Bulimia and Obesity

Bulimia and Obesity

Obesity photos obesity and bulimia - the two interrelated diseases.Bulimia can cause a person to obesity, if time does not take care of herself and did not stop the mental or bulimia nervosa, which is manifested in the sudden attacks of the wild wolf of hunger.Obesity - excess deposition of adipose tissue in the human body due to continuous overeating.It is a chronic progressive disease that leads to various ailments and requires lifelong treatment.Nevertheless, ill and is now considered obese just a personal problem, while exercising self-medicate.It is dangerous to health!Performance and competent treatment of obesity and bulimia really possible only under medical supervision.Only experts will help achieve the desired weight and keep it constantly normal.With obesity adipose tissue is able to collect all the physiological field, as well as in the hips, breasts, abdomen.Currently, doctors are convinced that obesity is a chronic disease of the exchange that occurs at any age.The incidenc

e of obesity is increasing rapidly throughout the world, and women in Europe, Russia recognized the thickest.Note that each excess kilogram complicates the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, angina pectoris, coronary heart disease.Overeating - the cause of obesity.It leads to malfunctions of the brain responsible for appetite.This norm is not eaten food satisfies hunger

causes of obesity and bulimia

The reasons are the endogenous mental diseases, endocrine and central nervous system.Everything takes place on such a scheme: ill driven invented fears overweight to obesity, which pushed him to catharsis, and this provokes new gluttony.What to do ill obese and suffering from bulimia man?How to learn to control themselves at meal time, and say to yourself, "Stop."We found that the main cause of bulimia and obesity is overeating.Overeating or gluttony leads to disruption of the center in the brain responsible for appetite.If this fails, the center of the normal amount of food, adopted at a time, does not satisfy man.What happens next?The patient understands that ate a normal enough, but can not stop, because it feels hunger, so a decision has automatically takes on, and later empty stomach, resorting to artificial vomiting.At the time of vomiting stomach does not empty completely and exceed the standards of the amount of food fed to digestion in the intestine.The effects of bulimia on the face - this extra weight and suffering from bulimia are at a loss about weight gain

symptoms of obesity and bulimia

symptoms of obesity and bulimia are the permanent canine hunger, obesity, joint pain, fatigue and lethargy afternight's sleep, reduced libido, depression, sleep disorders, snoring, stop breathing

Signs of obesity and bulimia

main sign appears obsessive attraction to food and excess weight, excessive concern about the figures and daily episodes of binge eating, eating huge forthe amount of food in a short period of time until there is no one home, and gastric emptying;the use of laxatives and enemas;exercise and frequent limitations in food;depressed mood and emerged shame for being unable to stop binge eating and vomiting

obesity and bulimia treatment

with the reasons we understood, now undertake the treatment.If you continue to self-medicate, it is first necessary to get rid of bulimia.You must learn to eat well enough to not resort to vomiting.Suppose you type a few extra kilos after that, but it will be your personal little victory.Once you win a hated bulimia and vomiting, then immediately began to respect themselves, personal self-esteem rises and your life will change.Before the start of a meal to reduce the severity of hunger and appetite blunting take valerian tincture, motherwort.

of obesity is due to an imbalance between ingested food and energy expenditure in the body.So we develop a diet to lose weight without compromising health.Weight loss diet should include a 1700 kcal-free up to two liters of fluid and a good night's rest.Remember, whatever diet you for yourselves have not picked up - you always have to be fed, to starve strictly prohibited

prevention of obesity and bulimia

preventive measures for obesity and bulimia deliver balanced frequent meals, feasible exercise, proper rest, avoidance of stresssituations and fatigue, positive attitude to life, and timely treatment of endogenous mental disorders and diseases of the endocrine system.

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