Hydrocephalus Treatment

Hydrocephalus Treatment

One of the most common diagnosis, which put children's neurologists is hydrocephalus (hypertension - hydrocephalic syndrome).What is it?And what new parents to be prepared.
Hydrocephalus or national hydrocephalus is characterized by an increased accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. Skopje, the liquid has difficulty in moving from the place of secretion to the site of absorption into the bloodstream

Hydrocephalus causes

Below we look at the main causes of hydrocephalus:

- Moved the future mother of cytomegalovirus infection, which leads to disruption of the ventricular systemfetal brain.
- may develop hydrocephalus in the first months of life after an illness such as a head injury, multiple intoxication, meningoencephalitis, meningitis .

a result of violation of the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid is increased intracranial pressure, deteriorating eyesight, there are cramps, weakness in the limbs.And this in turn leads to a decrease in the chil

d's intelligence and neurological disorders

Hydrocephalus symptoms

- Rapid growth of head circumference (birth rate is considered 33,0-37,5 cm)
- Speaker fontanelle
- tilting the head baby
- Offset eyeballs
- Strabismus
- Frequent involuntary eye movement
- Reduction of hearing and vision
- Headache
- Nausea
- delay physical and mental development

Hydrocephalus Treatment

If your child is placedsuch a diagnosis, but now requires constant monitoring by doctors for the development of the baby:
- Regularly measure the growth of head circumference
- an ultrasound study of the brain
- is deteriorating, doctors prescribe examination by MRI, medical and surgical treatment

Drugtreatment of hydrocephalus include :
- Diuretics (diuretics, excretes salt and water), for example, chlorothiazide
- carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (to reduce intraocular pressure), for example, atsetozolamid
- saluretikami (diuretics, deducing from the body sodium ionsand chlorine), such as furosemide
- To prevent acidosis (offset acid - base balance) and recovery of potassium prescribed drugs containing sodium, such as sodium bicarbonate and potassium, such as potassium orotate
if within three months hydrocephalus increases then carriedsurgical intervention.

Surgical treatment of hydrocephalus include :
- Resection of the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle
- Eliminating barriers outflow of cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid circulating in the brain ventricles)
- Triventrikulostomiyu (endoscopic method for the removal of tumors)
- bypass surgery with implantationdrainage pipes and valves control systems

Complications shunted patients :
- intracranial hypotension (in children observed ceasing fontanel, vomiting, and the older kids headache, vomiting, drowsiness)
- Acute development unconsciousness
- hematoma, notrequiring treatment
- Changing the shape of the skull
- Violation of the drainage system leads to a deterioration of health (until Tuesday)

forecast hydrocephalus

It all depends on the cause and the time when a diagnosis and how timely treatment.Children who receive timely treatment, can live a normal life, with only a few restrictions

Prevention hydrocephalus

- Exclude the medication during pregnancy
- During pregnancy, eliminate the risk of contracting infectious diseases
- holding ultrasound of pregnant women and newborn children

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