Obesity photos Obesity - a disease associated with the deposition of fat, as well as a sharp increase in body weight.Adipose tissue from diseased deposited in all places, but mostly on the abdomen, thighs, chin.Doctors say the disease is a chronic metabolic diseases arising at any point in time a person's life.The effects of obesity is a progressive disease and a high mortality rate.In general, the growth of the disease in Russia is on the rise, and the Russians unanimously recognized in Europe, the thickest.What does the hereditary factor is not the dominant

Obesity causes

development of obesity in humans is due to an imbalance between the absorbed food and energy expenditure in the body.Positively contributes to the development of obesity physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle), and excess carbohydrates (triglycerides), which is stored in the human body.Receipt of triglycerides in the body is carried along with the food, and then they are synthesized in adipose tissue.Not the least role in

the occurrence of obesity acts hereditary factor, as well as diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems.It should be noted that overeating does not necessarily mean a huge amount of intake of nutrients.In people predisposed to be overweight, even the extra 100 calories a day can lead to weight gain in the year to 5 kg.It is proved that as you approach retirement age also increases the weight

symptoms of obesity

Clinical manifestations in different types of obesity are very similar.There are only differences in the distribution of excess body fat, as well as symptoms of ailments of the nervous and endocrine systems.And so basically, obese, there are jumps in blood pressure, worried about sweating, tachycardia, back pain, constipation, headaches, atherosclerosis and other


There are 4 degrees of obesity:

1-I degree is characterized by an excess of body weight of normal weight by 10% and to 29%

at the 2nd degree excess body weight above normal weight of 30% and 49%

3rd degree of obesity is characterized by an excess of body weight of normal weightbetween 50% and 99%

4th degree of obesity is characterized by an excess of body weight of 100% or more

There is a simple method of determining the rate of body weight.From its growth translated to centimeters, you must subtract 100. For example, your height is 155 cm, therefore weight should not exceed 55 kg.With the growth of 165-175 cm is necessary to subtract 105, and only if growth exceeds 175-185 cm subtract 110

types of obesity

There are hypothalamic, alimentary and constitutive obesity and endocrine.For hypothalamic obesity is characterized by the violation of hypothalamic function that occurs in patients with brain tumors and various infections after injuries.Fat deposition occurs rapidly in the stomach, thighs, buttocks.Characterized by the emergence of trophic skin changes (striae).Hypothalamic obesity Symptoms: headache, increased blood pressure, insomnia, increased sweating.For alimentary-constitutional obesity typical family character.Mostly developed with systematic overeating, and eating disorders, and in the absence of any physical activity.Endocrine obesity is a primary pathology of the endocrine glands.Developing obesity is hypothyroidism or pituitary - Cushing.In addition to the deposition of fat and other symptoms appear - gynecomastia, feminization, masculinization, hirsutism, striae on the skin.One type of obesity is lipomatosis (illness dercum).A distinctive feature is the availability of fat nodes, very painful on palpation.

Obese second, third and fourth degree allocate changes in the work of the heart and circulatory system, and failures occur in the digestive organs and lungs.Patients worried about constipation, tachycardia, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hypertension, back pain, arthritis of the knee and ankle joints, diabetes, amenorrhea occurs in women, infertility, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.

Children under 15 years old common cause of weight gain appears hypothalamic syndrome adolescence.It manifested externally in the form of stretch marks on the skin of the thighs, the buttocks, the inner surface of the shoulders, breasts.Characterized by increased blood pressure.The cause of hypothalamic obesity in children appears traumatic brain injury, as well as neuroinfection Photo obesity

Treatment of obesity

Sick with the 1st and from the 2nd degree of obesity is not always complain about health and trying to lead normal life, althoughtired quickly, and heart rhythm leads.But with the 3rd or 4th obese people very worried tachycardia, shortness of breath, chest pain, hypertension, headache, drowsiness, atherosclerosis, diabetes, diseases of the joints, as well as liver and biliary tract.

dieters should be systematically engaged in morning exercises, jogging, hiking.Contraindications to perform physical activities cancers, diseases of the joints, lungs, heart, blood vessels, heart attack, angina, heart aneurysms, and aortic blood pressure, heart rhythm abnormality, glaucoma, myopia.

at the recommendation of the doctor once a week to arrange a fasting day.Fasting allocate partial and complete.Partial fasting underlies the treatment of obesity.Stocks of fat deposited organism is spent in the first place and the coveted weight loss occurs.Complete fasting for overweight, risk of irreversible effects in the liver, acidosis.For successful treatment of obesity need to consume daily 50 grams of protein.Weight loss up to two kilograms per month is considered to be the best option.Obesity treatment takes a long time, and the main diet for obesity appears diet №8

Diet obesity

necessary to adjust the diet, which should be the most fortified, saline, balanced and limited on the use of animal fats and carbohydrates,koltchestvo and proteins need to improve or to adhere to the norm.Think of the calories in the preparation of the menu for weight loss.Energy intake should not exceed 1700 calories.Health food for obesity should be a fraction, but often up to 6 times a day, while drunk liquid should be in the diet up to 1.2 liters.The food is selected so that at a low calorie content it causes the feeling of satiety.The secret lies in the inclusion of foods with high volume, but low energy value.It is strictly forbidden to mix meals 1-2 times a day and overeating at night.By limiting ourselves to meals food center is excited and causes the human sensation of unbearable hunger, which leads to overeating and night disruptions.Overeating at night only worsens the health, both physical and mental.Weight catastrophically growing up and the patient begins to hate myself for weakness.

ready meals, stick to a couple of technology, baking, cooking, and enter into the diet of freshly prepared fruits and vegetables, do not get carried away with frying and stewing, discard the salt, but only a little salt to meals.Roasted, pureed and chopped dishes exclusive.Use instead of sugar substitutes (xylitol or sorbitol).The temperature when cooking meals should be regular.

Daily chemical composition of the product:

to 150 grams of carbohydrates

animal protein to 90-110 grams

vegetable fats up to 85 grams

salt (sodium chloride) to 6 grams

free liquid (water)1.2 l

obese at the 1st and 2nd degree, should limit consumption of products made from flour, potatoes, cereals, sugar, confectionery, as well as eliminate sodas.The amount of bread consumed in the diet should be reduced to 300 grams (black, gray or rye bran).

Power in the third and fourth-degree different from the first and second degree refusal of cereals and pasta, jams, chocolates, and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables (except potatoes).Served with vegetable oil.Get out of the diet of foods rich in cholesterol (egg yolk, liver, kidneys).Consumption of butter reduced to 10 grams, and fresh vegetable and unrefined to 30 ml

Surgical treatment of obesity

resorting to surgery, when the patient has reached the third or fourth degree obesity.Surgery has been noted that those who have undergone surgery in the digestive system, losing weight rapidly in the future.At present, medicine has a safe method of correction.These include bilio-pancreatic bypass surgery, vertical gastroplasty, implementation Razuvaev balloon into the stomach, gastric banding ring of silicone gastric bypass.The main objective of surgical acts reducing the size of the stomach, which slows the absorption of nutrients in the blood plasma, and further inhibits the growth of fat mass.It should be noted that all operations (except for the placement of the gastric balloon), dramatically changing the volume of the stomach, or the distance of movement bolus

Preventing obesity

Obesity and fattened in the long term leads to obesity.Prevent obesity, arisen from the completeness of a lot easier than cure.The effects of obesity can cause significant harm being and lead to death.First of all, it is a balanced diet, controlling food intake, the struggle with overeating, compulsory exercise, the rejection of the hungry days that lead to overeating later.Everyday menu human should be filled with fruits, vegetables, juices, that is the most fortified and contain enough fiber, and limited in population density carbohydrates (cakes, pastries, white bread) and animal fats

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