Microcephaly symptoms and treatment

microcephaly manifestations and treatment

microcephaly microcephaly - severe malformation of the brain.This disease is characterized by a reduction in the circumference of the skull (and brain, respectively) on two or more segmental abnormalities, severe mental retardation, convulsive disorders and impaired motor functions.This pathology among mentally retarded children takes about 20%

causes of microcephaly

Distinguish microcephaly two types:

- Primary (genetic, simple), appears in the early stages of fetal development due to the impact of various adverse factors and infections(toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus)

- Secondary (complications combined) develops as a result of brain damage in the last months of fetal development, at birth and during the first months of life

microcephaly characteristic of these syndromes:

- Syndromecat cry

- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

- Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13 chromosome)

- Prader - Willi

- Syndrome Edwards (Trisomy 18 chromosome)

- Miller syndrome

Manifestations microcephaly

skull circumference significantly reduced, and the weight of the brain itself may be just 500 - 600 grams;sutures and fontanelles are closed during the first months after birth.Most of the patients have varying degrees of intellectual disability.Motor areas in primary microcephaly relatively preserved, and neurological symptoms expressed rather weakly.In secondary microcephaly seizures occur significantly affected motor skills, intellectual shifts are very pronounced.

Diagnosis of the disease quite simple and is based on the presence of the patient's reduced head size and intelligence detected underdeveloped.Microcephaly must be differentiated from craniostenosis

Treatment microcephaly

To date, specific treatment of the disease does not exist, therefore applies only symptomatic therapy, which consists in taking anticonvulsants, absorbable and sedatives, biogenic stimulators, vitaminsB. seizures appointed receiving antiepileptic drugs.

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