred and ten grams of salt per liter of water).If the baby's body is covered with a rash - salt should be replaced by nettle leaves, blackcurrant leaves or pine needles (two hundred and fifty kilograms per liter).
- It is necessary to drink every day, baby cod liver oil (one of Art. Spoon).
- should be every day twice a day before meals to give your child iron iodide (20-30 drops in a spoonful of water).Roth then be sure to rinse well.
also to deal with scrofula apply folk remedies, it is necessary :
- Drinking coffee from acorns.
- drink a decoction of the buds and leaves of currant.
- Drink infusion of plantain leaves.
- Whenever possible, it is desirable to use a lot of wild strawberries.
- Twice a day to drink infusion of herbs Field everlasting.
- Eat as much as possible in all kinds of nettle.
- Drinking on an empty stomach with 200 ml of carrot juice.

In conclusion, I want to add that if time does not begin treatment of scrofula, then at a later stage it is much harder to fight and with a high probability it can be argued that it will grow into tuberculosis

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