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Tuberculosis: causes and treatment

Tuberculosis: causes and treatment

tuberculosis According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) - Today, tuberculosis is the most common infection throughout the world, which takes human lives much more than a-or other infectious diseases.
Tuberculosis - a chronic infectious disease caused by a mycobacterium, which was discovered by Robert Koch back in 1882 and since then is called "Koch's bacillus."This type of bacteria is very resistant to various influences and are able to remain viable on various subjects until six months after primary infection disease can develop over the years, and in some cases decades.Therefore, if the disease is found in infants, young children, or individuals, it means that it will occur in the investigation came from outside infection.And if an elderly person fell ill with tuberculosis, it is possible with a high degree of probability that the infection entered his body as a teenager and as a consequence of age-related decline of immunity intensifie

d.The most common
considered pulmonary tuberculosis.Less common tuberculosis of the lymph nodes, eyes, genitourinary system, bones and joints


Tuberculosis Infection occurs mainly by droplets in the investigation of direct contact with a sick person with pulmonary tuberculosis.You can also become infected after consuming non-permeate heat treatment of milk from sick cows with tuberculosis.The main causes that contribute to tuberculosis are: inadequate poor nutrition, weakened immunity, physical or nervous exhaustion, drug addiction, smoking, HIV infection

Signs and symptoms of TB

When the following symptoms should seek medical attention immediately:
- Display of general weakness and did not notice before fatigue;
- Sweating in the upper part of the body;
- Loss due to the reduction or complete lack of appetite;
- The appearance of shortness of breath, even with little physical exertion;
- feverish gleam in the eyes;
- cough or cough with phlegm mandatory, often with blood


TB treatment must necessarily be complex.Chemotherapy is the main component in the treatment of tuberculosis and its performance is crucial proper selection of a combination of antibacterial drugs, their multiplicity, the optimal daily dose, duration of treatment and the route of administration.
most effectively treated tuberculosis when identifying the very early stages, but even in this case, the cure does not begin earlier than one year, but more often it takes about two or three years or more.
In those cases when the standard conservative treatment fails to achieve a cure - it is necessary to resort to surgery, which resulted in partially or completely can be removed from one to several pulmonary segments.
considerable importance in the treatment of TB patient plays a proper diet and a strict adherence.Complete rest is attributed only to the case of a serious condition of the patient - with hemoptysis or after surgery, and most patients under the regime engaged in occupational therapy and physical therapy.Nutrition TB patients must contain a lot of protein and vitamins, easily digested and have a high-calorie.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that because of mandatory vaccination of BCG - in the case of infection, the disease occurs in a much milder form.According to statistics, the incidence of tuberculosis among unvaccinated people up to ten times higher than among the unvaccinated.

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