Acrodermatitis enteropathic

Acrodermatitis enteropathic

acrodermatitis enteropathic Acrodermatitis enteropathic (Brandt syndrome) - a rare hereditary dermatosis, expressed malabsorption of zinc in the intestine.The disease manifests in early childhood, and coincides with the start feeding.

Since that zinc is a component of most types of enzymes that are present in all tissues the human body, its deficiency leads to the development of various disorders: acral dermatitis, diarrhea , alopecia and so forth. It is also noteda significant slowdown in growth, poor wound healing, anemia, and a variety of emotional and mental disorders.There are vesicles - bullous rash on the distal extremities and around the orifices.Diagnosis is confirmed

sufficiently low zinc content in serum or in plasma.It is also necessary to differentiate acrodermatitis enteropathic with candidiasis, psoriasis , pyoderma and epidermolysis bullosa.


- If possible mandatory transition to breastfeeding

- prescribers zinc inside (tsinkteral, zinc sulfate, zi

nc oxide)

- symptomatic therapy (receiving antifungal medications, vitamins A, B, C, albumingamma - globulin zubiotikov and enzymes)

- used for external use anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal creams and ointments, as well as aniline dyes


In the absence of adequate timely treatment, in children there is a lossthe ability to further normal development, the state begins to progressively worsen and eventually death occurs.With early detection and quality treatment - the forecast is quite favorable.

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