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Duhring's Disease Treatment

Duhring disease treatment

Duhring's disease (aka - dermatitis Duhring, Duhring-Brock syndrome, dermatitis herpetiformis, pemphigus pruriginous) refers to a chronic recurrent skin diseases . This dermatosis is quite rare, but can affect people of any age from the birth to old age. Fortunately, children have a benign course of the disease and the majority of Dühring it completely disappears by puberty.
Dühring etiology of the disease is still not fully understood.There are several versions of its causes:
- immunological abnormalities (the inability of the intestine to digest and break down gluten and protein crops)
- allergic nature of occurrence (for sick people there is increased sensitivity to iodine-containing drugs and to iodine)
- In consequence of endocrine changes (menopause,pregnancy, etc.)
- There are assumptions about infectious, viral

flow and symptoms

In most cases, Duhring's disease develops acutely and after a certain amount of time flows in chronic with periods of

exacerbation.In the initial stage of the disease is manifested by fever, general malaise, a feeling of burning and itching quite sharp in the affected areas.In the process of developing the disease Dühring, on the skin appear girlyandoobraznye precipitation in the form of bubbles filled with serous content.The rash can appear almost anywhere on the skin except the palms and soles of the feet


Duhring disease treatment drugs produced - sulfonamides, dermatologist developed strictly for the scheme and is sufficiently long in nature.External treatment of lesions based on puncture the bubble and then lubricate the affected area with antiseptic.In case of erosion apply dressings with antibacterial ointments.

Duhring's disease has a chronic course, but occasionally recorded cases of self-healing.In the prevention of possible recurrence of great importance diet that excludes the use of products from rye and wheat.

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