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Measles symptoms and treatment

Measles treatment and symptoms

measles Measles - a typical acute viral infection that is accompanied by fever, cough, runny nose, general intoxication, a characteristic rash and lesions of conjunctiva.The causative agent of the disease is a virus Polynosa rnorbillorum, which is distributed exclusively air - drop by. in the human measles virus penetrates from the mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract, and then is carried by the blood throughout the body.Made his way into the body the virus is very selective - it can infect the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, respiratory tract or skin cells.

for measles infection is characterized by almost 100% sensitivity.The source of infection is extremely sick man, releasing into the environment the virus since the final two days of the incubation period and until the fourth day since the start of the characteristic rash

symptoms and course of the disease

incubation or latent period lasts from nine to eleven days.The initial appearance of sympt

oms of the disease appear, with its second half - in the evening there is an increase in body temperature up to ot37 * 37.9 * C, appears slight cough and runny nose, and swelling of the lower eyelid and conjunctival redness.

interim period runs for three to four days and is characterized by a significant increase in body temperature to 38 - 39 * C, general malaise, a strong cough, runny nose abundant. inflamed conjunctiva , there is swelling of the face, develop whooping and photophobia.Swollen due to inflammation of the larynx leads to a strong suffocation.There has been a headache, abdominal pain, disturbed sleep, problems with the chair, there is irritability.On the inside of the cheeks and gums marked the appearance of small white spots surrounded by red circles.

final period.Pinkish - red rash, first appeared on the cheeks, forehead and behind the ears, it becomes broader and slowly goes down - spread all over the body.After three - four days a rash gradually decreases, and the affected areas are light - brown, dry scaly patches.About ten days later the body temperature returns to normal, and in another five - rash disappears almost completely

Treatment of measles

To date, funds for specific treatment of the disease have not been developed.However, there are generally accepted therapeutic measures, which include:

- mandatory bed rest

- rationally balanced diet, rich in a large number of vitamins (exclude eating spicy, peppery, sour and salty foods)

- fluid intake in fairly large quantities (fruit drinks, fruit juices)

- hygienic oral care

- as symptomatic therapy appointed antitussive and antipyretic drugs

- To care for the affected eye is used 20% solution of sodium sulfatsil

In casesif the disease is severe - held hospitalization.

Almost thirty percent of the measles, leading to the development of various complications (most are children under five years).The most common pneumonia and otitis media.Much more rarely, in the defeat of the nervous system, can develop such serious diseases measles vaccine as meningoencephalitis, meningitis and encephalitis.In the most severe cases, complications can develop mental retardation, blindness and deafness.

Finally, all parents would like to add that in order to avoid penetration of the infection to the baby - it is mandatory to do vaccinations.

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