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Causes and treatment of psoriasis

reasons for the development and treatment of psoriasis

psoriasis - a chronic skin disease Noninfective, which is reflected in the appearance of the human body well-defined hard scaly pinkish areas.Until now, the exact cause of this disease is unknown, but most experts agree that the development of this disease is hereditary

Psoriasis - Causes

Wink themselves psoriasis may be almost any age, but most often the development of thisThe disease occurs in two age periods, from sixteen to twenty-two years, and from fifty-seven to sixty.Making psoriasis can be activated very major external cause , led to a sharp decline in immunity.
provokes the development of psoriasis factors:
- sunburn
- infectious diseases
- stress
- HIV infection
- different skin trauma
- the use of certain medications (indomethacin, terbinafine, drugs, lithium, interferon A and so forth.)
The children mostoften serve as a kind of activator psoriasis various foci of chronic infections, SARS and puberty.
Women exacerbations may occur during pregnancy or while breastfeeding

Psoriasis - the signs and symptoms

At the moment, modern medicine there is no blood test for this disease.The diagnosis - psoriasis, is made only on the basis of visual inspection dermatologist skin.
In the initial stage of development of psoriasis usually affects ka quite small areas of the skin on the scalp, elbows and knees folds.As soon as the duration of the course of the disease is increasing - there is a loss over large areas.
main symptoms :
- The appearance of the skin of so-called plaques (scaly elevations pale pink, with clear boundaries).
- There is a noticeable itching
- Feels taut skin

Psoriasis - Treatment

Unfortunately get rid of psoriasis can not be, since the disease is chronic.However, there are many ways to treat psoriasis, due to which the disease moves into a phase of regression (clinical symptoms disappear - redness, itching and flaking).Psoriasis Treatment should be initiated only by the attending physician, as the proper selection of drugs depends on many factors:
- the presence of complications
- comorbidities
- disease severity
- the patient's age
- stage and shape the flow
excellent results right treatment is considered completethe disappearance of the skin of the patient's plaque, with the exception of one - doctors call it "plaque on duty."The course of treatment of psoriasis is usually limited to six or seven weeks, but in contact with the patient in a stressful situation, or in the case of concomitant disease - treatment period increases.During remission, patients were allocated to the permanent use of salicylic ointment and fatty creams with lanolin and Vaseline

diet for psoriasis

People suffering from psoriasis, doctors recommend continuing to stick to a diet.It is desirable to completely eliminate from your diet foods such as garlic, onions, and various hot spices, alcohol and chocolate.If possible, limit the use of products such as fried and fatty meat, all kinds of smoked meats, honey.Perfect meal in this disease is considered to be the fresh food.
contrast recommended to eat as many vegetables and fruits (except red - carrots, tomatoes, etc.), As well as lean meats and fish steamed or boiled.

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