Respiratory allergies

allergies respiratory

Respiratory allergies allergies respiratory - a group of diseases of the upper respiratory tract allergic nature, which are based on the body's response to various stimuli (animal dander, house dust, pollen, etc.)

Allergic laryngitis

Most often the disease occurs in young children.Allergic laryngitis may become recurrent in nature: there is hoarseness, a period of a so-called "barking cough";due to the rapid swelling of the larynx podskladochnogo space - quite rapidly developing stenosis of the larynx.Asthma attack lasts several hours, and then usually in the morning, gradually weakened;"Barking cough" disappears, there is only enough minor hoarseness

allergic tracheitis

appears quite stubborn repeated coughing fits (usually at night) that cause enough pain, thereby disrupting normal sleep baby.During bouts of cough child's face is red, there may be vomiting - symptoms that are very reminiscent of the height of pertussis .Quite often allergic tracheitis combined with bronchitis , laryngitis and other forms of respiratory allergies

allergic bronchitis

Characteristic quite frequent relapses, persistent paroxysmal cough (usually at night), in the light clearly tapped variegated wheezing (both wetand dry)

hypersensitivity pneumonitis

most rare form of allergic lesions of the respiratory system that occurs either alone or in combination with other forms of respiratory allergies.For this form is characterized by a very fast rise and equally rapid regression of pathological processes in the lungs (under the influence of desensitizing agents in particular)

Allergic rhinitis

most common form of allergies, which includes seasonal (hay fever)and perennial rhinitis.Seasonal allergic rhinitis is caused by allergic reactions to molds, and pollen of grasses, trees and Asteraceae.The disease takes its name as hay fever.Main symptoms: shortness of breath, nasal congestion, sneezing (sometimes paroxysmal), itchy nose, headache, drowsiness, irritability and general malaise.Often, allergic rhinitis is a precursor of asthma.

addition rhinitis may be accompanied by conjunctivitis of the same nature.Subject to this disease mostly people aged 15 - 25 years.Quite often, allergic conjunctivitis takes chronic and occurs over many years

treatment of respiratory allergies

initially necessary to identify the exact reasons that led to the development of a particular form allergosis and completely as possible to avoid contact with the allergen identified.If it is impossible for some - any reason to eliminate contact with the causal antigen (house dust, etc.) Is assigned specific desensitization (subcutaneous injection each time larger doses of the allergen, from 1: 10,000,000).

also need to know that almost all allergic diseases appear due to hyperreactivity reaction of the immune system, so it is imperative consulting allergist - immunologist.

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