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dyshydrosis photo dyshidrosis is a skin disease that is characterized by the formation of small bubbles itchy because of blockage in the ducts of sweat glands.It affects hands, palms, feet.Dyshidrosis attributed to a variety of eczema.

dyshidrosis often occurs in people who suffer from hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating of palms and soles.In most cases, dyshydrosis associated with functional disorders associated with neuro-vascular diseases of the skin.The disease is more acute in the spring and autumn.

dyshidrosis reasons

causes of the disease depends on many factors.First of all, it can be sensitive to the drug arose (antibiotics) and chemicals (drugs for the control of insects, kerosene, fertilizers, cleaning fluids sideboard, turpentine and washing powder).It is possible that provocateurs will perform and diseases of the endocrine system, immune disorders and comprehended human allergic disease.The doctors are very difficult to determine the true causes dyshydrosis.

dyshydrosis reasons ph

ysicians are also associated with emotional instability, stress, with mental and physical overload.Often illness provokes a professional activity and incurred in connection with this syndrome, chronic fatigue, burnout syndrome, neurosis and psychosis.

dyshidrosis stop often seen in patients prone to sweating, and after an excitement, a sudden fright or other nervous shocks.Another cause of the disease may be a problem of the gastrointestinal tract.For example, food (mushrooms, strawberries) are capable of provoking dyshydrosis.

dyshidrosis symptoms

The disease manifests itself on the skin of the palms, soles, the lateral surfaces of the fingers, much less on the back of the hands, upper part of the foot.Skin hit multiple and deep-seated, and interspersed with small bubbles that are filled with liquid.These bubbles are dense in its consistency as well as transparency, the size of a pinhead.The occurrence of tumors is accompanied by itching and burning.Visually observed swelling and redness of the affected areas.

dyshidrosis is not contagious, but the man causes a lot of inconvenience and suffering.If you are constantly combing, it is possible that the affected areas are infected, the bubbles merge and turn into pustules, and the liquid in the vials will become yellow color.Next dyshydrosis capable complicated following diseases: limfangiitom, felon.Remember that successful treatment does not rule out the resumption of the disease with a new force.

dyshydrosis brushes Photo

photo dyshydrosis hands

dyshidrosis brushes

Being the most common disease that affects the palm of the hands and fingers.Dyshidrosis on hand is primarily manifested in the form of pink transparent bubbles that are visible through the top layer of the epidermis.The emergence of intraepidermal vesicles usually accompanies itching, burning, redness, swelling, coarsening of the skin, peeling, and the convergence of the skin with the palm rest.If the patient brushing bubbles, then there is infection of the skin, and then the contents of the vesicles becomes cloudy, becoming yellowish.

dyshidrosis hands is a seasonal exacerbation, manifested in the spring and fall.The reason that there is a hands dyshydrosis primarily imbalance of the nervous system.Another factor in the development of the disease are the failures in the innervation of the sweat glands of the skin.Depending on the symptoms and their depth distinguish the true dyshydrosis disgidroticheskuyu or eczema.

dyshidrosis children .The above mentioned symptoms occur dyshydrosis and children.The first harbingers of eruptions are the itching and burning.Himself attack dyshydrosis children lasts up to 10 days.Further there is a flattening of the bubbles and cover their crust with subsequent disappearance.Treatment of pompholyx children occurs directly controlled by a pediatrician.

dyshidrosis treatment

Effective treatment is necessary to eliminate the cause dyshydrosis.To this end, we perform a thorough examination, and then select the complex treatment.Proper consultation with a specialist will affect the outcome of treatment, but a lot depends on the size of the bubbles, as well as localization dyshydrosis and stage of the disease.

dyshydrosis How to treat?Inside appoint atropine sulfate, Belloidum;dewatering recommended therapy that includes diuretics (furosemide or Hypothiazid 1 tablet fasted) together with 10% solution of potassium chloride rum and Pananginum;connect more antihistamines and sedatives.

on the skin topically administered ethacridine lactate solution, 2% solution of resorcinol, lead water Tsinknaftalannuyu paste, zinc ointment.In the case of joining a secondary infection attributed sintomitsinovoy emulsion, aniline dyes, Bellataminal, manganese baths, calcium supplements, corticosteroid ointment, and Advantan.It is important to remember that in the treatment of one drug can not stop.

dyshydrosis stop photo

photo dyshydrosis stop

Diet for dyshydrosis

The diet should avoid high carbohydrate intake, allergenic foods (strawberries, citrus, raspberry, honey, salt, eggs, melons, coffee, tomatoes, smoked meat, milk,melons, fish, chocolate, spices), as well as alcoholic beverages.

Diet for dyshydrosis includes an increase in consumption of dairy products (yogurt, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese).Useful vegetable, meatless soups, cereals, baked and boiled potatoes, fresh cucumbers, sunflower oil.

dyshydrosis How to cure?Increase the walking and recreation.Try as much as possible not to overload the nervous system.Avoid contact with household cleaning products, as well as detergent.Protect your hands from allergies to paint, wear cotton, rather than rubber gloves in which the hands are sweating.Wash hands and face without additives recommended soft soaps and shampoo used without fragrance and dyes.

dyshidrosis difficult to treat and often reviews given proof.In allergic reactions appointed by purification of the body and the body's treatment of folk remedies the hands and feet of the sick.

dyshidrosis national treatment

the efficiency of the treatment, including the bath with a decoction of succession, celandine, chamomile, yarrow, sage.To this is poured into the pan to ten trays of the above herbs, then brewed with one liter of boiling water, then bring to a boil and insist on a water bath to 30 minutes.Strain the broth is poured into the tank for the bath, adding up to five liters of lukewarm water.

To prepare the bath next need oak bark.It should take five tablespoons of grass and keep the fire, bring to a boil for 20 minutes.In this bath hands immersed for 20 minutes.

By doing these procedures, you will reduce the itching and swelling.However, before you should consult with a physician as having a tendency to allergies to plants, you degrade your health.

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