Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia treatment

Treatment of bulimia photo Treatment of bulimia is a complex set of actions aimed at restoring the upset supply caused by various factors.Along with common factors that cause bulimia or overeating recently joined burnout syndrome plus chronic fatigue syndrome.Using the diagnosis of Boyko "The level of burnout," it was revealed that the occurrence of bulimia nervosa and bulimia nervosa in particular affected a lasting impact of adverse factors.And they, in turn, provoked the emergence of such traits and characteristics such as emotional detachment, tension and anxiety, emotional and moral disorientation, experience traumatic circumstances, the feeling "driven into the cage," dissatisfaction with oneself, depressed, personal depersonalization, inappropriate emotional selective response, simplificationprofessional duties, emotional exhaustion and chronic fatigue, lack of emotions, psychosomatic and psycho-vegetative disorders, expanding the scope of economy emotion.The disease predominantly affects women

, but men also tightened them.Symptoms of bulimia nervosa caused by burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome are already listed.It becomes clear that the need to give the body a good rest, to abandon once and for all from any kind of everyday diets and overeating should retreat.But the mechanism has already started eating and trick the brain is not so simple.Not everything depends on the willingness bulimia and understanding of the problem with dire consequences

Psychological treatment of bulimia

How to get rid of bulimia?How to forget about it once and for all?This question bothers people suffering from overeating.First of all, it needs a push, emotional explosion, psychotherapy, which fundamentally change the understanding of the problems of the sick and the restructuring of the whole organism will produce the attitude to the use of food, and in particular to overeating.Without consulting a dietician not do here that will teach what and how to eat.After all, the body is necessary to teach that after the emergence of the first meal satiety to pause and switch to another activity.On repeated occurrence of urgency to continue the hunger meal sustained chewing, while feeling full meal immediately suspended.Establish a rule that get up from the table, always with a slight feeling of hunger and overeating, under any circumstances, be welcomed.He sits down at the table only after the removal of fatigue and stress, after a rest, get some sleep.If you can not deny myself to eat a nice piece of cake at a party and feel that is already full, frankly admits that want to enjoy it later when hungry, for example at home.This will be your first victory!You will avoid the need to free his stomach of excess food will be a pride and lightness throughout the body.So go ahead.Hungry House is sure to enjoy a piece of cake brought, but make this a ritual.Slowly, slowly, enjoying, if you're a foodie, and above all in a relaxed atmosphere.If the creation of a favorable background - this is a problem, and the trouble outside overcome and trip to the doctor to procrastinate - antidepressants will come to your aid

Medication bulimia

How to treat bulimia if the disease lasts for years, and the effects of nervous disease disturbed verystrongly.Use the antidepressant fluoxetine.The antidepressant effect of the drug is combined with a stimulating effect.Improve mood, relieve tension, anxiety gone, anxiety and dysphoria.Price fluoxetine is not large, ranging from $ 1.5 to $ 6 per 20 mg.this drug.All depends on the manufacturer.Fluoxetine long time occupies a leading position as an antidepressant.The therapeutic effect after the adoption of fluoxetine comes four weeks after initiation of treatment of this disease.The daily dose in the treatment of bulimia - 60 mg in three divided doses.Elderly patients with bulimia daily dose reduced to 20 mg.Ill with low birth weight, as well as renal and hepatic insufficiency the daily intake of fluoxetine reduced to 10 mg.If you have any difficulties, problems during treatment with fluoxetine, consult with your doctor and without his long-term assignments in time, do not use this drug.

How to treat bulimia in the most aggravating circumstances?It is necessary to seek help from a psychiatrist and by the need to hospitalize the patient.At the clinics, special programs for the rehabilitation of patients with bulimia.Recovery occurs over a long period of time and may relapse.

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