Bulimia and anorexia

Bulimia and anorexia

Bulimia and anorexia photo People are satisfied with the appearance of unity.Therefore, the problem of dissatisfaction with their bodies and looks developing serious diseases - anorexia, bulimia and neuroses ... Bulimia and anorexia are very contradictory at first glance of the disease, but which is still the same in its essence.We will understand what it is? nervous Bulimia is binge eating and anorexia is a voluntary refusal of food with one goal to lose weight.There are cases where there are mixed syndromes, and then evolves into bulimia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, in turn, is transformed into anorexia.The latter is very rare, so often colloquially use the term "anorexia and bulimia."One of the causes of these illnesses find numerous diet .

Bulimia Greek indicates bullish, sharp, ravenous hunger.It comes as a surprise attack, accompanied by hunger pangs with general weakness, severe pain in the epigastric region.Bulimia occurs in conjunction with diseases of the central nervous system and the

endocrine system and psychiatric disorders.Ill bulimia risks add to their disease and obesity.There are two types of bulimia: the classical and the second stage of anorexia.In the classical, bulimia, systematically provokes vomiting and abusing diuretics, enemas, laxatives.In the second type of bulimia ill uses compensating behavior.Hunger, and actively engaging in sports, it does not provoke vomiting in the system and not abuse of laxatives drugs, enemas, diuretics

Causes of bulimia

the whole cause of the excessive use of food triggered by the body's response to chronic stress.Vulnerable, insecure and lonely man, bound by different rules and conventions found in bulimia minute outlet.Food and moments of eating gives him joy, satisfaction, but only moments meal

Bulimia treatment

Treatment of bulimia are focused on addressing the real causes of the disease.Most of the women who are bulimic, hiding from all his passion for food, and to cope with the problem on their own can not.Therefore it is important not to delay the treatment of bulimia, and to resort to psychological and psychiatric care.Ill bulimia seems that the world has turned away from them forever, and they are not getting something in return from others, thus giving himself to all.This injustice seize food.Susceptible to this danger in the first place athletes aspiring to high results, people are busy modeling business and show business, ballet, dancing.

bouts of bulimia progresses after personality conflicts, quarrels, setbacks, controversy, frustration, depression Nakata.When primary forms of bulimia at the forefront psychological discomfort.Sick and severely criticized the negative attitude to yourself, feel guilty for consuming bouts of overeating.In this state there is a desire on the part of the approval of others to his good deeds, and when the situation arises impossibility to achieve chronic depression .

good results in the treatment gives a combination of psychotherapy (individual and family), medication and diet therapy.Full recovery must be let through the issue of bulimia and take it as a disease now.Ask for help.It does not matter to whom you open.The first step - it is a personal recognition according to the other, and then the one to whom you trust.Only the present day shape the future of life and destiny.It should like to say: STOP!Not then, and now!Change the standard schedule, make changes, but you will be able to qualitatively change their lives.Is it worth it to live like this now?You must live your own life and wonder as you like.Stop to please public opinion.All the good you will not.Do not try to buy the perfect figure, success, glamor.It is a utopia!Live for yourself!The strong man is working on is for himself, and not to please someone.Do not be afraid of yourself!Keep your opinion.Treatment for bulimia includes the formation of an image on the principles of power: a measure buzz personality.Yes, the food is fun and the energy needed for life.Former bulimik tells himself that he will not eat as much as before.About the food you need to think and plan, and to seek only their own individual diet

Bulimia - a disease that must unravel, understand their psychological problems to solve, and it will let you go to a happy life.Any problem can be solved.Tune properly to recover

Anorexia - it is a complete and partial rejection of the food under the influence of different psychopathological disorders.It is important to note that the appetite in patients with anorexia is present, and in order to prevent weight gain anoreksiki forbid myself to eat

Anorexia causes

causes of anorexia are divided into biological (genetic factor), psychological, social (impact diets and society).Anorexia refers to the female disease, which is fixed in adolescence, but also male anorexia is gaining momentum in the modeling industry, the actor's environment, ballet.Up to 90% of patients with anorexia are girls twenties.The remaining 10% are women and men of mature age

Anorexia symptoms

When symptoms of anorexia occurs wild desire weight loss due to intense fear of obesity.The patient is generated distorted perception of personal figures and restlessness about what the body need to do something, even if normal weight.Anorexia is the primary children, mental, nervous, dosage.

for anorexia nervosa is characterized by two behavioral options: restrictive and cleansing.When a restrictive type of patient monitors the consumption of food and eats up full.When cleansing type of sick eats, and then immediately induce vomiting and abusing laxatives, diuretics and enemas

Signs of anorexia

The signs of anorexia include denial as such problems, obsessive feeling of fullness, fear recover, distinct disordersin the methods of supply (split food into pieces, eating standing), social isolation, and sleep disorders.The physical characteristics include disruptions in the menstrual cycle, cardiac arrhythmia , constant fatigue, muscle spasms.Patients concerned about depression (depression) , irritability, resentment and unreasonable anger.Sick themselves biased estimates, and weight reduction is perceived as a personal achievement.Such views anorexic keeps even at the last stage.Lead to sad consequences of the sick self-appointment and administration of drugs containing the hormones

Anorexia Treatment

Anorexia Treatment includes individual and family therapy, in cases of emergency hospitalization, medication and force-feeding.Despite the explanatory work among the youth, bulimia and anorexia remain a serious problem, and those suffering from ailments for years to test their destructive influence

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