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Cancer Heart

cancer, heart photo heart Cancer - Cancer is a rare disease which is diagnosed when a person's life is almost impossible.In most cases, the patient is living with this malignancy, not even knowing about his terrible diagnosis.Primary cancer of the heart is very rare, mainly the emergence of cancer in the body is due to metastatic cancer process drift outside

Cancer Heart - types

most common primary malignant tumors of the heart develops sarcoma.It can occur in both genders, basically after 30 years.This tumor occurs mainly in the right heart, and spreads very quickly.Cancer cells grow all the layers and veins of the heart muscle, as well as all major arteries.There is metastatic lesion of the brain, lymph nodes and lungs.

next type of cancer of the heart is angiosarcoma (33%), which is manifested by multiple blood-filled interconnected hollow growths.In men, the tumor occurs three times more often, affecting all parts of the heart, but most often the right atrium.

addition almost any age (us

ually men) in striated muscle tissue may develop rhabdomyosarcoma (20%).

equally likely in both sexes may fibrosarcoma (10% of cases), which is clearly limited to the node.

primary malignancies such as lymphoma and mesothelioma is very rare.

Secondary malignant tumors of the heart develops as a result of metastatic spread following cancers: lung, breast, stomach, and kidneys.Secondary tumors of the heart are found in almost 25 times more primary

heart Cancer - Symptoms

Symptoms of the disease depends on the size of the obstruction of the cavities of the heart and of the localization of the tumor.The most common symptom is a rapidly progressive unexplained heart failure, arrhythmias, tamponade, conduction disorders, increase in the size of the heart, pain in the chest, vena cava obstruction and sudden death.If malignancy is limited to the myocardium and has not spread into the cavity, while the cancer can occur almost asymptomatic or cause minor conduction abnormalities and arrhythmias.

patient long enough period of time there is a slight increase in the overall temperature of the body, gradually increasing weakness, pain in the joints, marked weight loss, the limbs and torso appear different rashes, toes and hands numb.

With time beginning to emerge signs of a chronic heart failure: changes in blood tests, nail changes the type of "time windows", fingers lose weight, and their ends thicken (drumsticks).

The most common symptoms of cancer of the heart :

- most early and frequent symptom is pain in the chest

- In the absence of cardiac tamponade observed the progression of superior vena cava syndrome

- The need for repeated pericardiocentesis

- In the absence of a history of trauma is observed the presence of hemopericardium

In the case of the spread of cancer in the pericardial space is often a degree of hemorrhagic pericardial effusion, which can cause tamponade.Because sarcoma most commonly affects the right part of the heart due to obstruction of the pulmonary valve, tricuspid valve, the right ventricle or right atrium, right ventricular failure observed symptoms.Obstruction of the superior vena cava leads to swelling of the upper limbs and face, while the result of the obstruction of the inferior vena cava is a stagnation in the internal organs

Cancer Heart - diagnostics

In the early stages of the disease, the diagnosis of cancer of the heart is very difficult, because the symptomsoften disguised as various diseases of the heart, to diagnose which are themselves very difficult.After careful evaluation of all patient complaints and clinical symptoms shown holding such diagnostic procedures as radioisotope ventriculography, angiocardiography, MRI, CT and ultrasound.To determine the appropriate tactics surgery performed echocardiography.

at diagnosis sarcoma heart, 80% of patients had metastases observed

heart Cancer - Treatment

The choice of tactics of treatment depends on the stage of progression of cancer process and the type of tumor.In most cases surgical treatment path cancer of the heart, unlike the majority of malignant neoplasms, is not applicable.This is directly related to the fact that at the time of detection of the disease the tumor has affected not only the myocardium, but also other organs.Therefore, treatment often choose radiation therapy, which can be carried out in combination with chemotherapy and as an independent method of treatment.To get rid of the patient's symptoms related to cancer of the heart, shows the assignment of symptomatic treatment.Due to this treatment it is possible to slightly priostanovit severity and further development of the cancer, which allows for approximately five years to extend the life of the patient.

In the absence of proper treatment, the prognosis is extremely poor later in life - a maximum of one year after the onset of symptoms the person dies.

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