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Scabies photo Scabies in humans is a contagious disease that occurs due to mite parasitism itch on the skin.A person infected after direct contact with a patient with scabies: shaking hands and objects, clothing.And a week after exposure in humans may appear interdigital folds on the sides of the fingers and upper limbs and torso anterolateral lesions resembling small nodules, vesicles.

know from history that the first description of the disease scabies are more than 2,500 years ago.Ancient Greece are scabies a group of skin diseases by combining their term psora.Ancient Rome disease called scabies.To this day because the name and save.Medieval treatises hypothesize assumption parasitic nature of the origin of scabies.Confirmed evidence about the role of scabies mites in the occurrence of the disease appear immediately after the opening of the optical microscope.1687 was marked by the description scabies due to the symptoms of the disease.These discoveries are obliged to Italian physician Giovan

ni Cosimo Bonomo and pharmacist Dyachinto Cheston since they first established that the disease is caused by a microscopic organism scabies.In 1844, a German dermatologist Ferdinand Hebra gave a true and complete description of the pathogenesis and etiology of scabies.For scabies is characterized by undulating periodicity in 7-30 years.Rapid jumps were recorded incidence in time of war, in times of natural disasters and people crowding, hunger.During these periods, suffer from scabies and 30% of the population.In another version of the growth of the disease depends on the recurrence of increasing aggressiveness of the tick because of the emergence of resistance to a number skabitsidov.

The increase in the incidence of seasonal influences.For Russia, the favorable time autumn-winter.Seasonality is due to the biological characteristics of scabies mite.Fertility mite reaches its peak during the cooler as a cold promotes better survival of the parasite.In cold weather, people are prone to congestion and reduce sweating.Sweat releases antimicrobial peptides, which react itch mites.Peak incidence in West Africa also accounts for the cold and dry seasons.Where there is no pronounced seasonality of the climate, the disease scabies is distributed evenly throughout the year.

Scabies causes

Scabies, as skin, infectious diseases, provoked by microscopic parasite referred to as scabies mites or scabies.This is the name of the originator received from the Greek, meaning to chew meat.The term scabies root as the verb appears to be scratched.The source of infection appears scabies patient or his belongings.Often the infection is carried out directly from a patient with prolonged, close contact (staying in the same bed and so on.).It acts by direct infection from person to person.But it is possible to catch and through things (bed linen, towels, sleeping bags, sponges).A moist environment is favorable for scabies and in it he is able to survive 5 days.

disease scabies epidemic able to proceed, as well as endemic.For developed countries are characterized by sporadic outbreaks in which localized disease scabies in collectives (boarding schools, military barracks, dormitories, orphanages, hospitals, prisons) as well as asocial environment.Groups, where members come together in the afternoon (group of kindergartens, universities, schools, labor groups), usually do not carry the danger of epidemic.Overall incidence of occurrence percentage in the industrialized countries is low.Data for England 1994-2003 year mark incidence at a ratio of 350 cases per 100 thousand during the year in men and 437 female cases.Russia, on the basis of sales skabitsidnyh funds, over one million cases per year, but in some countries the percentage of incidence is even higher.A lot of patients found among Australian Aborigines, peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa and New Zealand.This is attributed to the structure of the stratum corneum of the skin and features immunity.According to reports, at the end of the XX century from scabies affects more than 300 million. People, approximately 5% of the world population.It noticed that the world is suffering from scabies more than younger children.It is believed that this is due to lack of direct contacts and babies immunity to the pathogen.In Russia, the main risk is in the youth age group, followed by school age, pre-school and then four mature.It is noted that scabies is distributed by social group, consistent with the age characteristics.The highest incidence among students is much lower in school, followed by preschoolers.This situation is explained by sexual activity, and especially antipruritic immunity by age.

itch mite photos

photo scabies

Stage scabies

Pathogen scabies itch mite is an obligate parasite of humans.For this parasite peculiar sexual dimorphism: females reach sizes of 0.5 mm, it is twice as much as males.Mouthparts of the tick comes forward.The side portions have two pairs of suction front legs and two pairs of rear legs located on the ventral surface.Hind legs are long bristles females and males in the fourth pair of legs suckers.Form mite eggs has an oval shape, and the larva gets ovoidal, and three pairs of legs.The fourth pair of yet.Larvae size is 0.1 mm.Mating scabies mites carried on the surface of the skin.After mating, the males die soon.The female lays up per night 4 eggs, form an itch move.Keratin skin itch mites skillfully dissolved by proteolytic enzymes, which are contained in their saliva.Females live for four to six weeks.The larvae appear after 2-4 days, starting for the immediate formation of moves.After 3-4 days the larvae molt, becoming protonymphs, and after 2-5 days turn into teleonimfu.In turn teleonimfa further develops into an adult female or male for 5-6 days.Thus, the formation of the adult mites ends in 14 days.

Stage scabies contagious at any stage of development, but most infections occur Fertilized adult females.The clinic with the disease expressed immuno-allergic reaction to the mite waste products.Hence the long asymptomatic period that lasts 4 weeks.When the replay response to pathogen infection develops at night and found the body of a much smaller number of ticks.Itch itch expressed an allergic reaction to eggs, saliva and feces of the mites.Itching caused by scratching often leads to the development of bacterial flora (streptococci and staphylococci), as well as the development of pustules (pyoderma).Norwegian scabies is characterized by a pronounced form of hyperkeratosis and inflammatory infiltrate areas have a huge number of ticks (several million).Norwegian scabies develops in patients who do not feel the itch or do not make scratches.These conditions are typical during immunodeficiencies when sluggish reaction to the mites.This scabies ill people suffering on dementia, restricted mobility, paralysis, AIDS, constitutional anomalies of keratinization, regular intake of glucocorticoid and other immunosuppressive agents.

Scabies symptoms

As skin disease scabies is accompanied by severe itching, enhances the evening.

Scabies and its symptoms is itching and papulovezikuleznaya rash, pustular elements accession due to infection by scratching.

Scabies on hand photo

photo scabies between the fingers

first signs of scabies

First of all - it is rash.Very often detected at first, obscure signs of rash, people relate it to their own itch, or put in front opposing diagnoses, linking it to the professional activity, or allergic reactions.The word scabies root as the verb appears to be scratched.Therefore, if there is itching, people just put a diagnosis without consulting a dermatologist.

reviews of people about the disease scabies often are such that if they did not engage in self-medicate and consult a doctor before, many problems can be avoided and treatment took place much faster.It would appear, where you can get scabies?The answer is simple.After bedding, mattresses, handshake, close contact (intimate relationships), through clothing, through a variety of subjects.

first signs of scabies, which should alert the person - it's itchy skin, paired itch moves characteristic of scabies and scratches.When detected at or near these symptoms - do not hesitate and immediately contact a doctor, because one sick person at risk to infect the entire family, including small children.Skin disease can bring not only physical ailments, but also to deliver the moral torment and distrust on the part of relatives to question your cleanliness, destroy social ties with people you love.

Scabies symptoms

main symptoms of scabies is itching, which manifests itself at night.

Reviews patients about the disease scabies is that people attribute to their rash noble origin and not willing to believe in the true causes of disease.For example, one patient who stubbornly continue to believe in the nature of an allergic rash of origin, has been diagnosed with scabies discouraged.He worked in a shoe shop and had contact with chemicals, adhesives, paints, and which attributed the effect of provoking lesions.Only a dermatologist dispelled his doubt contrived diagnosis after a visual inspection of the skin and finding the following symptoms of scabies rash on the feet and the palms, and much less on the body.Tie it with a handshake and a close embrace, long touch.

Scabies incubation period

So, contact with ill with scabies happen.What happens next?It is a mistake to believe that the manifestation of scabies has some definite clear time span.All individual and depends on the stage of scabies, as well as the age of the infecting species.If the skin penetrated the adult, then a couple of hours capable of rash.Other cases are characterized by latent infection and the first signs of scabies appear after 14 days.This is the incubation period of the disease scabies.Rash with scabies often confused with the disease - scrapie.It is important to diagnose the disease and start early treatment.

Scabies in humans called scabies.This mite is very small size and practically invisible.The length of the female is an up to 190-400 microns.The life of an individual takes 1 month.Over the life of a female doing a multiple tunnels beneath the epidermis and lay up to four eggs per day.Reproduction of the mite occurs so quickly that in three months appears on the skin of the order of 150 million. Specimens.

The incubation period of scabies include 2 weeks and after 14 days there is a transformation of the larvae into adults who are also in the rate of the larvae start to lay.

Scabies buttocks photo

photo scabies buttocks

What is scabies?

This presence of burrows, finds himself naked eye.The next symptom of the disease - polymorphisms.It is the appearance of bubbles, papules, which are covered with hemorrhagic crust, as well as the occurrence of erosions, vesicles, excoriations.Favourite places itch mite - interdigital folds, the abdomen, the elbow and side of the torso, breasts (this is for women), buttocks, thighs, genitals (this is for men).It should be remembered that a complete healing of scabies does not allow the acquisition of immunity from it.You should always disinfect the premises, as well as personal belongings.It is important to take into account the recommendations of a dermatologist doctor for personal hygiene.This should be done to prevent re-infected ticks.Those who ignore the recommendations of the doctor, sick for a long time and painfully struggling with the disease.Itching occurs not only because of scabies, so you should be tested for scabies to confirm this diagnosis.

disease scabies is treated comprehensively controlled by a dermatologist.If sick or has a family suspects that the contracted company, which spent most of the time, in this case it is important to treat all contact, to prevent reproduction.

What are the symptoms of scabies?

important symptom of scabies are the red spots on the body that are bothering itching, as well as the presence of curved lines dirty gray shade - burrows.Scabies usually occurs in the hands, feet, the face, groin, children on the head.The rash is distributed frequently in descending order in the spaces interdigital hands on the side of the wrist, men are moving from the hands to the penis, and then the scrotum, then affects the feet, elbows, armpits, under the breasts (in women), belt line, umbilical region,buttocks.So, the whole body is affected, in addition to the hairy part and face.The disease is able to spread rapidly, as the patient with scabies on his hands very quickly spreads it all over the body by scratching or The Touch to parts of his body.Next repeatedly wear clothing is a source of the spread of the mite throughout the body.That is why it is important when unexplained rash forms as soon as possible go to the doctor, clothing and bedding disinfected and perform all medical prescriptions.

Types scabies

typical scabies, the most common.It is characteristic of the presence of symptoms, including itching and itch moves.

Scabies is no different from the typical moves lack itch moves, but there are bubbles.Scabies no moves developed as a result of the infection is not adult mites and larvae, which need time to mature.

Scabies "cleanly" is similar to a typical, but it is developing for those people who like to frequently wash.With the help of washing they remove most of scabies mites, and the disease is not expressed.

Norwegian scabies observed in people with weak immune systems.In the fall risk area persons with Down's syndrome, AIDS, tuberculosis and drug addicts.This type of mange the hardest and most infectious.

Psevdochesotka (psevdosarkoptoz) observed in patients infected animals.This itch mite is manifested only by a strong itch and does not cause the typical symptoms.In the special treatment does not require, after the termination of all animals disappear.

Complicated scabies fixed when untreated typical form with joined infection.Places defeat blush, very painful, moist, with an unpleasant odor.

Scabies in children

symptoms of the disease scabies in children are very similar to symptoms of the disease in adults.However, in infants with scabies, strokes papulovezikulami detected and vezikulourtikarnaya rash, paronychia arise, develop and soak onychia.

Scabies in children under 6 months of urticaria resembles the disease and is characterized by a large number of scratching and blisters.Localization - skin of the face, buttocks, back.Later, there are small vesicular rash, sometimes bubbles.In some cases, children resembles scabies disease - eczema, which is characterized by intense itching, not only on the affected skin.The child does not sleep well, observed on the skin allergic dermatitis, pyoderma such as impetigo.There may be a lymphadenitis and lymphangitis, and leukocytosis, lymphocytosis, eosinophilia, and albuminuria, as well as the acceleration of ESR.In infants toddlers able to develop sepsis.Parents should be treated strictly in the evening or at bedtime, because at this time of day has to increased activity of ticks.Preparations everything else give a child the opportunity to sleep better, but the very action of the drug will be effective against scabies all night.

Infants need a tight swaddling, and hands in protective mittens, so as not to bring the drug into the mouth or eyes.If you get money from the mucous scabies, respiratory tract, should be washed under running water and then seek medical attention.

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