myelopathy myelopathy - noninflammatory degenerative spinal cord lesions arising from pathological processes that occur mostly outside.In most reported cases affected the cervical spinal cord, aided spondylosis (Vertebrogenic cervical myelopathy), or low back pain


Reasons myelopathy include: congenital spinal stenosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis , cirrhosisliver craniovertebral anomaly, lack of vitamins E and C, rheumatoid arthritis.Also, the disease can develop as a result of undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, while squeezing the spinal cord tumor, spinal cord injury and epidural


In most cases, the disease develops gradually.In patients with marked limitation of movement and pain in the cervical spine;violation of a deep sensitivity and spastic paresis in the legs, which is combined with peripheral paresis of the hands.There may be a symptom Lhermitte (spine feels the passage of electrical current radiating to the arms / legs in extension or flexion of the

neck).Often there is a combination of cervical radiculopathy with mietopatii.Infrequently observed impaired functioning of the pelvic organs.

the diagnosis of this disease is the most informative myelography and MRI.It is necessary to conduct a differential diagnosis of sarcoidosis , arteriovenous malformations of the spinal cord, spinal form of multiple sclerosis, spastic paraplegia Shtryumpelya, funicular myelosis


only symptomatic treatment, depending on the etiology of myelopathy.If found in the discogenic myelopathy demonstrative signs of compression of the spinal cord - decompressive laminectomy performed.

forecast full recovery is usually poor, but possibly offensive significant improvements and stabilization process after surgery (for cervical discogenic myelopathy).

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