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bronchial cancer

bronchial cancer photos Cancer bronchi (central lung cancer) - one of the few malignant diseases, the causes of which found almost one hundred percent.Scientists have shown that the preconditions for the development of the malignancy makes smoking.This is due to the negative influence of nicotine the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes and placed them in the endocrine glands.In addition, nicotine significantly accelerates the mucus, thereby increasing the risk of bronchitis and .Located in the bronchi epithelial cilia are literally drowning in mucus formed and become incapable of qualitatively cleaned airways.Various particles penetrating with inhaled air into the human respiratory tract, are fixed to the walls of the bronchi, thereby providing on their mucosa both mechanical and chemical irritant.For this reason, in some places may develop malignancies.

main proven cause of cancer is a malignant degeneration of the bronchi bronchus tissue, which occurs under the influence of provoking cance

r conditions.According to statistics, about 90% of patients with cancer of the bronchi - active smokers.In addition to smokers at risk get people exposed to radioactive radiation and working in hazardous industries (the work with the reagents, volatile substances, asbestos, cement plants, mines, glass industry)

bronchial cancer - symptoms

The largest defeat cancer bronchus(a cancer of the central bronchi), the more intense and brighter will show symptoms.Initial signs of cancer of the bronchi - a wet or a dry cough that does not have absolutely nothing to do with emotional mood, posture, or environmental conditions.Outgoing when coughing sputum may be a pale pink color, or it can be observed blood veins.There is a fever, the body temperature rises to subrifilnyh indicators, there is a weakness, the man abruptly begins to lose weight.

The next step is developing a set of symptoms that arise due to breach krovoottoka to the upper part of the body from the brain, it is: a raucous sipyaschee breathing, swelling of the neck and face, sleeping patient can only in the sitting position

bronchial cancer - diagnosis and treatment

diagnosis of cancer of the bronchi in the early stages of the disease quite difficult, due to the inability to differentiate between cancerous lesions with inflammatory lesions of the lungs (pneumonia, pleurisy, etc.), or other diseases of respiratory system.A little later, when the cough does not go away or recurs often and join other symptoms, bronchial cancer with virtually no work is found using CT or X-ray examination.In some cases, in the absence of a reliable picture, performed bronchoscopy (using an endoscope carries out direct inspection of the bronchial tree).During endoscopy for histological examination of a small sample taken from bronchial tissue.The presence of cancer cells in a sample obtained confirm bronchial cancer.

In most cases, treatment for cancer of the bronchi involves a surgical intervention, because other methods of treatment of the variety of cancer are ineffective and are used in exceptional cases where surgical treatment is useless or impossible due to certain indicators.When metastatic cancer of the bronchi, the treatment regimen is to conduct the full range of all methods of cancer therapy (allowing slightly improve the prognosis of survival).

forecast later in life bronchus cancer is caused by the time of establishment of this cancer.In the case of cancerous lesions in the early stages, the survival rate is 80%.Surgical intervention at the stage of metastasis can survive 30% of patients.In case of refusal by the patient hirurgiche5skogo intervention, five-year survival is less than 8%.

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