Neuralgia, migraine - symptoms, treatment

migraine neuralgia - symptoms, treatment

migraine neuralgia migraine neuralgia (histamine tsefalgiya, cluster beam headache, ciliary neuralgia) - boring character-sided headache that is localized in the orbital - frontal region and is accompanied by rhinorrhea,ptosis, miosis and lacrimation.According to statistics, about 80% sick headaches occur over one to two months, followed by a period of remission lasting from five to ten months.Men get sick more often than women.

causes of the diseases modern medicine is still unknown


Complete absence of prodromal symptoms.Unilateral pain with possible irradiation in the neck, ear and jaw appear and disappear all of a sudden.Painful sensations accompany conjunctivitis , hypersalivation, rhinorrhea, injection vessels, intense lacrimation.Patients have a feeling rush of blood to the upper body;the face becomes pale or congested. Headaches almost always is extreme: the patients scream, rushing.Seizures occur several times a day and last from five minute

s to two hours.A series of "beam" pain lasts from several days to several months.Painful series interspersed with long intervals of complete well-being.Migrainous neuralgia unlike migraine repeated several times a day, but also occurs and ends suddenly.The duration of pain crisis with concomitant trigeminal neuralgia does not exceed two minutes, and the attack itself provokes cooling, talking or eating.

migraine neuralgia must be distinguished from temporal arteritis, trigeminal neuralgia, syndrome of Raeder and migraine


to struggle with bouts of severe migraine neuralgia used drugs glucocorticoids (Prednisolone 20 - 30 mg daily) and lithium carbonate(600 - 700 mg per day).The most effective-proven combination of antidepressants (amitriptyline koaksil) with a-blockers (propranolol).The greatest effect is achieved by the combined treatment: medication + hypnotherapy courses and anger management.

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