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mycosis photo Athlete's foot is a fungal disease, related to the common group of infectious diseases caused by parasitic pathogens and opportunistic pathogens.Microtrauma promote fungus spores get into the skin, and subcutaneous tissue.Further fungus spread on eye mucosa, upper respiratory tract or settles in the lungs at the time of respiration.The severity and nature of the fungal infection of the skin is directly dependent on the fungus and the lesion.The pathogenesis of fungal infections provoke any diseases that cause low immunity.Next set of affected areas of the skin, mucous membranes, external genitalia, esophagus and lungs.Mycosis of the skin, often prone to chronic course and are classified into two main groups: deep and superficial.By the deep mycoses include opportunistic systemic mycoses as well as subcutaneous mycoses (sporotrichosis, chromoblastomycosis).Superficial fungal infections of the skin include keratomikozy, ringworm, candidiasis.Today the problem is acute fungal diseases.My

cosis affect many organs, disfigure the skin of the patient, cause allergic reactions.

Athlete's foot causes

Aggressive fungus is different, and this is evidenced by its virulence (infectivity).Speaking about the factors of aggressive infection, we note that a group of people are in general external conditions, sick all different.Some people pick up a fungus directly, while others pick up the sick and hidden, and some do not get sick.It all depends on the body's defenses and the presence of current disease.The spread of mycosis promotes reduced immunity, HIV infection, antibiotics and anticancer agents, varicose veins, erysipelas, abrasions, sores, microtrauma, humidity, heat, failure to comply with sanitary regulations, lack of ventilation and excess soap that removesbacteria with a lipid layer on the skin.Pathogenic fungi are able to get into our body when certain medical procedures.

The causes athlete's foot is to reduce the natural resistance of the organism under certain conditions and diseases, which promotes invasive growth of fungi.These diseases and conditions include cancer, diabetes, immune deficiency, long-term use of antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Local fungal state of health of the people is practically not recognized, it can not be said about the systemic mycoses.Systemic fungal infections are parasitic on the internal genital organs and thus widely available.Currently, systemic mycosis widened and they were joined by a fungal meningitis neonatal candidemia, chronic generalized and disseminated candidiasis, visceral candidiasis, streptococcal pneumonia, meningitis, pulmonary aspergillosis, the brain and the middle ear.

fungal infections of the skin referred to as pathogenic fungi numerous and varied that affect animals and humans.There are hundreds of fungi that are dangerous to humans.In order to get into the body fungi are different ways.But the main ways is damaged skin, mucous membranes, skin hydration, chronic diseases, steroid therapy, radiation, treatment with cytostatics, hormonal, and metabolic disorders.

possible professional cases when prolonged contact with microscopic fungi that cause people to defeat the system.For example, millers have allergies or people faced with moldy feed handlers flax, hemp.Fungal disease is characterized by several periods.The incubation period can last from seven days to several months.

Athlete's foot symptoms

symptoms of fungal infections are very diverse.Athlete's foot and hand with a barely noticeable begins peeling skin, which is localized in the folds between the toes.The affected skin is not only shelled, and shows the painful pus bubbles.The surface of the legs covered with diaper rash, the epidermis thickens and develop corns.Hair and nail plate fading, acquiring a yellowish color, then thicken and delaminate, become brittle.These symptoms may be accompanied by itching fungal infections, raising the temperature, the emergence of lymphangitis, pain and general ill health.

Clinic mycosis

In its diverse manifestations of fungal infections, and the nature of the flow is divided into chronic, acute, deep, superficial, common, and focal.Often recorded with Pius dissimination and fungal sepsis.There are the following groups of fungal infections: candidiasis, ringworm, keratomikozy, koktsidioidny fungal infection, blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, sporotrichosis, mold fungal infections, fungal infections are rare (chromomycosis, rhinosporidios).


photos athlete's foot

athlete's foot

disease this form develops after visiting public spaces: baths, pools, saunas, public showers, as well as contact with the patients and their clothes, shoes, all kinds of household items:towels, rugs from the bathroom, washcloths, nail accessories.The fungi love moisture.And humid environment, such as in the bathroom on the rug, is favorable for the fungus is not for one day.That's why doctors recommend to appear in the shower and in other places in their slippers.Engraftment of mycosis of the skin affected by the following factors: excessive sweating and skin microtrauma, scrapes.

athlete's foot is able to capture not only the feet, nails and finger and folds.Wet and warm environment contributes to the appearance of cracks, which also indicate disease.It happens that the athlete's foot triggers roughness and peeling of the skin on the feet and is characterized by itchy blisters of the skin roughness as corns.Often the fungus originally began on the foot, passes above the shin.In places where there are no folds in the skin, athlete's foot takes irregular round shape.Patients complain of pain, as well as a slight discomfort in the lesions.The ability to increase regional lymph nodes occur lymphangitis, and the temperature be low grade.

nail mycosis photo

photo nail mycosis

Mycosis nail

The worst damage appears nail mycosis caused by Candida.For the disease characterized by inflammation of the nail fold, where it may be purulent.Often the disease is limited to the defeat of nails nail plates.Sami nails thus stratified, becoming wavy, but the deformation may not be susceptible to all the nails, but only a few.People are often not in a hurry to go for treatment to the doctor, and do it when the disease becomes advanced forms and has amazed all toenails and partly on their hands.Such forms are treated much longer and harder.Many people are trying to cope with the problem, and only after the failure of turning to specialists.

Mycosis treatment

Many antifungal drugs are effective in the disease course of not more than five years.In other cases, the need for more powerful agents.Treatment of fungal infections of the skin should be started, is found to be the causative agent of the disease.Some forms are to be treated only in a hospital, and some treated successfully at home.Need more and support immunity.For this purpose, administered mineral supplements, vitamins, dietary supplements.

How to treat athlete's foot?The impact on the athlete's foot is in two areas: the outside and inside of the body.Widely used in the treatment of pyrimidine derivatives and imidazole.In addition to drug therapy for the treatment of fungal infections connected physiotherapy, massage, diet, hygiene treatment of footwear by special trains.For a long time in the treatment of locally employed the following means: Mikozalon, clotrimazole, Hinofungin, mikoseptin, Nitrofungin, Anmarin, Oktitsil, plaster Epilinovy.

in the treatment of fungal infections is well established group of antiseptics: iodine, phenol derivatives of undecylenic acid.

Treatment of systemic fungal infections is difficult and conducted systemic anti-fungal drugs.Such as Orungal, Diflukan (Fluconazole) and Lamisil.This drug is peculiar fungicidal and fungistatic function.The use of complex products can get rid of athlete's foot and hand and also keep the nails intact.Preparations are able to quickly penetrate into the upper stratum corneum, there remain a long period, which will in a relatively short period of time to carry out the treatment.

Treatment of athlete's foot include an immediate disinfection of footwear.For this purpose, use a cotton swab soaked in acetic acid or in formalin solution.Further, these treated tampons internal space shoe, leaving it in a sock.All the shoes are folded in a plastic bag.For disinfection, only one night.Tights, stockings and socks to be boiled.Every visit to the baths, beaches, showers, finishes processing the interdigital folds, and the soles of the iodine solution, liquid Andriasian, Nitrofunginom, ointments Batrafen, mikospor, travogen, Nizoral, and others.

Mycosis folk remedies

sometimes folk remedies can greatly facilitatethe patient's condition.All procedures for the treatment of the affected area, we recommend to carry out before bedtime.The affected part of the body should be washed with soap and to dry with the help of green fodder, or iodine.Widely applicable from traditional medicine herbal therapy poisonous plants, but only externally.These herbs include yew, hellebore white, green, clematis, black nightshade, Dryopteris, cross the meadow.On dry lesions applied ointments and creams, which are prepared on the basis of interior lard or Vaseline pharmacy.To prepare such an ointment base is necessary to dissolve the liquid state in a water bath and adding a herb brew from 2 to 4 hours.The resulting cream store in refrigerator.

antifungal properties inherent in a rather large list of plants, but they should be used only after consulting a doctor.Herbal treatment is effective for systemic fungal infections.For example, duckweed, veronica, celandine, licorice, rosemary - possess immunomodulatory properties, which allows the immune system to eliminate the violations.

yarrow, mint, zhoster, dandelion, meadowsweet, gentian, mustard, hops - have a good therapeutic effect in fungal infections of the gastrointestinal tract.

bedrenets, fennel, hyssop, angelica, istoda, elderberry, rosemary, elderberry give a curative effect for bronchitis, fungal pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

defeat urinary tract fungal cystitis treated tansy, bloodroot goose, madder dye, ivy, chamomile.

fungal eye disease cure decoction of yarrow and sweet flag.

ability to antifungal properties of colchicum, lumbago, yew, celandine, allows the treatment of fungal infections in cancer patients.

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