Bulimia photo Bulimia or bulimia nervosa involves the patient increased voracious appetite of attack with a strong sense of wild hunger, muscle weakness, severe pain in the epigastric region.Bulimia is almost always observed together with endocrine diseases, as well as the central nervous system and psychiatric disorders. consequence of bulimia is obesity.Famous people suffering from bulimia nervosa: Princess Diana, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway Margaux Louise, famous fashion model Twiggy, Elvis Presley, actress and presenter Jane Fonda aerobics, fashion model Kate Moss.

eating disorders occurs as follows:

1) sudden attacks of appetite, which entailed the absorption of large quantities of food

2) the constant presence of appetite and food intake

3) night attack of hunger

the disease susceptible to most women,than men.Age of onset varies from fifteen to twenty five years.This is the most sensitive age when most likely exposed to other people's psychic influence.In all cases, patients com

plain of bulimic appetite in the absence of will power and the inability to control the amount of food eaten.This disease is characterized by persistent long painful condition with the disappearance of satiety, and can not be stopped until not "destroy" a huge amount of food.Bulimic patient opts for a meal the largest, beautiful and big chunks of food, prefers sweets.The next step - getting rid of the food is artificially causing vomiting.Resorted suffering from bulimia, also to the help of diuretics, as well as enemas.The patient was plagued by doubts, remorse and loss of control over the situation.The behavior is similar for patients with bulimia nervosa patients behavior.What makes them different is that patients with bulimia may be a long time to hide their problem and keep the weight within the normal range, and anorexia cutting it loose

Bulimia causes

- heredity, lifestyle

- psychological disorders and low self-esteem, impulsivity, problemsin the relationship of a personal nature

- lack of serotonin, resulting in a bad mood, and as a consequence of "sticking" problems

- long-term diet, provoked breakdowns in food

- active physical exercise

- the pursuit of perfectionism (need to improve)

- the order of society into harmony as standard (model, actress, singer) and consequently an urgent need to keep yourself in shape

- the result of the weight loss is pushing for the continuation of a kind of diet to achieve even better results

- persistent depressive disorders, increased anxiety,intrusive thoughts and actions Bulimia photo

Bulimia symptoms

- a problem with the gums and damage tooth enamel

- dehydration

- slight damage on the fingers with which the patient is vomiting

- inflammation of the esophagus izthe constant vomiting action

- involuntary spasms and twitching of muscles

- bowel disorders (diarrhea, goiter) due to excess use of laxatives

- worsening by the liver and kidneys

- high probability of bleeding

- menstrualcycle

- heart disease

- diseases neurotic character

Bulimia consequences

consequences of bulimia are very grim for the body and if you do not start to heal the sick, it may be fatal.In the best case will develop congestive heart failure, neurasthenia in all its manifestations, drug and substance abuse, loss of interest in life and destruction with loved all relations

Bulimia treatment

How to get rid of bulimia, if you are already embroiled in a disease and can notstay?First of all, be honest with yourself and decide for yourself finally: do you really want?The second step - forget about all sorts of diets.A small increase in weight is worth it, once and for all forget about bulimia.From this day you will eat everything, but little by little and often.It is necessary to deceive the hunger and in any case not to wait for the urge to basic instinct - hunger.Meals should be frequent, but without overflows with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.Give until complete recovery from hiking on birthdays and other feasts.Do not tempt yourself, at least at first.

very well help to pull myself together psychotherapy, sedatives and antidepressants and patient relatives.

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