Bulimia in pregnancy

Bulimia in pregnancy

Bulimia in pregnancy photos Bulimia directly affects the pregnancy, because both process consumes a lot of energy.Expectant mothers often worry about the effects of food addiction bulimia pregnancy.They are interested in whether the two processes coexist?Yes, they can.But it all depends on the strength of women

Causes of bulimia during pregnancy

for expectant mothers suffering from bulimia nervosa, pregnancy is a special test.Studies suggest that women who are suffering from bulimia depression (depression) , have low self-esteem, are not satisfied with their relationship with the father of the unborn child.It was found that among women suffering most of those who in the past have experienced physical or sexual violence.Much of the suffering the disease in adolescence, and some have become ill during pregnancy

Signs of bulimia during pregnancy

will understand the problem.Some pregnant at the time of the meal to suffer bouts of overeating, uncontrollable.Then, realizing that much eaten

many women are trying to get rid of all sorts of ways from eating.This is hateful bulimia.Many wonder: "what to do".First of all, take the disease.Artificial induction of vomiting and freeing themselves from food is very dangerous during pregnancy.Maternal and child health becomes endangered.If you have all the signs of bulimia, speak to your doctor that you trust.Try to solve this problem before conception

consequences of bulimia during pregnancy

disease can significantly impair the health of women, which adversely affect the pregnancy.This is manifest in the birth of premature babies and children with a weight below normal.In addition, an increased risk of miscarriage in women suffering from bulimia.Available in remission during pregnancy because of the sense of responsibility.But really its return provided bulimia if not cured until the end.The disease is dangerous to water-electrolyte imbalance in the body, resulting in a lack of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.Not excluded hormonal disruptions in the body of the future mother.Pregnant great threat of premature birth , the birth of a small baby with abnormalities and immature tissue, there may be problems with lactation.Baby from birth can be excitable, nervous, develop a slow weight gain.Since this problem is strongly recommended to see a specialist.Of course, the birth of a healthy child can not be excluded, but postpartum period for you will not pass unnoticed.Here is a list of some problems: tooth decay, gum disease, diabetes , skin problems, malfunctions of the digestive system and the heart, myocardial , osteoporosis .In the presence of the disease to date, you risk to aggravate the situation psychopathic disorder.The load on the weakened body and mind after the birth increase and the baby need to grow up healthy with a strong nervous system and without problems as you.Pregnancy assumes that you will carefully monitor their health, weight and good mood.And as you know, for pregnant women mood swings and fluctuations in appetite is a usual thing.It happens that the mere mention of certain foods can cause nausea and also ban the doctor for a particular product is wild desire to eat

Treatment of bulimia during pregnancy

How to cure bulimia pregnant on their own?If the problem of bulimia touched during pregnancy, take the disease and do not deny its existence.Otherwise there is a risk of serious danger to your health and your baby.

period of pregnancy, as well as physiological processes for each individual woman.There is a category of pregnant women, which continues to sit on a diet habit and hides so interesting position.But it is a utopia.Losing weight, your stomach becomes even more visible and harm your baby, apply not reparable.

Psychologists say that bulimia is not so terrible.The danger is getting used to systematically rid the body of food, and transfer of this pathology on the level of reflexes.How to get rid of bulimia during pregnancy?It is difficult, but if your health is dear to you and cares about, say bulimia "NO!" Once and for all.And the extra weight gained during childbirth and lactation will remove through exercise.Do not try to lose weight during pregnancy, think about the baby

Bulimia - this is not the correct way to lose weight.It is a straight road to psychological problems and depression.

Think about yourself, about the future baby.Pregnancy - is not an easy time, but a very serious with huge loads on the female body.From how you spend it depends the future of your baby.Treatment of bulimia in greenhouses home will not bring results, if with the problem you are left alone

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