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Pink zoster

Pink zoster

Pink zoster photo Pink zoster is an infectious-allergic disease of viral origin.The first pink deprive a person described Zhiber in 1860.The disease is able to occur after infectious and febrile diseases, intestinal disorders, vaccination, diseases of the upper respiratory tract. to pink lichen is characterized by the phase current and periodic aggravation.In women, the disease occurs much more frequently than the male population.Disease susceptible people in the age range from 20 to 40 years.Rarely, but there are cases when the pink lishaёm sick family members.

Pink zoster causes

reason pink lichen stands, above all, a weakened immune system.First of all, the immune defense is weakened as a result of colds during the autumn-spring period, frequent hypothermia, heat, lack of vitamins or failure of the immune system.

Pink deprive a person has the ability to hit the body several times in life.By its nature, the disease is not contagious, but there is a risk to catch him by the patient, if your i

mmune system is significantly weakened.

Pink zoster symptoms

Onset of the disease manifests itself with the appearance of the skin in humans circular spots of pink color with a diameter of 2 cm. What is pink shingles?Visually, it is noticeable that the central part of depriving a yellowish tint to the effect of shrinkage and peeling.Over time these pink spots, but appears smaller set.The central place of the spots covered with scales folded, and on the periphery of the rim emerges, but without scales.

pink scaly shingles and gradually begins to crumble, and the place the focus leaves a small yellow spot.Often pink deprive a person appears on the chest, and then later the rash is spreading rapidly in the stomach, shoulders, neck, groin, hips.However, on the neck and face, rash is quite rare.The rash rapidly spreading over the skin surface for three weeks, and then gradually fade, but leave behind spots.The immunity of a person depends, how else can appear pink ringworm in humans.For example, it can be blisters or nodules on the skin, but painted in white.

Pink deprive a person manifests the following symptoms are: general intoxication, discomfort, malaise, fatigue, fever, severe itching, pain, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and chin.

Symptoms of pink lichen are enhanced by accelerating blood flow, while the lesion of skin become inflamed twice.It comes at a time of stress, exercising, under the influence of high temperatures on the skin.

In the treatment of diseases of the skin places have natural color.Does the pink shingles?With regard to the transfer of pink depriving no consensus.However, we know that if a person's immunity is weakened, it is able to catch the disease through contact, though the origin of the pink lichen viral and direct contact should not cause disease.So the question remains open infectiousness.If you notice at the first symptoms, you should immediately consult a dermatologist who will prescribe the right treatment.

pink lichen on the back of the photo

photo pink lichen on the back

Pink zoster during pregnancy

disease is a lot of trouble and discomfort.Also, a pregnant woman can cause headache and depression during pregnancy.In the early stages should be wary of depriving due to a possible miscarriage in future moms, and at a later date the main danger is posed by premature birth.For this reason, you should have at first the slightest sign of the disease to access specialized medical specialist for advice.In that case, if the diagnosis is still installed, the pregnant woman should beware of loads and at personal hygiene use only warm water and be sure to moisten the places affected pink lichen rosehip oil or peach.Wear clothes made of natural fabrics, do not use synthetics.

Pink zoster in children

Any rash in children causes anxiety in mothers and pink lichen is no exception.Often specialists themselves have difficulty in diagnosis kid.Therefore, mothers should be promptly alarmed and not to self-medicate.

Pink zoster in children is very rare, but proceeds favorably.The age range of cases children from four to ten years.Symptoms are similar to the symptoms of an adult.For the first days characterized by the appearance of a large oval spots on the size of the spherical form.The central part of the spot is flaky structure and the edges themselves are prone to some swelling.This primary focus is called maternal plaque.Two weeks later, the baby's body is covered with heavy eruptions - spots.These spots are very similar to the parent plaque, although they have reduced size and are located throughout the body.Color pale pink rash.

reviews mothers of pink lichen confidently say that the disease runs by itself, you only need to help the child recover immunity.

Treatment pink depriving children focused on the removal of unpleasant sensations as an itchy rash on the trunk, neck, legs, face, and much less on the scalp is very worried about the baby.To remove the intolerable itching, the child shall be appointed by antihistamines, but recommends to refrain from ointments, as they can trigger even more precipitation.You can use in the treatment of pink lichen Dog rose, buckthorn, mammal, as well as peach butter.And inside is recommended decoction or infusion of liquorice, which has anti-inflammatory action.

Pink zoster treatment

main objective in the treatment of pink lichen lies in preventing the attachment of eczema, infection with staphylococcus, streptococcus.The prognosis of the disease very favorable, but on the condition if treated in time pink shingles.In the event that joins the infection of the skin, a dermatologist appoint a broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Medicines pink lichen

If you have severe itching used antihistamines (Suprastin), and locally administered Hydrocortisone (Corticosteroids), as well as prescription antipruritic mixture (water-mash zinc) and vitamins.Good help to cope with itching Chlorophyllipt, Romazulan, Sanguirythrine, tincture of salicylic acid.If in the early days of the disease to take high doses of erythromycin, acyclovir, as well as to conduct ultraviolet irradiation, it is possible to fast and uncomplicated course of the disease.Relapses pink lichen are rare, and only with a significant decrease in immunity, as well as violation of personal hygiene.

How to get rid of the pink lichen?In the treatment of pink lichen must adhere hypoallergenic diet, which prevents citrus, fruit red, eggs, chocolate, nuts, alcohol, coffee, tea, spices.It is unacceptable to drink flavored, carbonated drinks with dyes, there are pastries, cakes with cream, canned, smoked foods.

How else to treat pink deprive?To avoid complications during illness, you must adhere to these rules:

- Never use makeup to five weeks;

- exclude taking baths, wash the skin with soap, detergent, using a washcloth, swimming pool, solarium, massage (but allowed to shower);

- to limit exposure to the sun;

- do not use to wear synthetic clothing, underwear;

- used in the treatment only tested and recommended by the doctor ointment;

- try to avoid exposure to sweat on the skin.

Pink zoster national treatment

disease is successfully treated folk remedies.How does it cure pink shingles?For this purpose, you can use the following:

- sea buckthorn oil, sealer, rose, peach;

- lubrication spots natural apple cider vinegar, frequency up to 7 times a day;

- celandine tincture, which you can prepare yourself.To do this, take a dark bottle, which put fresh leaves, stems, flowers, fresh celandine.Fill it all a good vodka, cover, remove for 21 days in a dark place.Every day tincture shaken.On expiry of the infusion filter and take before meals inside 10 drops diluted in a tablespoon of water.Effectively pink zoster lubricate prepared celandine tincture up to two times per day.This tool effectively while reducing the immunity;

- use mix-mash, prepared as follows: mix two tablespoons of zinc oxide, water, glycerol, talc.This mixture lubricates the rash;

- broth buckwheat.Prepare the broth as follows: Boil one tablespoon of cereal in two cups of water.Broth richly moistened a rash.

- do application of dough up to two hours, and then remove them with a damp towel.Treatment is carried out the rate of 5 days;

- preparing medical ointment of birch tar and butter.At night, make a bandage with ointment, consolidating all the plaster;

- use a mixture of 50 grams of pure tar, two fresh egg yolks, half a cup of heavy cream.All this is rubbed into the skin up to two times per day.

Using these simple tools, you can in the short term to facilitate their existence and to get rid of the annoying pink lichen.

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