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cardioneurosis photo cardioneurosis - it is a normal cardiac dysfunction, accompanied by psychosomatic disorders caused by an imbalance between the development processes in the cerebral cortex and hypothalamic regulatory centers.

reliably establish the statistics of morbidity cardioneurosis impossible, since this pathology is difficult to diagnose most cases cardioneurosis are not recognized.

This psychosomatic pathology is classified as psychosomatic diseases, so the treatment of patients suffering cardioneurosis, must deal with a group of specialists, as part of a cardiologist, a neurologist and psychiatrist.

reasons cardioneurosis

cardioneurosis in the development of the main etiopathogenetic link is the imperfect functioning of the autonomic nervous system that occurs for various reasons and having common clinical manifestations in the form of psychological discomfort and the appearance of unusual physiological sensations.

provocateur attack cardioneurosis appearance is a factor of st

ress on the body.Not always signs cardioneurosis appear under the influence of negative stress factors, even joyful emotions can cause an attack.Therefore, people with psycho-emotional frustration more than others prone to the development of clinical and morphological changes characteristic of cardioneurosis.

However, in some cases, an attack cardioneurosis may develop on the background of well-being in individuals who do not have organic heart disease.In such a situation it is important, even the slightest change in the regime of work and rest, as well as eating disorders in the form of short-term alcohol abuse and the use of products that contain caffeine in larger than usual numbers.

great importance in the development of symptoms has cardioneurosis physical activity of the patient.People who exercise regularly and prefer an active way of spending time, very rarely suffer from such disorders as cardioneurosis.

risk for the disease make young persons suffering from psycho-emotional disorders of varying degrees of symptoms, older people with symptoms of progressive dementia in the form of Alzheimer's disease, and patients diagnosed with organic disorders of the cardiovascular system (myocarditis, abnormal development andrheumatism).

There is a clear relationship between the progression of symptoms cardioneurosis and episodes of acute respiratory viral infection.For example, patients suffering from the flu during the acute phase may bring complaints typical characteristic of cardioneurosis.In this regard, all patients who have had a viral infection, the recovery period is recommended to use complex multivitamins complexes containing magnesium and B vitamins, which help to improve the functioning of the structures of neurohumoral regulation.

Symptoms cardioneurosis

main complaint of patients cardioneurosis is a pain in the projection of the front of the chest wall with different prevalence and severity.Most often, patients describe the pain as a "short-term acute-onset pain dagger in the heart", accompanied by a feeling the heartbeat stops, then there is a sharp increase in heart rate.

addition, complaints about faults in the cardiovascular system, respiratory disorders, patients noted the appearance of attacks of breathlessness and the inability to make a full breath.Some patients experience a transient increase in body temperature without any signs of inflammation in the body.

panic attack occurs against a background cardialgia, accompanied by increased sweating and persistent cooling of the skin, tingling sensation in the distal extremities, indicating a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

Thus, for all patients cardioneurosis characteristic undulating course of the disease is often a cyclical occurrence attack and phases of well-being.Typical kardionevrozny attack symptom is the appearance of cardiac and noncardiac nature, accompanied by the onset of a state of panic and fear for the safety of his own life.

In the long cardioneurosis patient depressive psychosis is formed with the formation of disturbing obsessions and expressed dysthymic disorder.Dysthymia manifests itself in a lack of all kinds of desire, sleep disorders with a tendency to insomnia and a complete lack of appetite.Patients with dysthymic disorder in the background cardioneurosis are not critical to their own depressed psycho-emotional sphere, as all my attention was concentrated on the pain syndrome.

characteristic component kardionevroticheskogo attack is increased muscle tone of skeletal muscle as a limited area of ​​the trunk, and the whole muscle stiffness.

In patients with interictal period cardioneurosis can celebrate all kinds of violation of the sensitivity in different areas of the body, as well as symptoms of circulatory disorders in the brain blood vessels (headache until the appearance of migraine attacks, reduced disability and severe weakness, dizziness hot flashes).

In order to accurately establish the diagnosis "cardioneurosis" must be present in a patient four absolute criteria as:

- periodic appearance kardionevroticheskih attacks for at least three months;

- a clear attack on the dependence of the periods of hormonal disorders in adolescence, as well as during pregnancy and menopause;

- signs of vegetative-vascular component of the patient;

- no evidence of cardiac dysfunction and organic myocardial damage during registration electrocardiography and echocardiography.

debut cardioneurosis falls mostly on the early prepubertal or in old age, against the expressed vascular disorders.Onset of the disease is always sharp, having a clear dependence on the effects of stress agent.

Treatment cardioneurosis

to determine the correct and appropriate tactics of patients with cardioneurosis, great importance is the timely diagnosis of the underlying disease.It is seriously the diagnosis and treatment of patients in this category, since, despite the complete absence of organic lesions of the cardiovascular system, there is credible evidence of a lethal outcome.

cardioneurosis The diagnosis is recommended to apply the method of exclusion, that is, to establish the correct diagnosis of the patient must be thoroughly examined with the use of all possible methods of diagnosis of organic abnormalities of the heart.Only the complete absence of diseases of the cardiovascular system of organic nature, allows the diagnosis "cardioneurosis."

Despite the fact that this pathology is a separate disease entities related to diseases of the cardiovascular system, its treatment, in most cases do not require medical correction.When the primary conversation with the patient, priority should be given to the patient's psychological readiness for long-term treatment and prolonged rehabilitation period.

cardioneurosis initial stages of treatment is to normalize the regime of work and rest of a patient with complete exclusion of excessive physical activity.The great value in correcting the behavior of the patient is sufficient to establish the duration of a night's sleep, get that in some cases the only possible use of hypnotics and sedatives plant origin (Sedasen 1 capsule 3 times a day).

for effective treatment of patients with cardioneurosis crucial role played by addressing the factors that provoke an attack of the disease, and therefore, recommended the use of various methods of psychological correction to normalize the microclimate in the home and the immediate surroundings.

good therapeutic calming effect when cardioneurosis have physiotherapy techniques profile (manual massage, acupuncture, stone therapy).

Separately should consider algorithm of actions needed at displays kardionevroticheskogo attack.The first step is to provide the patient complete rest and eliminate the factors that provoke an attack.The patient should be put on a level surface and ensure free access of fresh air.Be sure to make an objective examination of the patient by pulse palpation, auscultation of heart sounds and percussion borders of cardiac dullness, because the symptoms can be observed cardioneurosis and other organic heart disease.Among the instrumental methods of diagnosis should be preferred registration electrocardiography, eliminates myocardial ischemic changes.To eliminate the anxiety you must apply any sedative Fast (Corvalol 20 drops).

During the rehabilitation period emphasizes correct eating behavior of the patient that he must comply with throughout their lives.To normalize the functioning of the brain structures necessary condition is to enrich the body with B vitamins and magnesium, and therefore, the diet must be present constantly legumes, nuts, and herbs in sufficient quantity.In severe vitamin deficiency, confirmed by laboratory diagnostic methods, shows the assignment of complex vitamins (B6, Magnesium 2 tablets three times a day).

medical correction neuroses used in severe cases of the disease, significantly aggravating the patient's condition.When selecting drugs for the treatment cardioneurosis should be considered pathogenic form of the disease.For example, people suffering from type hypersthenic cardioneurosis, it is advisable to appoint a long course of drugs that increase the threshold of excitability (Amizil 0,001 mg 3 times daily).Correction hyposthenic type cardioneurosis carried out by the use of drugs that have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system (Diazepam in a daily dose of 2 mg).

good therapeutic effect in the prevention of neurosis-like states have long-term use of hypnotics in the minimal therapeutic dose (2.5 mg Eunoktin a few hours before sleep).

Consequences cardioneurosis

Due to the fact that cardioneurosis belongs to the category of pathologies with a chronic relapsing course, there is no absolute guarantee of full disposal of its features.Cardiologists recommend that patients who have a tendency to develop this disease, with special attention to changes in the condition of the body, and during the manifestation of the first signs of cardioneurosis contact the cardiology hospital for the qualified help.

transition to chronic retsediviruyuschee observed for patients regularly performing a doctor's recommendation for the correction mode of physical activity and eating behaviors.In these patients for cardioneurosis it takes a heavy character with the addition of signs of myocardial damage (fits anginal pain, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy).

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