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demodekoz photo Acne defeat smooth skin and hair mite parasite of the genus Demodex.Long mites can live in petrolatum, vegetable oil, cosmetic cream.Acne manifests itself in humans in the form of acne, sores on the skin, skin rash on the chest, face, back, increasing greasiness of the skin, well as increased itching.On the progression of the disease manifestations say pronounced cosmetic defects.Skin becoming unhealthy earthy-gray, are thus raised, joined puffy nose, and mimic facial movements difficult.If demodekoz affects the hair, there is itching, followed by loss of hair and eyelashes.

Acne dangerous joining a secondary infection, disease progression, as well as scar skin changes.

Acne in humans caused by the mite Demodex folliculorum, was identified in 1842.Currently, 65 types of fixed mite, but only three lives on human skin.Parasite tick on the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, and a favorite place of concentration acts chin and nose.

Acne a person is able to spread to the eyebrows and e

yelashes.The size of the adult tick up to 0.4 mm.The body is covered with scales, through which the tick is fixed to the hair follicles.Nutrients for the mite acts as sebum and human hormones.Ticks are afraid of daylight and therefore appear on the skin surface in the late afternoon, causing discomfort and severe itching.The life cycle of the parasite demodectic mange is a few weeks, but during this time period the female makes several clutches of eggs that reach the size of several dozen.Four days later, new individuals are born, ready to reproduce a week.In this older individuals die and decompose in the hair follicles.

Acne causes

Demodex mite was detected in the majority of the population, but the disease progresses, not all.If you find single follicle mites, this should not be cause for concern because the pathogen demodicosis passive reproduction.Starting mechanism to rapidly multiply mite remains open.

however suggest that the reason that caused demodekoz, perform the following diseases: neurosis, psychosis, depression, phobias.It directly contributes to the development of sebum, to create favorable living conditions for the parasite.

Acne and frequent causes of provoking the disease: skin diseases, decreased immunity, eating spicy food, passion for saunas, baths, sun exposure, use of hormone cosmetics, exposure to high temperatures, poor living conditions, exposure to the sun.

Acne does not bear deep disorders of the body, but the facial skin becomes unsightly, and there is the danger of secondary infection mite non-compliance with preventive measures.The risk often get women who have loose, as well as sensitive skin, having a tendency to redness.

Men demodekoz less susceptible.The reason is that the male part of the population shaving removes a layer of skin where the tick was strengthened.

If persistent human immunity, the demodekoz does not arise, since the parasite can not penetrate beyond the basement membrane.

And while taking hormones, immunity races, the structure of the skin, and therefore, the probability increases dramatically demodectic mange.

Rarely, but there are times when demodekoz diagnosed in people who do not fall under any reason.

Photo demodekoza

photo demodekoza face

Acne symptoms

Inflammation of the skin is the main manifestation of demodectic mange.If you notice that the anti-acne cosmetics has no effect, and the number of pimples, rosacea is growing, with increased sebaceous excretions, the complexion becomes gray and purple hues - with a high probability it can be argued that you demodicosis.If you find the above symptoms should be to make microscopic examination of hair follicles for demodex.Acne clinically diverse forms of rash.

The development of demodectic mange affects the increase in the number of actively proliferating parasites, and improper care of the skin.

Erimatoznaya form of demodectic mange different facial flushing, as well as sporadic eruptions.This form of demodectic differentiate rosacea.The causes of rosacea appears vascular neurosis, and the addition of the bacterial microflora.Acne rosacea is able to complicate, but the cause of the disease is not acting.

Acne is characterized by the formation of pustules, which are formed due to the overflow follicle sebum.The most frequently encountered disease, papules in the size of which in the range of 0.5 - 2 mm.The person sick strewn with various elements, in colors from pink and red to dark.Rash causes discomfort to the patient, so many get rid of it mechanically.

Next on the skin can be seen the dried crusts and cyanotic infiltrative areas.Himself inflammation enhances the growth of epithelial cells, and also violates the exfoliation, which leads to thickening of the skin layer and the impact on the creation of favorable conditions for the development of demodectic mange.

most active agent is active in the spring and autumn, and this is directly related to the seasonality of recurrence.

Acne provokes the development of other skin diseases.In the event of demodicosis eyelashes, blepharitis and conjunctivitis joins.Scratches, skin injuries can lead to pustular infection.Complications include also closed due to non-aesthetic appearance.Often, patients with a history of demodex are chronic diseases of the digestive system, and endocrine abnormalities.

Acne treatment

As demodicosis is a chronic disease with unstable periods of remissions and exacerbations, that it can not be completely cured.However it is possible to achieve long-term and stable remission, in which the skin is clinically healthy.

How to treat demodicosis?Apply antiparasitic agents is not always appropriate because the life cycle of the pathogen demodicosis requires a long course of antiparasitic therapy.Effective drugs, who are treating the demodectic mange, are the drugs of tinidazole and metronidazole.But to achieve the therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use high dosages, which adversely affect the liver, as well as the function of hematopoiesis.

ointment, cream or gel demodekoza drugs that contain metranidazol have high efficiency, since due to its low-fat structure penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, providing moisturizing and cooling effect.

Acne facial treatment

widely used drugs Sulphur, Ichthyol, Tar, 1-2% of the yellow mercury ointment Benzilёnzoat, Amitrazol 1% Permethrin, Lindane 1%, Amitrazol 10% Crotamiton (Yuraks).

Acne facial with deep skin lesions treated with alcohol and essential mash cooked dermatologist prescription at the pharmacy.Short-term use of the principal amount of mash kills the parasites, but long-term use of drugs provokes dry skin, enhanced sebum production and the disease breaks out with a bang.

more productive treatment is an integrated approach by the dermatologist and dermatologist.With this approach, medications affect the Demodex and have cosmetic procedures to help restore the protective function of the skin.

Acne facial well treated by electrophoresis.Electricity at the time, is able to block the activity of ticks, and wetting agents to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and improve it.

Microdermabrasion in remission indicative for the treatment of demodectic face.The procedure allows to mechanically remove the layer of the skin, where there is the highest concentration of mites.Then appointed neapparatnaya cleansing, and further face peeling fruit acids.

in clinical cure rate is assigned to laser coagulation, and vascular effects of photocoagulation.

Patients are encouraged to be examined by an endocrinologist, and revise the diet.The diet includes dairy and plant foods.During the treatment of demodectic mange should get rid of old cosmetics, decorative tools, as well as accessories.Moisturizing skin with light gels that are purchased in single packages as well as packages with the dispenser to prevent ticks into the vial.Recommended daily produce towels and frequently wash pillows, blankets.The complexity of the treatment of demodectic mange is caused by the individuality of the disease.

specific prevention demodekoza not, however, necessary to comply with diet, carefully take care of the skin, stop use someone else's makeup.When stable remission, should be in the spring and autumn to adhere to the diet of plant foods, regular visits to dermatologist.

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