Craniostenosis: causes, symptoms, treatment

craniostenosis: causes, symptoms, treatment

craniostenosis craniostenosis - is a rare pathology that is characterized by premature imperforate sutures of the skull bones, which leads to stunted growth and change its configuration (a narrow forehead, narrow skull)though himself a child's brain develops normally.Besides this, child can be observed pathology of skeletal structure (long thin fingers and toenails, fusion of several vertebrae)


Today confidently doctors can not say for what reason there is this anomalybut there is reason to believe that the premature fusion of the skull bones is caused by mutations in specific genes and transferred to the child from the mother or father in an autosomal - dominant type.There is also the possible causes of this disease include abnormal position of the baby in the womb, or abuse during pregnancy, alcohol and smoking


main manifestation craniostenosis is the unusual shape of the head, which can be so from birth, or it may startchange i

n the first months of life.In addition, this disease characterized by the following symptoms: The child stops playing and becomes irritable, disturbed hearing, inflamed eyes, having frequent headaches, possible nausea and vomiting.In severe cases different developmental delay and blindness.

necessary to carry out differential diagnosis of microcephaly


only surgical treatment (craniotomy), which is aimed at increasing the volume of the cranial cavity.The operation is performed in two stages with a break in one - two months.Surgical intervention can prevent the development of complications of intracranial hypertension and eliminate the increased intracranial pressure.

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