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seborrhea photo Seborrhea is a chronic, painful skin condition caused by increased sebum secretion due to disruptions of neuroendocrine regulation of functioning of the sebaceous glands.The disease is only 10% of patients remained for life.Often it occurs elderly people, as well as middle-aged and mostly male.Seborrhea is able to express themselves on any cutaneous site, where there are sebaceous ducts, but her favorite location, it is T-zone: the bow, chin, forehead and neck area with the central part of the back.

Seborrhea causes of

diseases can manifest itself at any age, but often progresses into adolescence as increased secretion of the sebaceous glands due to hormonal changes in the body.

Seborrhea skin arose in adolescence is considered physiological.As they get older, ill get rid of signs of seborrhea.

Seborrhea skin and its common causes - is hormonal disorders, which are expressed in a jump in the number of androgens and estrogens.In a period of increased androgen increases the am

ount of generated sebum.Women seborrhea manifest violations of the proportion of progesterone and androgens.In this case, an increase in the levels of androgens and estrogens and progesterone decrease.

Men seborrhea results in increased levels of androgens, as well as accelerating metabolic processes.The causes of this provoked by the presence of hereditary factors producing tumors such as testicular tumor.

causes of seborrhea may arise in symbiosis with diseases such as Parkinson's disease, sleeping sickness, and Cushing's disease.

reason for the pathogenesis of the disease may serve as mental disorders: schizophrenia, infectious psychosis, manic depression, and epilepsy.

Seborrhea may occur due to vitamin deficiencies, long-term use of anabolic steroids, progesterone, testosterone, glucocorticosteroids.

a significant role in the occurrence of seborrhea is given pathogenic effects Pityrosporum ovale (yeasts), increase in pathology.Related diseases increase the sebum and the number of Pityrosporum ovale.

Hallmarks of seborrhea seborrheic dermatitis acts in violation of the sebaceous glands, but not inflammation of the skin.

Seborrhoea symptoms

Skin disease is manifested in a sharp increase of sebum to qualitative changes.This results in the following: thickens the horny layer of the epidermis, there is a characteristic shine of the skin, annoying tingling of the skin, partial loss of hair, dandruff appears profuse.

In the case where no diseased head frequently washed, and then the process progresses captures all new areas of skin, wherein the peeling becomes even more abundant.In severe seborrhea there are red spots and patches on the skin, covered with scales or crusts bloody.In seborrheic process can involve the skin of the forehead, the area of ​​the ear passages, BTE areas.Patients may complain of constant discomfort and severe pruritus.In the absence of proper treatment are able to receive the plaque on the face, chest, back, a complication of bacterial infection.

seborrhea Diagnostics includes the following diagnostic procedures: anamnesis, the determination of risk factors for the pathogenesis of seborrhea, a blood test for detection of hormones, blood chemistry, bacteriological examination of the hair and skin.If necessary, it appointed study of the endocrine system and abdomen.

Seborrhoea children

disease can begin after three months of life, babies without causing discomfort.Seborrhea in children manifests itself in the form of a yellowish brown crusts covering often scalp.After a time, peel and flake easily separated from the children's baby's skin is very resembling dandruff.Children seborrhea called gneiss and milk crusts.The causes of seborrhea children sometimes acts in the organism infant maternal hormones.These hormones trigger the activity of the sebaceous glands.After a time, the concentration of hormones is reduced, and the crusts disappear by themselves.

Another cause of infant seborrhea can be parental genetics, as well as parents predisposition to allergies, which can be transmitted to the baby.In this case, the baby is able to occur with signs of eczema BTE crusts and axillary hollows.

Treatment infant seborrhea is: wash your baby's baby shampoo and then a soft brush to remove the flakes or rub baby oil in the head, leaving till the morning, and then removing the crust from the head.If these methods do not help, and the crust formed again, do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician.

There are three types of seborrhea, which is oily, dry, and the third type - Mixed seborrhea.

seborrhea scalp photos

photo seborrhea scalp

oily seborrhea

disease is characterized by the expansion of the sebaceous glands.Than it threatens?Reduces the elasticity of the skin, enlarged pores appear often horny masses clogged sebaceous hair follicles.It provokes the formation of acne and blackheads - comedogenic.Visually observed in diseased increased greasiness of hair with signs of yellow scales on the skin of the scalp.

oily seborrhea dangerous pustular skin diseases.This type of skin disease often characterized by youth and representatives of the female population.

Seborrhoea fat treatment

oily seborrhea an increase sebum treated alcoholic solutions, which contain sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid, ether, tincture of calendula, solutions of ammonia, sodium tetraborate, tannin, alum, hydrochloric acid, or lotions with tincture of hawthorn,lily of the valley.The head is recommended to wash once every seven days.More frequent washing can lead to overdrying, as well as degreasing of the skin.

more oily seborrhea successfully cure opposite degreased methods.The alcoholic solution is added oil or oily cream with retinol solution and disinfectants: lemon juice, drops of eau de cologne.

dry seborrhea

In this form of seborrhea have decreased excretion of fat, and hairy part of seeing the abundant presence of flakes of dandruff.

dry seborrhea is a result of low immunity caused by malnutrition and emotional, intense physical exertion.

cycle natural desquamation of the skin cells is reduced, leading to occurrence of dandruff.Further, it disrupted the structure of the hair.Patients complain that the hair becomes brittle, thin, dry, and the tips posechennye.The dry form is characterized by hair loss.

dry Seborrhea treatment

In this form of the disease use compounds with salicylic acid, sulfur ointment "Persalan", "Medis", "emulsion cinchona bark."In order to prevent and treat seborrhea scalp use creams with vitamin F. A good effect in the treatment of dry seborrhea has biotin Aevitum, karotolin, apilakovaya ointment, propolis.It is important to use products that have the unsaturated fatty acid (soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and other vegetable oils) as well as preparations with vitamin F (linetol, rosehip oil).Shampoo reduced to once every ten days.Dry scalp is reduced if the washing procedure to be applied to the hair burdock or castor oil.

Effective use of brilliantine - alcohol mixture with castor oil.If dry seborrhea, we use up to 80 grams of castor oil and 40 ml of alcohol and if oily seborrhea, then take up to 40 grams of castor oil and 80 ml of alcohol.

in brilliantine can add olive oil or cocoa.The beneficial effect is obtained and the effect of yogurt with seborrhea scalp.The yogurt can be added raw beaten egg and put a mask on his head and 30 minutes.Rinse dark hair better to produce water with two tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of water, and it is advisable to rinse blond hair infusion of chamomile flowers.

Mixed seborrhea.The third type of seborrhea is characterized by the simultaneous presence of signs of dry and oily form.And what is remarkable is the simultaneity of the location on the skin.For example, in the center of the face skin is oily and dry on the cheeks.Mixed seborrhea or fat may occur on the head and on the face dry.

seborrhea torso photo

photo seborrhea torso

Seborrhea treatment

painful skin condition is treated with all the intrinsically pathological disorders of the body.Recommended screening and treatment of nervous system to internal organs, it is important to regulate hormones.

How to cure seborrhea?It is necessary to comply with dietary recommendations.To do this, use a systematic and sour milk products, a variety of fruits and vegetables, cereals and vitamins.Excluded acute, fat, tinned food, is reduced to minimalism salt intake of carbohydrates (starchy foods and sweets).

Treatment of seborrhea of ​​the skin include daily walks, healthy sleep, the adoption of the sulfur and mineral, sunbathing, playing sports, swimming in the waters.When neurosis patients received sedation.

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp is treated by the following methods: cryomassage, darsonvalization inductothermy adrenal region, laser puncture.

Drug treatment of seborrhea involves the use of antifungal agents from the group of azoles.These include Keto Plus, ketoconazole, Nizoral, Dermazol, Nizoral, Bifon, bifonazole.Drugs prescribed by a doctor after the required research.

As a supplement is recommended for women contraceptive pills, hormone regulating ovarian function.

Seborrhea skin treated with bracing means, vitamin therapy (B, A, D, E), trace elements, ascorbic, nicotinic acid, glycerophosphate, drugs sulfur, calcium, copper, iron, zinc oxide;nutritional supplements, including brewer's yeast, as well as biogenic stimulators.

At the time of treatment of seborrhea scalp hygiene should be observed, as well as special care for oily skin.

seborrhoea shampoo to be fitted to the head of such species that contain selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, tar or ketoconazole.

Reviews patients about the treatment of seborrhea say that the frequent use of selenium sulfide affects the increased sebaceous excretions.In the case of diagnosis of the disease do not despair.With timely response it can be cured in a short time.

People seborrhea treatment

It has long been observed that people's seborrhea treatment gives good results.

How to get rid of seborrhea?

1. The herb St. John's wort to insist on an alcohol solution of 1: 5.Apply if oily seborrhea and acne.

2. The flowers of chamomile and sage leaves in the brew kettle in the proportions of 200 ml of boiling water and a tablespoon of herbs.The resulting broth oily skin during use.

3. Fill up to 50 grams of onion peel 400 ml of water and keep in a boiling 20 minutes.Next, wrap up and give to stand up to one hour after the filter.This broth lubricates the hair.Then again comb and apply solutions, giving dry and everything is repeated.The procedure is done three times a week for oily seborrhea.

4. Very favorable folk remedy for oily scalp: combine art.a spoonful of castor oil, the same amount of onion juice and Medco, plus egg yolk.Antiseborrheic to rub the mixture carefully into the skin, wrapped her head in a towel for an hour, then wash hair.

5. Garlic paste and leaves of nettle are placed on the scalp and scarf fixed for 20 minutes in dry seborrhea.Then wash off with water acidulated with lemon and rinse hair decoction of chamomile.

6. When the pores of the expanded skin, use a mask of egg protein.For this protein in the foam whisk and add three - four drops of lemon juice.

7. Mix alcohol tincture of calendula with 20 grams of castor oil.The mixture is rubbed into the scalp with oily seborrhea.

8. People's treatment includes this recipe: two tablespoons of chopped burdock root boiled water, bring to a boil and languishing in the fire up to 20 minutes, then allowed the grass to cool, strain it and rubbed into the scalp.

9. The roots of burdock herb St. John's wort and succession, chamomile flowers, immortelle, corn mixed bars.Four tablespoons minced collection filled with 300 ml of boiling water, to insist night in a thermos, and then carefully rubbed into the scalp clean, then put on a plastic bag for 30 minutes.

10. The grass mother and stepmother and nettle are two Art.spoon poured a glass of boiling water, boil, insist, filter.Rinse hair with seborrhea ready.

11. Effective honey decoction of oak bark at oily seborrhea head.To do this, oak bark pour water 1: 5, boil for 20 min., Let stand, drain, add boiling water, as it was before the boiling broth to join honey (cup of broth - a teaspoon of honey).Use for hair roots.

After treatment, as well as normalization of the skin is necessary to wash a head two months medicated shampoos.Patients with seborrhea should be careful to replace the products for skin care.But from styling tools, perms, hair coloring and blow-drying is better to abstain without urgent need.

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