Cleft lip treatment

Cleft lip treatment

Which only "surprises" does not present a hereditary factor.And confirmation of the disease cleft lip.The emergence of such a kid my parents a shock."For us that such an attack?" - Just ask themselves stunned parents.It must be remembered that this disease is congenital, but can be cured by plastic surgeons.
Cleft lip - the gap or cleft upper lip, as well as in the middle of the palate.There are both unilateral and bilateral fractures


- infectious disease suffered by the mother during the first trimester of pregnancy
- alcohol future mother
- abuse of pregnant smoking
- if the age of the mothers crossed the 35 - year mark
- hereditary factorwhich is estimated at 7% probability transmit the disease to the fetus from the mother
- excessive use of drugs at an elevated pressure
- if the body pregnant woman was exposed to agricultural pesticides
- effects on the body of a pregnant lead and sodium
- poor diet


- external ugliness
- the child is not capable of smile
- the baby has difficulty pronouncing words
- a child having difficulty during meals


At present, modern plastic surgery techniques allow immediately after the baby onLight to correct the defect of nature.The most effective treatment is chiloplasty, including the correction of the upper lip and uraniscoplasty, is to correct the palate.In what experts advise method to stop.Such operations are carried out in several stages (all depends on the complexity of the disease).After surgery remains a small scar, which over the years in a child decreases.

Do not forget about the parents and the postoperative period, when the baby needs special care.This process and the adoption of antiseptics seams gentle liquid food.Children with such disorders receive temporary disability until full recovery.And for six years the child completes the rehabilitation of the disease.This disease is found in 17 cases, thousands of healthy babies.

And do not despair of parents in such a situation and give up such a child.All curable!Consult an experienced surgeon and soon you will forget about your baby's illness.After the results of plastic surgeons are staggering.The sooner you prooperiruete child, the faster he will speak, learn to eat on their own and will delight you with their success.

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