Attention deficit disorder

Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit photo Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD is a biological immaturity of the baby's brain at the time of enrollment in the first grade.This immaturity is characterized by increased distraction, lack of concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Therefore, speaking of attention deficit in children is added, and hyperactivity.Above this problem runs much of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, recognizing that these attributes and qualities are endowed with indigo children.It is believed that indigo children are unusually sensitive, high level of intelligence, telepathic abilities, and have a special aura of indigo.So attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with - a neurological and behavioral personality disorder that begins in infancy.Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is not attributed to mental disorders.Symptoms of ADD can continue throughout adolescence and in adults.

If you do not deal with a child, not to carry out a correction and not treated, attention deficit disor

der will lead to a sharp deterioration in performance on the school curriculum, disruption of social relationships with peers and adults, and also to a drop in personal self

Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms

behavioral disorder symptoms include increased distraction, inattention, hyperactivity (over-activity), impulsive behavior, difficulty in concentration and its short-term shutdown, difficulty reading text (dyslexia) and difficulty with reading comprehension (Alex).According to statistics, 17% of children up to the age of seven are endowed with the symptoms of this syndrome, and in each class there are a couple of children

Attention Deficit Disorder causes

causes of the neurological disorder is not fully installed.Scientists tend to think that this summary factors.First of all, it is the birth trauma of the cervical vertebrae and brain, neuroses, hatred of training due to congestion;psychosomatic diseases, biological and functional immaturity of the brain in the presence of a high level of intelligence.With regard to genetics and heredity, it is only the risk factors

diagnosis of attention deficit disorder

Abroad psychiatrists diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and referred to mental disorders.Russian, doctors tend to refer to the syndrome functional disorders due to immaturity of the individual parts of the brain.Thanks developed neuropsychological and psychological methods and techniques it was possible to conduct an effective correction of the child's behavior and attention disorders.

all children with attention deficit disorder diagnosed violation perception obёmnyh 3D spaces (as space near and far).Indigo Children noticed the effect of the perception of space as a "window."The child's brain perceives space, indigo, like a mirror (reverse perspective, where the right and left side are reversed).Therefore, the indigo child writes a letter, number or syllable mirror and reading interchanges syllables.Loss of lines when reading or slipping look forcing children to accompany the process of reading a finger.

the diagnosis of the syndrome draw attention to the auditory canal, which sometimes does not hear it reversed.Indigo Children may briefly turn off the attention.In this view the child rushes into space, as if stiffens.In more than half of children undercurrent of left-handedness or "two-handed" (ambidexterity)

Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment

medical professionals along with psychologists developed a set of psychotherapeutic techniques to mitigate some of the symptoms of hyperactivity.Until 2003, children indigo prescribed medication Ritalin (Ritalin), but because of the effect of drugs, he became disabled.The drug is remarkably modified the behavior of the indigo child, but did not eliminate the cause of hyperactivity.Thus parents solve their problems, not the child.And the baby's condition stabilized against drugs, and in case of cancellation, hyperactivity resumed.And one of the reasons for its ban served as a sudden "withdrawal" of forgetfulness adults, after which the child becomes unmanageable.

parent legally responsible for their child and make a decision in the choice of treatment, as well as the choice of methods of psychological correction.Effective correction of hyperactive children indigo neuropsychological and kineziologicheskimi methods, which includes body-oriented therapy.

since 2006 was registered in the Russian drug ginkgo biloba plant.The product has the following action: normalizes brain and coronary circulation, restores hearing, memory, vision, speech and motor function removes circulatory failure, has antioxidant properties, and so on.Doctors Israel by applying a combination of the drug with magnesium B6, received remarkable results in hyperactive children indigo.

If you refuse treatment, the brain activity of the child matures in 16 years, and the problem will drag the kid with him his entire adolescence.He will have difficulty in elementary school when the standard requirements, with adaptation to society.Where to start and how to treat attention deficit disorder?

Start initially with the restoration of blood circulation in the brain.Thus you will help him to mature quickly.Effective use of manual therapy, massage of the cervical vertebrae.According to statistics, 90% of newborns have minor injuries of the cervical, so you need to release the clamped blood vessels that feed the brain.Pelleted method is powerless here, and children manualshchiku running neck will solve your problem.Effective correction of hyperactive children indigo neuropsychological and kineziologicheskimi methods, which includes body-oriented therapy.

next step will limit sweets in the diet and the elimination of carbonated drinks such as Fanta, Coca-Cola.Scientists have proved that such drinks provoke hyperactivity kids.Soedinenie dyes with preservatives, which are based on benzoate and leads to increased activity of indigo children.But limited to one diet is not necessary.Listen to the advice of experts and follow all of their appointment

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