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Erythema nodosum

Erythema nodosum

erythema nodosum photo Erythema nodosum refers to a disease that is manifested in inflammation of the subcutaneous fat and blood vessels of the skin.In women, the disease is more common.Age of onset of 30 years.The risk group category, using contraceptives and pregnancy.

Erythema nodosum of domestic experts described in detail NFFilatov, who gave a precise definition of the disease "disease in stockings."The main cause of the disease are the infectious diseases, and the main symptoms are the red spots on the skin.They look superficially like gnarled education, and when touched cause discomfort.These formations can disappear on their own within a few days, but can last up to ten days.

Erythema nodosum is an inflammatory process in subcutaneous adipose tissue and the skin itself.Units of different sizes can be from one to ten centimeters.The feet focused data eruptions most advantageously on the inner side of the thigh.Upper limb disease strikes rarely.The first hours of the rash are intensely pink

, then they acquire a purple hue, later yellowish.So, gradually changing color of subcutaneous hematoma.The first two weeks of intense color spots become, and already twenty - forty days, they disappear.Chronic diseases can disappear for long, because the units are able to merge and migrate.

Erythema nodosum is diagnosed very simply.But the difficulty arises in the determination of the causes of the disease.It can be as obvious, and does not manifest itself.The disease is an unpleasant but not life-threatening and the patient is the only ailment.

Erythema nodosum causes

often the impetus for the development of erythema nodosum is an acute respiratory or viral disease.Some cases are characterized by the appearance of spots with an increase in body temperature, as well as poor health and very unpleasant sensations arising in the joints of the feet and eyes.

Erythema nodosum is able to be called upon and physiological effects on the skin.These impacts include massage, rubbing the skin warming creams, alcohol tinctures.Often, the disease occurs after the drug treatments, but the disease often provokes coccal infection, tubercle bacillus and yeast pathogens.But there are times when the erythema nodosum occurs after an intense, nervous stress.The disease often accompanies workaholics and people after severe nervous strain.

Erythema nodosum symptoms

The disease is caused by the development of delayed-type reactions to bacterial gaperergicheskoy, drugs, or other allergens.The main venue acts localization front and lateral surface of the tibia.Aggravate the patient's condition related chronic diseases - tonsillitis, otitis media, dental disease, tuberculosis, and other viral infections.When you determine the cause of a loss, the disease is considered to be independent.

Erythema nodosum loves all ages.The appearance of a rash preceded by a prodromal period, which is characterized by malaise, weakness, bone pain, low-grade fever, and gastrointestinal disorders.Typical manifestations of erythema nodosum are the dense nodes, which are located in the lowest parts of the dermis.The skin over them smooth, red hue.Pain syndrome varies and has several different expressions.It is capable of marked nodes palpation and spontaneous, itching uncharacteristic.Starting from the fifth day, is the resolution of nodes that appear in the seal is not accompanied by the collapse.A special feature of erythema nodosum acts changing color of the skin over the nodes themselves, which is identical sinyaku.Snachala color red, then brown, bluish, green and yellow.Often, the typical concentration of units is observed on the front of the leg.Characterized by the symmetry of the lesions, but one-sided lesions are not excluded.Elements of erythema nodosum can be anywhere where there is subcutaneous fat layer: forearms, thighs, calves, buttocks and face.

Erythema nodosum in most cases has an acute onset with fever, it is characterized by anorexia, weakness, malaise, chills.There have arthropathy: arthralgia, painful palpation, stiffness in the morning.

Erythema nodosum in children

six years of age is a favorite for erythema nodosum.Often sick girl in the cold season.Symptoms of the disease appear on the 6th day.In children, there is a general malaise, moods, joint pain and abdominal pain, headache.Next

appear hot and very painfully hot nodes (to the touch), which are located on the front and side surfaces of the lower leg or thigh, upper arm.For nodes characteristic hemispherical shape with the size of a nut, swelling, rising above the surface of the skin, arranged symmetrically and without borders.Excretory units feature is the change of color of the juicy red to bluish, then to yellow-green.Visually, it looks like a bruise.Gradually, they become flat.Half of the children observed the defeat of the joints.This affected joints red, swollen and very painful when driving.Inflammation in the joints quickly passes in a few days, but arthralgia (pain in the joints) can be kept much longer.Nodes eventually pass, it is enough for 6 weeks.

Erythema nodosum in children includes the following treatment: bed rest, the adoption of anti-inflammatory drugs - brufen, aspirin, indomethacin.In the affected areas topically applied hot compress (ihtiola solution, ointment Heparin, corticosteroid ointment).It is necessary to inform the doctor, who will prescribe timely treatment.Erythema self does not welcome.

treatment of erythema nodosum

When the first call to appoint a doctor to do an x-ray of the lungs, to eliminate tuberculosis and sarcoidosis, tested for Yersinia, as well as a smear on streptococci.To eliminate the infection appoint various blood tests.Special attention is warranted by the situation with a suspected tumor disease, and autoimmune.Before treatment, it is important to restore the composure and negative thoughts away, because it is a source of destruction of the body.It is important to observe a healthy lifestyle, as well as adjust the food and cleanse the body of toxins.Special attention should be paid to liver and intestines.You must enter a daily fasting once a week.If it is impossible to starve, you can use the diets for weight loss and cleansing the body (vegetable diet, kefir diet, fruit diet berry diet buckwheat diet).

How to treat erythema nodosum?

Effective Bile charges, including herbs (mint, lemon balm, birch leaf, everlasting).In exacerbations, consult a doctor.You appoint antihistamines, vitamins, calcium, analgesics, corticosteroids, antibiotics, iodine alkali, peripheral gemokinatory, angioprotectors, adaptogens and disaggregants.In the topical treatment appoint occlusive dressings, wraps Dimexidum.Erythema nodosum loves dry heat, so it will be recommended.

Erythema nodosum in pregnant women causes the greatest difficulties in the provision of care and treatment, it is in this period, most drugs are contraindicated.

Erythema nodosum in pregnant women previously negatively perceived by doctors and recommended termination of pregnancy.It is now established that the risk is minimal for moms.It should be examined and to eliminate concomitant diseases.With timely treatment of erythema nodosum disappears by the end of the third trimester.

Erythema nodosum indovazin successfully treated, must be taken into chimes, small doses of paracetamol.Aspirin relieves inflammation, but at the minimum level, as well as Deep Relief Ointment.Also do not forget about the need for frequent rest and the importance of adherence.

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