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scrapie photo Scrapie (purigo) - is itching dermatosis, which are the basic elements of a rash with small nodules of small bubbles in the center.Intense itching provokes combing those places where there is a rash, so that there are deep excoriation.One of the hallmarks of the disease appears the location of lesions on the extensor sites arms and legs without involving the flexor surfaces.Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by dermatological examination and study of the digestive tract and differentiation from other skin diseases.Treatment includes diet, the use of vitamins, use of physiotherapy, as well as the use of antihistamines and sedatives.

in dermatology are three varieties of pruritus: children, adults, and nodes.Children scrapie begins to manifest itself in the first year, but it may find itself with 5 years.Scrapie adults worried about the elderly, and nodular prurigo observed in people after 50 years (mostly women).

Scrapie causes

One of the main causes of pruritus is the sensi

tization of the organism, which leads to the development process on the skin allergic inflammation.Food referred to sensitizing the body components.Babies may have an allergy from the parent, as well as cow's milk.Older responds and suffers from mushrooms, eggs, flour products, citrus fruits, strawberries, chocolate, certain kinds of fish.Adults who are subject to the following food sensitizers coffee, smoking, alcohol, honey, spices, spicy foods.

important role in the development of the disease in children has a constitution (predisposition) of allergic reactions to the plan, which appear in exudative diathesis and various fermentopathia digestive tract.One of the contributing factors for all adults and children advocates and autoserotherapy autointoxication of the organism in the presence of disbaktirioza intestinal, biliary dyskinesia and helminthic invasion.In adults, the rule of provoking factors influencing the development of the disease, may be nervous and emotional disorders (neurosis, sleep disorders, psychosis) and some diseases of a general nature (tumors of the internal organs, chronic hepatitis, Hodgkin's disease, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, cholecystitis).

Sometimes when triggered by the occurrence of pruritus insect bites (fleas, mosquitoes, ticks) - a disease referred to epizoonozam.This hypothesis explains the reason for the high incidence of the disease in rural areas, as well as its seasonality.

scrapie nodosum photo

photo nodular pruritus

Scrapie symptoms

Children scrapie originated with the appearance on the skin and diffuse lesions is very heavy, reminiscent of nodules up to 5 mm, with time passing in small bubbles.Further, these bubbles burst and form a point of erosion, which are covered by the speed serous crusts.At the point erosions on the skin of the body and the face appears a large number of lesions.Papulovezikuly if scrapie can appear on the skin of the palms and soles.For them, tend to have swollen base with inflammatory rim of about 7 mm.

distinctive phenomenon pruritus is intense itching.Scratching the rash in places leads to multiple excoriation.Scrapie in children leads to neuropsychiatric breakdowns, which manifest in moodiness, tearfulness, poor sleep, irritability.

Many symptoms of scrapie regress on their own after the elimination from the menu baby cow's milk and infant formula.Sometimes children scrapie enters pruriginous eczema and atopic dermatitis or pruritus adults.

One of the first signs of such a transformation is the reduction and disappearance of abdominal plantar reflex and white dermographism.Children characterized by dryness of the skin, increasing the inguinal and femoral lymph nodes, anhidrosis.

Scrapie adults marked a pronounced nodular, itchy rash on the skin of the buttocks, abdomen, extensor surface of the extremities, back.Flexor surfaces of the extremities and face are often not affected.

Scrapie adults is characterized by dense hemispherical and conical papules red-brown color up to 5 mm.Along with this may be papules that differ bright red color and more intense itching.Allocated multiple excoriations, which are covered with hemorrhagic crusts.

disease in adults can be transferred from an acute to a chronic course.In the chronic form join neurotic symptoms: sleep disturbance, severe emotional lability, irritability.

Nodal scrapie released a long, chronic course.Rash has dense papules hemispherical shape.Their size varies within 6 -15 mm.Nodal scrapie is characterized by rash, located on the extensor surface of the skin of the feet, but on the trunk and hands frequently.

Infection diseases scratching can lead to the development of the following diseases: folliculitis, ostiofollikulit, abrasions, piodeomiya.

scrapie in children photo

photo pruritus in children

Scrapie diagnostics

Diagnoses pruritus dermatologist, who inspects and assigns dermatoscopy rash.In the event of the accession of secondary infection is already scraping bakposev that identifies the pathogen and sensitivity to antibiotics.

If scrapie occurs on a background of gastrointestinal diseases and endocrine diseases, it requires consultation with an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist.Appoint additional examination of feces on helminths, as well as analysis on a dysbacteriosis.According to the testimony of the doctor prescribes ultrasound of the pancreas, liver, liver function tests.It is important to exclude the diagnosis of scrapie dermatological diseases with similar clinical picture.Nodal scrapie is hard to differentiate from lichen planus.Features location rash pruritus allow select it from scabies, atopic dermatitis, and drug reaction.Atopic dermatitis is a rash localized on the flexor surfaces.Scabies detects paired typical moves for the disease.Drug reaction associated with rashes on the background of making drugs.

Scrapie treatment

diet in the treatment of pruritus, is given great importance.Infants to reduce sensitization to the mother's milk, it is necessary to give 10 drops 10 minutes before the main feeding.When pruritus following as soon as possible to include in the diet of baby product cheese, carrot juice, yogurt.Nursing and pregnant women should limit consumption of citrus fruits, fish, eggs, pickles, pork.

diet when scrapie adults, including sour milk products (cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt), boiled beef, fruit, sunflower oil, vegetables (required carrot, cabbage, peas, spinach).

If found helminth invasion, then be de-worming.It is important for the successful treatment of the disease to reorganize possible foci of chronic infections: otitis, carious teeth, sinusitis, goiter, tonsillitis.

Scrapie is well treated by digestive enzymes (Mezim, Festal), B vitamins, A and C, antihistamines (loratadine, Fenkarol, desloratadine, Suprastin, Clemastine) and sedative drugs (Valerian tincture Peony).The proven therapeutic baths with a decoction of oak bark, bran, chamomile, or succession.As additional funds when scrapie effective ointments and creams with corticosteroids.

Locally recommended alcohol rubdown with phenol, menthol, anestezin and preparations naftalan tar ihtiola with the addition of corticosteroids (sinaflana, flutsinar, Lorinden).In severe cases, steroids recommend inside.Physiotherapy techniques when scrapie include suberitemnye UVR dose, phonophoresis, electric, inductothermy, iontophoresis, microwave therapy, DDT cervical sympathetic nodes.

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