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Colorful lichen

Colorful lichen

multicolored lichen photos colorful versicolor is a fungal skin disease, which is related to tinea.For this disease is characterized by loss of the surface layer parts of the skin, and the hair cuticle.With the emergence of the disease in the human problems of the aesthetic plan, and the quality of life is reduced.The first multi-colored deprive a person was described in 1853 by Robin S., which revealed yeast-like organisms, naming it Microsporum furfur.Later, in 1889, to distinguish it from another microorganism Microsporum (dermatophyte), scientists have suggested another name - Malassezia furfur.However, to date and it remains relevant problem of the origin of multi-colored lichen.

colorful versicolor - Causes

In everyday life, people are often faced with the fungus, but the immune system is designed so that the body is fighting to the last, and initially there is little change.These changes are often a person does not notice, but when joined goiter, vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorders and o

ther diseases, the fungal manifest themselves.A significant role in the pathogenesis of multi-colored lichen is removed by endogenous factors.Common causes of relapse and the emergence of multi-colored lichen appear respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal, rash, diseases of the autonomic and central nervous system.Often multi-colored deprive able to occur in women who took oral contraceptives for a long time.Studies have shown that 32.5% of the patients were found foci of chronic infection: carious teeth, chronic tonsillitis, otitis media, pyelonephritis, periadneksit.

important role discharged excessive sweating, which is often triggered by vegetative-vascular disorders, as well as overly warm clothing and frequent doses of antipyretics.History examinees said that 52.9% are prone to excessive sweating.Often multi-colored deprive those inherent post-pubertal and adulthood.During these periods of peak rate of excretion of sebum, as well as the concentration of lipids on the skin.

great importance in the causes of multi-colored, colored lichen has a chemical alteration of sebum.It has been found that the sebum can increase the free fatty acid (palmitinovoya, oleinovoya, linoleic, stearic, myristic).

Colorful lichen is most common where the climate is hot and inherent there is high humidity, which account for daylight saving time.

Multicolored deprive a person often has a chronic course, take years, and frequent relapses.Skin pigmentation disorders can cause not only a cosmetic defect.To this defect often joins psycho-emotional breakdown, and social phobia.

photo multi-colored lichen on the trunk

photo multi-colored lichen on the trunk

Colorful lichen - symptoms

their manifestation multicolored, colored lichen has a large variety of clinical forms.There are the following forms: eritematoskvamoznuyu, follicular, invert.

often found eritematoskvamoznaya form.Her place of primary localization of the mouth are the hair follicles.Fungus breeds in this place, forming a colony of yellow-brown spots.Over time, the initial elements to grow rounded, crisp non-inflamed spots, reaching a size of about 10 mm in diameter.Then merge spots turn into large pockets, taking the form of the size of a palm, and more.Sami foci scalloped shape and take on their periphery scattered isolated spots.With a very long course of mycosis affected places are distributed over large areas of skin, including the entire back, chest, side of the trunk space.

What is pityriasis versicolor?For lesions characteristic yellowish-pink color, varying in intensity.However, the color can vary from light brown to dark brown.Frequent washing makes scales unobtrusive and poskablivanii easily causes peeling.That spot of peeling can be identified, it is necessary to lubricate the surface of healthy and unhealthy skin aniline dyes or alcoholic solution of iodine.Staining indicates that the affected areas are colored more brightly than healthy skin.Himself zoster located mainly on skin of the breast and back, and much less on the neck, the skin of the upper and lower extremities.Current eritematoskvamoznoy form of the disease becomes chronic, prone to relapse form.As a rule, there are no sensations, but sometimes characterized by a slight itching, which is the main symptom of multi-colored lichen, and patient complaints, mostly related to the skin a cosmetic defect.Themselves affected foci incapable pigmented influenced insolation and artificial ultraviolet irradiation.Posteruptive spots that formed after the general acquire Sun light color, which resembles a picture psevdoleykodermy.

Colorful lichen is characterized by widespread and limited eruptions, and the prevalence of this process is depending on the area of ​​the lesion.Outbreaks can be localized in the following areas of the skin: the face in the folds of the BTE, leather ears, forearms and hands.The pathogen can be detected in places inguinal-femoral folds, and pubis, inner thighs, buttocks, legs.

colorful shingles contagious if you do not observe the rules of personal hygiene, use of common towels, clothing.

multi-colored shingles on his head

photo multi-colored lichen on the head

Colorful lichen - treatment

How to treat pityriasis versicolor?It is often very concerned about the patients.Before you start treatment, you need to reliably establish the diagnosis, and it can be done only after a visit to a dermatologist.In each case, the physician selects the desired drugs or treatments.When self-treatment often take place relapse.

to effectively treat multi-colored lichen, the following drugs: Itraconazole for systemic therapy and Lamisil Spray is used for topical treatment.Their antifungal activity has many positive reviews from patients with pityriasis versicolor.Established that Itraconazole can cause destructive changes in themselves blastospores M. furfur, which lead to cell death of the fungus.The drug has a high fungicidal activity and is recommended in the treatment of common forms of multi-colored lichen.

Spray Lamisil (Terbinafine) is assigned to the limited forms of lichen.Thus patients must be treated to the affected areas twice a day for up to 7 days.Ultrastructural studies terbinafine proved that the drug produces destructive changes and further cell death of the fungus.This drug is very well tolerated.

treatment is also carried out multi-colored lichen and other ointments and medications.These include liquid Andriasian, ointment Wilkinson, 2-5% salicylic alcohol-resorcinol, 10% sulfuric ointment Mikozolon.After applying the ointment for 7 days start to hygiene in the bathroom with soap and a washcloth.The primary goal of treatment - to accelerate the exfoliation of the stratum corneum.To avoid recurrence is recommended to treat all skin and then generate ultraviolet radiation.Great importance is given disinfection of underwear and bed linen, and inspection of all family members.It is necessary to exclude from the wear synthetic clothes, limit water treatments, damaged skin lubricated salicylic alcohol once a week.

Colorful lichen effectively prevented using Nizoral shampoo.Three times a month is necessary, for example, from March to May Nizoral applied to hairy head space, as well as the skin up to 10 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.Analysis of the treatment of multi-colored lichen showed that its most common form is inappropriate to treat locally.Good effect with low recurrence% is achieved after application of systemic antifungal drugs (above).

Prevention multi-colored lichen:

- sunbathe on vacation, only after the skin will dry up;

- while tanning on the skin, apply sunscreen;

- avoid natural beaches;

- use individual beach towels;

- always take a shower after the beach;

- avoid wearing the wrong things.

How to get rid of multi-colored lichen once and for all?In order to avoid re-infection, it is necessary to carry out hardening, making water-vinegar and water-salt rubdown, avoid sweating, wipe the skin in the spring salicylic alcohol.

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