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Tropical sprue

tropical sprue

tropical sprue tropical sprue (malabsorption syndrome, tropical diarrhea) - severe inflammatory - atrophic disease of the mucous membranes of the gastro - intestinal tract, which is characterized by glossitis, diarrhea and continuing normochromic anemia.The disease is common in countries with subtropical and tropical climates found in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. most vulnerable to the sprue tropical elderly men and women (often pregnant)


Until recently it was believed that the predisposing factors to the development of this disease is: vitamin deficiency, insufficient quantity of a food protein malnutritionconsisting mainly of plant foods and the climatic conditions.

Recently, however, due to the increased diagnosis of tropical sprue among segments of the population are undernourished and living in temperate zones - had to revise this established view.A major role is currently assigned to the infectious agent (from - for the epidemic nature of the disease).It is believed th

at bacteria hamper adequate cellular metabolism in the mucus.membrane of the small intestine, as well as help to reduce the activity of enzymes responsible for the processes of absorption, dekonyugiruyut bile acids and disrupt the exchange of folic acid


In its current, the disease is divided into acute and chronic.Beginning in all cases of acute:

- There are dyspeptic disorders

- There is a feeling of a burning sensation on the tongue (glossitis)

- Excessive separation of gases and flatulence

- diarrhea with steatorrhea and polifekaliey (in some cases constipation )

- Feeling transfusion and rumbling in the abdomen

- Quite often in the lower abdomen there is a pronounced pain

- General weakness and lethargy

- There are signs polyhypovitaminosis

- Patients drastically lose weight, but the stomach at the same timeremains inflated

- In cases where the process involved the distal colon - in the feces appear admixture of pus and mucus

sprue tropical treatment

addition enough individual symptoms characteristic of the disease, to establish a definitive diagnosis is performed endoscopy, biopsymucosa and X-ray examination.

treatment is carried out in a hospital.Originally appointed by the restricted diet of mutton and pork fat, and carbohydrates and increasing protein intake (150 grams per day) and vitamins.All food must be machined (passed through a meat grinder or mashed) and steamed.The number of meals - four to five times per day.It is the introduction of mandatory folic acid (5 mg 3p. A day, 7 days a course).In severe cases, appointed by the steroids and anabolic steroids.Formed in mouth ulcers must be treated with 2% solution of sodium tetraborate (or other astringent and antiseptic).In cases where tropical sprue difficult to treat - it is recommended to relocate to areas with cooler climates.

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