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Demodex photo Demodex mites is parasites that live in the follicles of human hair, sebaceous glands, as well as in animal hair.Parasitic mites represent a colorless creature, covered with bristles, length from 0.15 to 0.48 mm.Hypodermic mites used as power sebum, as well as cells that form hair follicles and cosmetics used for skin care.Parasitic mites have the ability to move freely through the pores of the follicle.The temperature regime has special influence on the mite.At a temperature of 30 ° C parasites feel positive, but if the temperature drops below 14 ° C, the tick falls into a state of torpor.From favorite habitat for ticks is fat, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly.

Demodex facial able to reproduce quickly, that is played.Period reproduction of new individuals is up to two weeks.

demodex is located in the very mouths of hair follicles, but it is a favorite habitat of the hair follicles of eyebrows, eyelashes and sebaceous glands on the face.

demodex perfectly capable of also exist outs

ide this zone.A well-formed individuals demodex, the body has a transparent color and elongated shape.

demodex consist of two parts, the body itself is covered with scales and they help parasites held for the hair follicle.In the first part of the body placed feet and mouth.The digestive system of ticks is very special, because it has no excretory openings.

demodex mite is able to survive only a few weeks, but this time it is very advisable to use: lay larvae in the hair follicles and sebaceous ducts.For two or three days of demodex larva develops.

Demodex causes

Demodex mites exist two kinds.A live in the hair follicles and other sebaceous glands of a parasite in an animal or human.Demodex mites belong to opportunistic microorganisms.Every evening demodex mites out of the hair follicles on the skin surface, but after the return will wear a large variety of pathogenic bacteria, and as a result the skin becomes infected.In a small number of parasite living on fat, healthy skin.Intensify behavior demodex mites and their numerical increase attributed to the following reasons: a weakened immune system, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system diseases, constant stress.

demodex reasons lie in the use of hormone cosmetics or biological additives, tan or hobby room.Mite parasite under such conditions favor chemical or mechanical stimuli.The presence of a small number of individuals demodex on the skin is not reflected, and has been a dramatic increase is the beginning of the disease.

Photo demodex

demodex mites photo

Demodex symptoms

With increasing numbers of Demodex organisms, symptoms of demodex.First of all, the facial skin appear eels, as well as rashes, visually very similar to rosacea and acne rosacea.Place them on the localization of the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, eyelids.The obvious symptom of Demodex - is the emergence of itching on the hair, the face, the facial skin is bumpy, and fall under the individual signs of enlarged pores, increase the size of the nose, the fat content of the skin, itching BTE shells.Often there is itching on the forehead, lower the nose and cheeks.The greatest discomfort and itching noticeable in the evening, and at night, as this is the most active period for ticks.First, people do not pay attention to the itch, and then on the automatic scratching his head, face.With the defeat of demodex eyelid skin and itching, redden the eyes, loss of eyelashes begins.

a result of infection of the hair follicles in the further hair loss occurs, as well as increased redness and inflammation of the damaged layers of the skin.The skin becomes inflamed and become lumpy and getting dirty gray.On the skin of pimples, enlarged pores, acne, sores, redness, peeling, increased levels of fat content of the skin, and then joins the roughness of the skin and other problems.Patients often complain of growing the evening eyelid itching, heaviness in the eye, redness and inflammation of the eyelid margins.Next to the inflammation of the eyelids joined inflammation of the conjunctiva, which explains the complaints of the patient on the redness of eyes, watery eyes and the appearance of the eye foreign body sensation.

demodex, allocating a large amount of secrets, violates the metabolism in the body.

Demodex facial photo

photo Demodex facial

Demodex diagnosis

demodex diagnosed by microscopy and it is of two kinds: one lives in the hair follicles, and the other a parasite in the sebaceous glands of an animal or human.

demodex With the defeat of the eye, the patient take the lashes for tests.Under the microscope, the expert can easily identify the parasite eggs, ticks and dropped cluster chitin shell.The physician is able to carry out the test in the presence of the patient and immediately report the results of the analysis on demodex.If demodex clearly suffered from the skin, it is taken from the lesions scrape and conduct research under the microscope.Before scraping advised not to bathe day before the procedure.

Demodex treatment

demodex hard and only in cases of long-term persistence is treatable.Cure sometimes delayed up to six months, as demodicosis often directly affects the violation of an adequate work the gastrointestinal tract.However, there are a number of other diseases that plague cure.This intestinal dysbiosis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis.

How to cure demodex?Getting rid of comorbidities makes it possible to deal with the problem of demodectic mange.Treatment is aimed at increasing the body's defenses and, of course, the elimination of Demodex mites.

antihistamines are recommended to stop allergic reactions.Appointed by the following means: pills, creams, sprays, ointments.

demodex is protected by medical means personal multilayer outer cover, and this in turn complicates the treatment.

Demodex facial includes treatment of the following drugs: alcohol solution of calendula and eucalyptus.After rubs these funds put on the face ointment Demalan, Prenatsid.

Demalan ointment contains in its composition Metronidazole and biological substances, taken from the corneas of animals, to stimulate tissue repair.Demalan Ointment for the treatment of demodex is applied on the eyelids and on the affected areas of the face.

Prenatsid Ointment for the treatment of demodex toksikoallergicheskih removes skin reaction.

With the development of purulent blefarokonjuktivita / blepharitis, doctors prescribe antimicrobials.They include ointments and drops kolbiotsin, Eubetal antibiotic.

Facilitates the patient self-massage century.To do this, wet fingers lasting two minutes massaging the eyelids.In order to treat demodectic apply physiotherapy, ozone therapy, magnetic therapy.

After the main course of treatment for demodex eyelash regrowth recommended rubbed into the eyelid burdock.

Demodex prevention

In order to avoid re-infection, you must follow simple rules.It is necessary to change the pillow every day.It recommended as a facial wipe to use disposable paper towels.Its cosmetics are not given to use, and do not use someone else's.Creams used in tubes, but not canned, to prevent entry of the pathogen.It is necessary to keep clean their own things, in contact with skin.These include gloves hats, scarves.

special care need the bow points, shaving devices.To do this, wash the glasses in hot soapy water and sanitize razors alcoholic substance.During treatment, it is important to eliminate from the diet of spicy food and alcohol, avoid baths, saunas and limit exposure to the sun.

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