Guillain Barre syndrome


Guillain - Barre photos Guillain - Barre syndrome - acute inflammatory autoimmune reaction manifested autonomic disorders, sensitivity and flaccid paresis.This syndrome relate to very serious and severe diseases, as in every third case, the patient required mechanical ventilation, and a full range of intensive care.Usually the disease develops after suffering an intestinal infection or upper respiratory tract infection.Guillain - Barre distributed worldwide and occurs in all age groups, but according to the observations, the average age when the syndrome can occur - about forty years.According to statistics, the disease is more common in male.The incidence: 1-2 people per 100,000 population.As a rule, the disease occurs sporadically, but for the past seventy years, there were several outbreaks in which almost overnight Guillain - Barre syndrome occurs in hundreds of people in various parts of the globe.At the moment in Europe and the United States there is a trend increase in the number of patients wi

th this syndrome, which is likely due to the improvement of the diagnosis, which currently can detect the presence of this disease in its earliest stages

Symptoms and signs of Guillain-Barre syndrome

After a fairly shortthe period of sickness with symptoms of SARS, there is numbness in the hands and feet, there paresthesia (a feeling of pins and needles).Then, after one - two days joins muscle weakness in the legs and arms;a person loses the ability to self-service, and gradually becomes completely immobile.Quite often there is a violation of the eye movements, hoarseness, popёrhivanie.Thus patients can see and hear everything and are in full consciousness.Gradually begins to decrease the contractile ability of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, respiratory volume decreases and lung capacity is reduced.As a result, not enough blood is enriched with oxygen in the lungs, develops anoxia (from - respiratory failure may develop fatal outcome).Patients with this syndrome show providing treatment in the intensive care unit, asas a result of respiratory failure at any time may be required artificial ventilation

Treatment Guillain-Barre syndrome

start the treatment of Guillain - Barre preferably without delay, in the first hours after onset of the disease.If there is weakness, pain in the limbs and paralysis should immediately seek medical care.In the absence of timely appropriate treatment, paralysis may spread to the respiratory system, which could pose a real threat to life.The main method of treatment of this syndrome is a landmark plasmapheresis.Plasmapheresis - withdrawal of blood from the patient and subsequent separation from the plasma formed elements by centrifugation.Then, the plasma is removed and formed elements to be returned back into the bloodstream.Instead, the patient is transfused plasma electrolyte solution and a solution of albumin.From a patient with plasma removed various antibodies and other molecular factors affecting the myelin nerve sheath.Due to plasmapheresis, interrupted the development of autoimmune inflammation, so that the patient's condition is stabilized.Shortly after the stabilization of the general condition of the recovery period begins.

prospects for a full recovery, most patients have Guillain - Barre.During the recovery period, it is important to conduct studies physical therapy, electrostimulation of muscles of the pharynx (the presence of swallowing disorders), physical therapy (massage).

In conducting timely appropriate treatment, the prognosis is quite favorable later in life.After recovery, patients are beginning to re-live a full life, although there are cases where the rest of life can survive minor weakness in the legs and arms.

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