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kardialgiya photo Cardialgia - is pain in the heart, which can not be considered a separate disease, asis the result of a variety of pathological processes.Complaints cardialgia occur quite often.A man who was diagnosed with kardialgiya, it is not necessary to worry too much, because kardialgiya does not necessarily mean the presence of cardiac disease.It is important to distinguish cardialgia angina requiring urgent treatment, in which the pain stabbing, burning, aching.

Cardialgia is long and short, varying degrees of severity.There are heartfelt and not of cardiac origin cardialgia.Outside the heart cardialgia developed in conjunction with osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia after herpes zoster, in diseases of the ribs, in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with pulmonary pathologies, as well as those suffering from addictions (alcohol dependence).

cardialgia cardiac origin may be due to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.Patients with depression also complain cardialgia.Quite of

ten kardialgiya and children.

cardialgia are the following types, depending on the causes of the disease: functional kardialgiya, psychogenic kardialgiya, Vertebrogenic kardialgiya, kardialgiya vegetative crisis.

reasons cardialgia

cardialgia The reasons include disease of the heart muscle.Inflammation of the heart muscle - myocarditis, which occurs as a complication of the common cold, flu.

defeat of the inner and outer lining of the heart (endocarditis, pericarditis) is also often leads to the development of the disease.At the same time the pain increases in certain postures (bending forward, lying on your left side).In these cases, the pain associated with the friction shells together.In this first acute pain, then it accumulated liquid, which reduces the sharpness of pain, after treatment of liquid absorbed for a short time back pain, and then passes.

valvular heart disease, fetal malformations valves - the reason because of which there kardialgiya children.It is usually detected in the neonatal period.Endocrine nature, protein deficiency, alcoholism violate the metabolism of the heart, which also leads to cardialgia.

Often, hormonal changes during menopause in women cause cardialgia.The increase of the heart causes the pain, as the vessels of the heart is unable to meet the growing need for oxygen hypertrophied heart.The same situation obtained by cardialgia in children, when the heart is growing faster vessels.Most often it occurs in younger students, in a period of rapid growth.Vascular dystonia is the cause cardialgia children in their teens.

next group of reasons - these are different disorders of the spine, neurological disease.Osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine, intercostal neuralgia, inflammation of the pectoral muscles, the effects of trauma, inflammatory disease of the nerves of the shoulder joint, disease and damage to the edges.The pain begins during exercise, after hypothermia as a result of a long stay in uncomfortable positions, awkward movements.It provokes pain deep breath, coughing, sneezing.

Scoliosis leads to a shift of the heart, often causing cardialgia.Often thickened rib cartilage (Tietze's syndrome), which causes the disease is usually in patients over 40 years.If the cause of the pain - irritation of spinal nerve roots, it Vertebrogenic kardialgiya.

Diseases of the digestive tract irritate nerve endings, causing cardialgia.This hiatal hernia, cholecystitis, inflammatory diseases and ulcers of the esophagus.The high standing of the diaphragm due to bloating, obesity provokes pain after eating, especially if the patient lies down (Remhelda syndrome).It is found that the transverse colon is over the liver - Kilayditi syndrome, which causes severe pain in the chest.In diseases of the lung and pleura on the left begins kardialgiya.Another reason - a cardiopsychoneurosis, then there is an imbalance of the nervous system.

Symptoms cardialgia

pain in the heart are dependent on the position of the body, such as aggravated by bending forward, if you raise your left hand up from a deep breath while wearing weights, when driving a car.

nature of pain can pointed, sharp, aching.The patients were tested at cardialgia mortal fear, feel the lack of air, start to panic, rapid heartbeat increases, there sweating, dark vision, headache begins.

Patients noted a decrease in body temperature, swelling of the hands, low blood pressure.It may be difficult swallowing (Leu-Barre syndrome) is more common in older people with a short neck.When squeezing the subclavian artery (Nafftsigera Syndrome) and in the presence of additional cervical rib syndrome (Falconer-Veddelya) patients complain of shoulder pain radiating to the palm, low blood pressure, sensitivity to cold, weak pulse.

If psychogenic kardialgiya, the pain often observed in the apex of the heart, the pain of it can be moved.Cardialgia vegetative crisis characterized by a very long crushing pain or aching, Validol and Nitroglycerin in this case makes it easy to state.This increases blood pressure, so can be confused cardialgia autonomic crisis with hypertensive crisis.Patients noted lethargy, weakness, anxiety, tremor appears in the body may start shortness of breath, a feeling of shortness of breath, heartbeat quickens.

Simpatalgicheskaya kardialgiya characterized by severe burning pain in the heart and chest.At the same time, patients complain of severe pain of the skin.When cardialgia associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but the pain in the heart of the patient concerned about nausea or vomiting, a sense of gravity to the left under the ribs, swollen belly, there is heartburn, a sour taste in the mouth, belching.

When cardialgia associated with pneumonia and pleurisy, say high fever, weakness, malaise, pallor, shortness of breath, cough (at first dry, then wet) on the one hand there is stiffness of the thorax.

If the cause of the cardialgia - diseases of the spine, the patient worried about back pain, pain interblade.When osteochondrosis heartache takes cutting, stabbing, shooting character, give pain in the arm, there numbness, reduced sensitivity of the extremities, tingling appears.When short-term pain intercostal neuralgia, stabbing.

When dyshormonal cardialgia felt heaviness, tightness in the chest, cutting, burning, piercing pain that is long-term and short, often at night.Often, when a patient is not enough air, it is not true dyspnea, namely a sense of lack of air.It happens at the same time, loss of consciousness, fainting, pain is accompanied by characteristic "tides", increased sweating, tingling, headaches, palpitations, cardiac arrest, spasms in the throat, dizziness.The mood of the patients is reduced, characterized by irritability, emotional lability.

Diagnostics cardialgia

To diagnose cardialgia collect anamnesis of illness: how long the person began to disturb pains in the heart, in which a particular location there is pain, what is it for the duration, nature.It is necessary to find out whether the appearance of pain associated with movement.Asking about concomitant diseases of the patient, whether there is a hazardous industrial traumatized if the chest, whether the patient suffered a recent acute infectious disease.

On examination, determine the color of the skin, whether there is swelling, while listening to - the presence of a heart murmur, lung congestion, whether expanded the boundaries of the heart, whether there is a skin rash.Measure blood pressure and pulse.

patient conduct blood and urine tests to identify the process of inflammation, and immunological and biochemical analysis of blood hormone levels.Spend ECG - electrocardiographic examination of the heart, that shows heart rhythm abnormalities, determined overload.When echocardiography determined by the size of the heart cavities, damage the valve if there is fluid in the pericardium.Make a chest X-ray that allows to see the presence of the tumor location and size of the heart, lung, ribs.

Once installed cardialgia reason, appoint additional investigation by specialists.It is important to distinguish the diagnosis cardialgia from other diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels.Unlike the false angina, myocardial infarction causes a much more severe and prolonged pain.An electrocardiogram will be visible characteristic features: Q wave indicates the presence of necrosis.To detect coronary heart disease use ECG monitoring, radionuclide scintigraphy, stress echocardiography and ECG tests to the load.Just CHD differentiate typical pains, though, as in cardialgia intermittent pain are variable.

used for differential diagnosis tests for nitroglycerin.Angina pain goes away after 2-3 minutes after taking nitroglycerin under the tongue, and if false angina pain with nitroglycerin is not connected.At diagnosis, cardialgia features the so-called "sense of the heart" in patients.Pulmonary embolism is distinguished from simple cardialgia pain is not associated with physical activity, the presence of dyspnea, hemoptysis, the characteristic ECG.

Treatment cardialgia

Once diagnosed kardialgiya installed, you need to start therapeutic measures.The first thing to cure diseases that cause cardialgia.For pain relief can be used symptomatic therapy: Ibuprofen, Analgin, Novocaine.

Cardialgia vegetative crisis treated sedatives - Motherwort, Valerian drops Zelenin, Corvalol, Valocordin, verapamil, Inderal (40 mg 1-3 p / day), hawthorn, vitamin complexes are appointed.It is necessary to observe the regime of work and rest is important in a long restful sleep, walking, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to do gymnastics.

Psychogenic kardialgiya requires working with a therapist to improve the emotional and mental state of the person.It is advisable to avoid stress.When menopause cardialgia psychotherapy is also very important.It is necessary to explain to patients that their pain is not life-threatening, while they do not have to give up work, bed rest is not necessary.

When cardialgia associated with puberty and premenstrual syndrome, special treatment is not indicated.Vertebrogenic kardialgiya treated with intraosseous blockades, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving drugs (diclofenac), manual therapy, therapeutic exercises.

When simpatalgicheskoy cardialgia relieve pain thermal procedures - mustard, acupuncture.If you have additional cervical rib surgical treatment - remove this edge.If there is a failure scalene prescribe Analgin, Indomethacin, may be injected into muscle 2% novocaine solution 2 ml 2 ml Hydrocortisone or 2-3 times a day, in some cases a cut muscle.

forecast the success of treatment depends on the reasons for which there kardialgiya.In any case, you must find out the reasons as soon as possible, for the timely appointment of a suitable treatment.

Prevention of cardialgia is the right way of life, which prevents too strong loads, lack of exercise, that is, you must alternate between work, rest, do FizKult-minute to 10 minutes every 2 hours with a stationary work.The duration of sleep to be 7-8 hours.It is necessary to follow the diet.The diet should include vegetables, fruits, herbs.It is important to learn how to react to stressful situations, that there was no strong emotional surge.

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