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Herpes treatment and causes of

Herpes treatment and causes of

called Herpes fairly widespread viral disease, which is expressed eruption of grouped vesicles on the mucous membranes and skin.According to statistics about ninety percent of the world's population are infected with herpes, but only five percent manifested severe symptoms, while others show no clinical manifestations

Causes of herpes

According to the researchers, people get this virusin early childhood, when there is the most intimate contact with friends.Like all viruses, the herpes virus may freeze for a long time and is activated in the presence of favorable for him factors:
- like the common cold and severe illnesses
- Climate Change
- fatigue
- prolonged stress
- after taking immunosuppressive drugs
- overheating in the sun
most favorable conditions for the revitalization of this disease bring the first autumn cold, as long as there is a restructuring of the body for the winter "mode", many people often get cold, resulting in weakened immunity

symptoms (cold sores on the lips andgenital herpes)

Herpes on the lips is divided into simple and shingles and is characterized by the following symptoms:
Herpes simplex - manifested in the form of groups of bubbles filled with clear content are based on inflamed.His appearance is preceded by malaise, burning and itching of the skin.
Shingles - characterized by inflammation involved in this process of sensory nerves and the appearance of fever and general intoxication.Also inflamed dorsal roots of the spinal cord and intervertebral ganglia.
Symptoms of genital herpes:
- grouped fluid-filled lesions on the genitals
- burning, itching and painful symptoms in the affected area
- improving overall body temperature to 38 degrees
- frequent urination, increased inguinal lymph nodes
- occurrence of general weakness and painmuscle

Treatment of herpes

Unfortunately to date there are no guaranteed ways in which is possible to achieve a complete cure for herpes.However, to develop drugs that can very effectively inhibit the development and reproduction, as well as the symptoms of herpes.
- To disinfect weeping vesicles used fifty percent rubbing alcohol, cologne or quality vodka.
- Enough well established pharmaceutical ointment "Gerpferon" and "Acyclovir", which are applied after disinfection.They qualitatively dried bubbles and stop the spread of infection.
- The most effective treatment for herpes is the use of essential oils, most of which has antiviral activity.The most commonly used small eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, lavender, grapefruit and bergamot.Also, these oils help restore affected skin cells.
- To stop the spread of infection have been successfully used infusions of various herbs - antiseptics: witch hazel, lavender, sage and calendula.The recipe of tincture is simple enough - you need to make two tablespoons of selected herbs in a glass of water, cool down for forty minutes, and the resulting solution using a swab applied to the affected area

Preventing herpes

for effective prevention of herpes first neednutrition, which will include the whole complex of the body needs vitamins and minerals.In this case, the body will produce antibodies that inhibit the development of herpes virus.Also, do not forget that all people need to take daily vitamin C, which is a very important vitamin, enhances immunity.
For the prevention of genital herpes must first use of condoms in casual sex.

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